Natural Born Citizen -vs- Naturalized Citizen. Why It Matters.


My Name is Bakht Awar Ahmadi an Afghani Patriot…I’m a very devout Muslim.

I am married to an Native born American woman who converted to Islam shortly after our marriage in order to please me…Allah has blessed us with two wonderful sons who are taught only in the ways of Islam.


We have raised our two sons, Ahmed Ibrahim and Abdul Shahid in the Mideast for 30 years and I could not be any more prouder of my sons than I am today, as they have both become very devout followers of Allah, their desires to please Muhammad will make it absolutely impossible for them to be loyal or to assimilate into any other culture than Islam, or, to serve anyone but Allah. Their loyalties are to Allah, Muhammad, and the Koran only…


My family, Catherine Mosley Ahmadi, and our two sons who are [naturalized American citizens] through their mothers American citizenship moved to America when they were 28 and 30 years of age, and are still waiting to be Naturalized myself…


Both our sons are frequently traveling back and forth to their homeland for both business and pleasure, and continue today to make their yearly pilgrimage to Mecca to pay homage to Allah and Muhammad which is an important part of our culture.


By design and conditioning….both our sons have become active in American politics. Abdul today is an elected Representative for Chicago’s District 7 and has become very well liked in his district, he is also considered an energetic and charismatic activist for the civil rights movement, he is both an outstanding leader and role model for our young Black and Arab inner city kids and has made great progress working closely with our dear friend Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam and CAIR to bring America’s mistreatment of Muslim’s into the spotlight and for lowering the crime in his district.


20 years after first arriving in the United States at the age of 48, our youngest son Abdul Shahid Abmadi desires to run for the Presidency as a faithful Democrat so that he can make the necessary changes he believes will better the treatment of Muslims across this nation, especially after witnessing our country being destroyed by American intervention for 14 years of his life, and renounces his Afghani citizenship in order to meet all the requirements the Democrats, Republicans and the American people have redefined to suit those just like himself who were born outside of the United States…


Abdul Shahid Ahmadi was born to ONE American PARENT and is a Naturalized American Citizen, and even though he was born and lived in Afghanistan for 28 years of his life, he is made eligible thanks to those who were so supportive of Barack Obama and Rafael Cruz, and, his having lived in the United States for the required 14 years and his being 48 years of age, well above the 35 years of age that is required makes him eligible for the Presidency….


According to the Rafael Cruz and Obama supporters, Abdul Shahid has met all the requirements to run for the Presidency of the United States of America.


Abdul Shahid quickly becomes a champion leader and a very popular 2 term Representative of the Democrat Party in the District 7 area of Chicago and the surrounding areas for his outspokenness against the hate speech aimed at Muslims and has a huge following amongst both the Arab Muslim and Black community’s, he also counts the many White Liberals in the Democrat party as his most loyal supporters…


The Democrats wanting to vote in the First ever American Afghani Muslim have an electorate turnout of 48% in the 2032 general election and the voting fraud is of a massive scale, which overwhelms the conservative Candidate.


Abdul Shahid Ahmadi ultimately wins the 2032 elections by a landslide to become the 48th President of the United States of America and, the very first American Afghani Muslim President ever to hold our highest office………….


Any fool that thinks this is what our Framers intended needn’t vote, you have no business whatsoever at a ballot box. You are the problem we face today, you are a very real threat to the continued existence and safety of this Nation and Republic and a very real danger to the American people and the future of this country….


Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, the Liberal MSM, the Obama, Rafael, Marco and Jindal supporters and the many others who enable these ineligible candidates are all culpable in the destruction and loss of our freedoms and liberties, you are not only encouraging ineligible candidates, but you are enabling them and their ulterior agenda’s or whatever else their underlying causes might be….Which, I would guess aren’t good to began with if they have gone through such great lengths and trouble to hide their records in order to deceive the American people.


This may just be a silly made up scenario to many of you Rafael Cruz, Marco Rubio supporters and Obama voters, but with today’s atmosphere of appeasement, toleration and acceptance of Islam coupled with their ignoring our Constitutional Documents to elect first time ever candidates by unconstitutional means. This could be a very real threat to our existence, our freedoms and national security’s, and it doesn’t have to be a Muslim President, it could be any number of foreign radicals that wish an end to the evil powers of the United States of America…


And you’re enabling them…And there is absolutely no excuse for your actions, whether you’re well informed or not.
No excuses, None Whatsoever.


