IDF Blows Up Home of Terrorist Murderer || Courtesy; Israel Video Network

IDF Blows Up Home of Terrorist Murderer

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Israel Mourns: Bodies of Kidnapped Teens Found Near Hevron || Courtesy: Israel Video Network

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Israel Mourns as Bodies of Kidnapped Teens Found Near Hevron

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boys found

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Israel circumvents Obama administration, develops own upgrade of AH-64 Apache || Special to

WASHINGTON — Israel, blocked by the United States, has developed an indigenous upgrade of the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter.

A leading industry newsletter said Israel’s military oversaw the modernization of the Apache, produced by the U.S. firm Boeing.

Israeli AH-64A Apache

Defense Industry Daily asserted that Israel installed electronic warfare, advanced avionics and self-protection systems on the Apache fleet of the Israel Air Force.

“On the other hand, the type’s consistent usefulness has led Israel to make extensive improvements of their own, to the point where Israel has effectively created their own improved AH-64A configuration,” DID said.





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Syrian Opposition Member Advocates Peace with Israel || Courtesy; Israel Video Network

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A member of the Syrian opposition recently said that “it is in our interest today to engage in a peace process” with Israel. The comments were made by opposition activist Dr. Kamal Al-Labwani, who spoke in a March 19, 2014 interview with the Syrian Orient News TV channel. The interview was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI). He also noted, in his push for peace, that “Israel has genuine fears about its security. If we realize that and allow Israel to feel secure in its Sunni surroundings – after all, it is Arab Sunni land that Israel has taken – and if we make Israel feel more welcome, it may yet give up its hostile mentality which is the cause for the destruction.” When the interviewer told Al-Labwani that “Israel has expansionist goals” he replied, “Not true. The people of Israel fled persecution in the Nazi Holocaust, and they want to live in peace.”


The statements are not the first time that Syrian opposition members have reached out to Israel. In February, the Syrian opposition thanked Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for visiting an IDF field hospital where wounded Syrians are being treated. Leaders of the opposition who spoke to Kol Yisrael radio said that Netanyahu’s public support for wounded Syrians sends an important message to the Syrian people, particularly after the failure of recent talks in Geneva between the opposition and the regime in Damascus. One of the leaders of the Syrian opposition said as far back as 2012 that if the Assad regime falls, the Syrian people will seek regional peace, including with Israel. In September, one of the rebel leaders in northern Syria expressed his appreciation for Housing Minister Uri Ariel’s comments regarding the chemical attack near Damascus last August. Ariel had said that, as Jews who suffered during the Holocaust, Israelis could not be silent over what was going on in Syria. “Allow me to send a message of thanks and appreciation to Housing Minister Uri Ariel for his humane and valuable statements and for his beautiful expression of emotion toward the children killed in Syria and toward the women being killed in Syria,” the Syrian rebel leader told Channel One News at the time. Israel has clarified that it is not a part of the civil war in Syria and does not take sides in the fighting, but Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad has claimed that Israel is assisting the rebels fighting to topple his regime. A commander in the Syrian opposition at one point claimed the exact opposite, that Israel was collaborating with Iran and Hezbollah to keep Assad in power.

Source: Arutz Sheva


Another amazing game-changer from Israel! This one is truly unbelievable!

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Obama Needs Israel to Rattle Its Saber || Jonathan S. Tobin


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The Obama administration may be acting as if its rift with Russia won’t affect the attempt to broker a nuclear deal with Iran. It can hope against hope that Russia will forget its quarrel with the Americans and maintain solidarity with the U.S. and the European Union in the Iran talks and continue as if nothing has changed. But there’s little doubt that the open hostility between Washington and Moscow has reduced the already slim chances for a satisfactory P5+1 agreement with Iran. Since the diplomatic option that the president has defended so vigorously in recent months depends entirely on Russian cooperation including the enforcement of sanctions that Putin never really supported, the aftermath of the Crimea conflict has left the administration with little diplomatic leverage.

If so, where does that leave Israel?

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Defense Minister Ya’alon Apologizes (Again) for Telling the Truth || By: Jewish Press News Briefs

Moshe-YaalonDefense Minister Moshe Ya’alon
Photo Credit: Miram Alster/Flash90

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon once again had to apologize to the US for far too bluntly telling the truth.

US Secretary of State John Kerry spoke to Netanyahu and demanded that Ya’alon apologize.

According to State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki, Kerry came just short of demanding from Netanyahu that Ya’alon resign.

As a result, Ya’alon spoke with US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and said his that comments were not intended to express opposition, criticism or offense to the United States. Hagel accepted the apology.

The remarks that upset the US included Ya’alon pointing out that the relationship with the US is a two-way street, and listed some of the amazing Israeli inventions and technologies that the US has gotten in return for their investment.

Ya’alon also pointed out that US foreign policy is projecting an image of weakness around the world, and that is hurting the US.


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Israel Hits Back at Syria || Courtesy; Israel Video

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Israeli air raids on Syria on Wednesday killed one soldier and injured seven, Syria’s army said, warning that the strikes endangered regional security and stability. The army command in a statement said the strikes targeted military bases in the Quneitra region “leading to the martyrdom of one soldier and the wounding of seven others.” “We warn that these desperate attempts to escalate and exacerbate the situation in these circumstances by repeating these acts of aggression would endanger the security and stability of the region,” the statement added. The statement came after Israel announced it had carried out air raids overnight against several Syrian army positions that “aided and abetted” an attack against Israeli troops on Tuesday. The strikes came 12 hours after four soldiers who were patrolling the Israeli side of the ceasefire line with Syria were wounded by a roadside bomb, one of them severely.

Syria, which has long accused the rebels fighting to oust President Bashar Assad of ties to Israel, said the Jewish state’s strikes were intended to bolster the opposition. “This new aggression is an attempt to divert attention from the successive victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army, particularly in Yabroud,” the statement said, referring to the army’s capture of the former rebel bastion on Sunday. It said the strikes were intended to “boost the morale of the terrorist gangs that are falling apart under the blows of the army.”


Syria’s regime refers to all those seeking Assad’s ouster as “terrorists” and regularly accuses them of cooperating with an array of the country’s enemies, including Israel, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The Syrian army statement made no mention of Tuesday’s attack that targeted the Israeli soldiers. It was unclear who was behind that attack, though Israel has said it faces a growing threat from both jihadists fighting with the Syrian opposition and Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement, whose fighters are battling alongside the regime.

Source: Times of Israel

Exoudous seasplitting

Click here to watch: If You Don’t Think The Jewish Exodus From Egypt Was Real, Then Watch This Video And Think Again

The facts have been right in front of us all along!

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Islam is The Cult of Death!

Ismail Haniyeh…We love Death as much as the Jews love Life!