Why Progressive ‘Christians’ Are Ineffective and Unpersuasive — Loving like Jesus means caring about what He cared about


Jesus didn’t support a welfare state and ObamaCare. Jesus called people to take up their cross and follow Him. And churches then helped the people directly, spiritually and physically, often supernaturally, because they abided in Christ, living holy together.

Jesus didn’t support the government forcefully extracting money from the people to make Big Pharma rich as they drugged up the people with pharmakeia, and performed the most expensive operations possible.

Jesus dealt with the demons that caused the illnesses, and certainly would support eating the proper nutrients to take care of our bodies so we don’t need doctors.

These guys are out to lunch, teaching a different gospel.

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From: The Christian Post

Why Progressive Christians Are Ineffective and Unpersuasive

One of the most fascinating speeches in the Bible happens in Acts 5 with Jewish Pharisee Gamaliel addressing the Sanhedrin. He warns them that if the message being…

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Reprieved refugees almost all here, Texas and Georgia are top destinations

Refugee Resettlement Watch

After the abrupt halt to the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program last Friday evening, the Trump Administration granted a reprieve for 872 approved refugees already on the way.

As of early this morning, Wrapsnet has logged in 843 of the 872. See our report yesterday,here.

Here is where the 843 went:


screenshot-244 Alaska and Hawaii got zero.

And, here are the top ten destinations:


This post is filed in ourTrump Watch!category as well as ‘refugee statistics’and ‘where to find information.’

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Trump has these top Democrats who voted for the border wall to thank

BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!

Who would have thought we have so many Dems to thank so that Trump can go ahead with that big beautiful wall down Mexico way. These are the folks who voted “aye” in 2006 and still had some common sense.

President Donald Trump will be able to order the construction of a wall on the Mexico border Wednesday with the stroke of a pen, because of a 2006 law passed with the help of Democrats including Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton.

If Trump and Republicans follow through, a number of top Democrats will find they inadvertently handed Trump the border wall they now oppose. Their only option to block the construction would be to shut down the government over the matter by blocking the spending bill, a strategy they have consistently mocked and derided Republicans for using in the past.

In addition to then Sens. Obama, Biden and Clinton, 64…

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President Trump has Liberals scurrying for answers with his latest moves. Making America Great Again. Making Americans First.

President Trump filed with the FEC for 2020 reelection on January 20th, 2017.
What this basically does is shut down the Liberal Non-Profit groups from speaking out against the President. And if they do, they can be sued and lose their non-profit status.

This was a brilliant move on the President part, and shows how well hand picked his advisers truly were.

Liberals are having Dying Duck Fits trying to keep up with the President because he is moving so quickly with his agenda that they have no idea how they can counter him, except Ladies and Gentlemen, by using extreme mob violence targeting President Trumps supporters.

Please follow the link below to read their Tweets….

https://mobile.twitter.com/resisterhood/status/825435325535252480 … …


IMPORTANT. Donald Trump filed with @FEC for 2020 reelection on January 20th, 2017. This is major for several reasons. /1
First and foremost, it is NOT NORMAL. Obama filed for 2012 reelection in April 2011. incumbent declaring before midterms is unheard of. /2
Several Major implications. If officially a candidate, can use candidate status to curry favor with PACs, businesses, and other organizations /3
Because he’s acting as Trump the candidate, not Trump the president. Different rules apply. /4
Even more importantly – completely changes how non profits can handle him, 501c3s cannot “campaign” or risk losing nonprofit status. /5
It means they can’t speak negatively about him. Imagine @PPact having to convey risk to #PlanParenthood w/ limits on how to address. /6
This throws nonprofits’ strategy for the next few years into chaos. They must figure out how to work against Trump w/o “campaigning”. /7
And further muddies the already swampy ethical waters of financial gain.
#Conflicts Of Interest & business transactions. /8
Filed 5pm #InaugerationDay2017. Five hours after swearing in. This is what #TheResistance is up against. /9
Diabolical maneuvering to skirt all conventional forms of #resistance. Norms don’t matter, its all about finding new ways to silence us. /10

14-Year-old Canadian Girl Sexually Assaulted by Two Muslim Immigrants at Her First School Dance

sharia unveiled


School Administrators and Local Police Both Dismiss Girl’s Sexual Assault and Come to the Defense of the Muslim Immigrants, Citing Their ‘..Cultural Differences..’

by, Peter Hasson | The Daily Caller

A 14-year-old Canadian girl was sexually assaulted at a high school dance by a Syrian refugee classmate, who was allowed to return to class after a brief suspension, according to an investigation by Canadian news outlet The Rebel.

The alleged assault took place at Fredericton High School in New Brunswick. Speaking on condition of anonymity, the girl’s mother said two Syrian students attempted to grind with her daughter at the dance, before one of them began groping her breasts and forced his hand inside her underwear, touching her vagina.

Documents obtained by The Rebel in a freedom of information request show school officials discussing the alleged assault and subsequent fallout.

Robyn Allen, the school’s vice principal, admitted in an email to…

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