Four Counties in Alabama Have More Registered Voters than Adult Residents || Christine Rousselle


Four counties in Alabama have more registered and active voters than the number of voting-age adults in the county. An active voter means the person has voted within the last four years.

As of March, Greene, Hale, Lowndes and Macon counties had more active, registered voters than what the census estimated as their 18-and-older population in 2012.

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Exclusive: NSA infiltrated RSA security more deeply than thought – study || By Joseph Menn

A sign marks the entrance to RAS's facility in Bedford

(Reuters) – Security industry pioneer RSA adopted not just one but two encryption tools developed by the U.S. National Security Agency, greatly increasing the spy agency’s ability to eavesdrop on some Internet communications, according to a team of academic researchers.

Reuters reported in December that the NSA had paid RSA $10 million to make a now-discredited cryptography system the default in software used by a wide range of Internet and computer security programs. The system, called Dual Elliptic Curve, was a random number generator, but it had a deliberate flaw – or “back door” – that allowed the NSA to crack the encryption.

A group of professors from Johns Hopkins, the University of Wisconsin, the University of Illinois and elsewhere now say they have discovered that a second NSA tool exacerbated the RSA software’s vulnerability.

The professors found that the tool, known as the “Extended Random” extension for secure websites, could help crack a version of RSA’s Dual Elliptic Curve software tens of thousands of times faster, according to an advance copy of their research shared with Reuters.


A Word Of Caution About Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, And Marco Rubio || Fred Weinberg

I explain why I sincerely think any of those guys would be a bad idea.

I explain why I sincerely think any of those guys would be a bad idea.


Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio are flaming stars in the Republican Party right now.

The Tea Party folks want—desperately—for one of them to become the Party’s nominee in 2016.

Any of those guys would be a bad idea.

Not because of their political ideas.  I agree with most of them.

But because—in the parlance of Oklahoma oilmen—none of them have peed a drop.

They are all first term United States Senators.  Just like Barack Hussein Obama was.

And just how has the Presidency worked out for Obama?

These guys say great things.  They know how to use their oratory to sweep crowds up in their enthusiasm. Just like Obama.  Different words.  Different ideas.  But the same methods.

So far, all that proves is that a well-used tongue can get you elected President before you’re ready.

Show me anything in any of those guys’ background that shows they are any more ready than Obama was to become President and that they would do any better job.

They are Senators.

A Senator is basically Bill O’Reilly without an audience, power, and a $20-million a year paycheck.

Historically, they make lousy executives because they spend their days and nights bloviating and fundraising but not doing anything of real substance.  It doesn’t matter whether or not you say the right things.  A self-professed conservative who has no experience or skill is just as dangerous in the White House as a socialist like Obama.

If Ted Cruz really wants to be President, he should go back home to Texas, run for Governor, serve eight years, and then come back and tell us that he now has the experience to be President because he has actually run one of the most populous states in the nation.

The same holds true for Paul and Rubio.

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Obama: Health insurance isn’t expensive – just cancel cable and phones…Update: White House responds || by Ed Morrissey

Commentary and image added by Jeffrey Hardin
Department of the Air Force revealing that President Obama incurred $7,396,531.20 in flight
expenses alone for his 2013 vacations to Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard and his trip to California to appear on the Jay Leno Show. “These are Inflight Expenses Only

And he tells us to buckle down and make cuts to our budgets!?

This is a few days old, but it’s amusing nonetheless. Barack Obama appeared in a town hall for Spanish-language media on March 6th to discuss ObamaCare and promote enrollments, and got challenged by a viewer on the economics of it for low-income Americans who are now forced to buy comprehensive health insurance. On a $36,000 annual income, the requirement to buy the broad policy rather than something a little more economical — say, hospitalization coverage combined with an HSA, a strategy which is now all but illegal — makes it impossible to comply. Pshaw, Obama replied. Why, all those low-income folks need to do is stop spending money on luxuries like cable television and cell phones!

No, really:

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Midterm Blues: Dems Basically Concede They Won’t Win Back the House || Guy Benson



Republicans retaining control of the House of Representatives after November’s elections would officially usher in the lame duck years of Barack Obama’s presidency. Democratic party elders seemed to bow to the inevitable in late January when they began openly discussing the possibility of hoisting the white flag on Congress’ lower chamber. That strategic retreat, they said, would allow the party to marshal its resources and defend its imperiled Senate majority via triage. In spite of this ‘desperate times’ approach, one would assume that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) would at least put on a brave face and offer perfunctorily upbeat assessments of Democrats’ chances. They, after all, have donors to motivate, candidates to encourage, and incumbents to persuade to hang on for another cycle. So what to make of this?

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46 Senators Voted For U.N. Resolution 2117 CALL FOR WEAPONS COLLECTION and DISARMAMENT

Reclaim Our Republic

February 6, 2014 By Fred Brownbill

Coming from Florida I hope every Floridian gun owner takes notice that the communist scum bag NELSON, the Democrat from our sunshine state, voted readily to have our guns removed. Remember that when he and all the other 45 treasonous, communist enemies of the people and destroyers of the constitution come up for re-election. This is the face of a Floridian communist America.

He needs to GO!. Preferably to lets say, Ummm PRISON?? Anywhere away from any position of power and corruption….My opinion America, Fred Brownbill

The U.N. Resolution 2117 lists 21 points dealing with firearms control, but perhaps of most interest is point number 11: “CALLS FOR MEMBER STATES TO SUPPORT WEAPONS COLLECTION, DISARMAMENT—”

HOORAY – 53-46 vote – The U.S. Senate voted against the U.N. resolution.
This is that brief, glorious moment in history when everyone stands around…reloading.

Now, Which 46 Senators…

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Contentions Obama Consciously Engineering America’s Decline || Peter Wehner | Courtesy: Gunny G. Cocked & Locked


In remarks today, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said U.S. global military dominance can “no longer be taken for granted.” He said this even as he was in the process of announcing that the Obama administration plans to shrink the United States Army to its smallest force since before the World War II buildup. (For context, the Army will go from a post-September 11 peak of 570,000 to between 440,000 and 450,000, the smallest Army since 1940.)


Max Boot does an excellent job laying out the problems with this proposal here and here. I’d simply add that the fact that American military dominance can no longer be taken for granted is not problematic for someone of Barack Obama’s worldview. In fact, he views the weakening of American power as a downright positive thing, as a contributor to peace and stability, and a means through which America will be more respected and loved in the world. 

Mr. Obama is wrong on every count.

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