Many conservatives who spent the better part of 5 years attempting to prove that the current U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama -aka- Barry Soetoro is not a natural born citizen prior to Rafael’s Cruz’s and Marco Rubio’s announcements to run, have also applauded their actions as jr Senators and are embracing their ineligible candidacy’s…


What will your actions be when Abdul Shahid Ahmadi decides to run and is then elected…What will you say then. I’m So Sorry?


Blood makes you Family, Territory makes you Loyal…


Blood & Soil, Descent & Territory = Natural Born.


One Must Be Born of the Country To Two Parents who are Both American Citizens in order to Meet the Requirements of Eligibility…


Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal and Barack Hussein Obama are not Natural Born Citizens.


They are Naturalized Citizens….


He’s ineligible….Period. Mark Levin and others are Horribly Mistaken here, or, they are purposefully enabling yet another Ineligible Presidential Candidate in their support for Rafael Cruz…


Anyone who is made a Citizen through an Act of Law is Naturalized…Not Natural Born….


People are mistaking or are refusing to differentiate “Born a Citizen” from “Natural Born.”


All Natural Born Natives are Citizens at Birth….
But not all Citizens at Birth are Natural Born…


Anyone who is made a Citizen through an ACT of Law is a Naturalized Citizen and is not eligible for the Presidency.


One must be born upon American Soil to TWO Parents who are BOTH AMERICAN CITIZENS…


Rafael Cruz, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal nor had Obama met any of these Requirements, and they never will.


Marcus Tullius Cicero

Marcus Tullius Cicero

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”


Trey Gowdy, Betrays the Constitution to Support Marco Rubio’s Ineligibility, As are many other Americans

And another Champion of the People and Constitution bites the Dust,,,,There is no candidate who is more clearly defined as Ineligible than Marco Rubio, and Trey Gowdy knows it…


Neither Marco Rubio nor Bobby Jindals parents were American Citizens at the time of their births….I am so tired of seeing our Constitution Battered and Neglected in this Manner, if our Constitution is destroyed, than so will all our other Protections be destroyed…

All of our Protections people, including our precious and very fragile freedoms along with it.

Add in the Ineligible Ted Cruz and we have the makings for future Foreign Presidents….Don’t think so, than your a blind fool, that or terribly misinformed or outright compliant to our Nations destruction.

Why, for what other reason would any of you want to make allowances for Marco Rubio and those like himself except for your enabling them to further destroy this Nation and mind you, all of you….The Constitution of  The United States of America was not set up, structured, constructed and sealed AROUND each and every AMERICAN to protect THEM only, but to also protect this NATION from our enemies and from especially outside INFLUENCES that might destroy us from WITHIN, thus meaning FOREIGN Intrusions into our highest offices of the Presidency and Vice Presidency, our House and Senate which are all protected by these very FRAGILE PIECES of FOUNDING DOCUMENTS….

You and I, the American People, PATRIOTS all, are the Backbone of our CONSTITUTION  and we are seriously BROKEN…

Can you understand what “WE ARE BROKEN” means to us?

That Americans are the ones making these allowances, We the People, America’s Patriot’s are, and many others will soon follow our lead…Have they not already followed Barack Obama’s?

Once these allowances are made for those who are ineligible, no one will ever be able to challenge them again and that will have very serious and unprecedented consequences upon each and everyone of us as Americans and our Nation and especially our future generations, what we allow now will in fact impact their lives dramatically.

And we can stop the wrongful usurpation of this Nation today, its so insanely easy, simply don’t support them, don’t vote for them, let them know the reason you aren’t voting for or supporting them is because they do not meet our Framers requirements for the Presidency and make it known LOUD and clear so that other INELIGIBLE CANDIDATES know that as  her first and last Defenders American Patriots will not tolerate nor support their INELIGIBILITY.


Close it now before this goes any further or mark my words, not only will you be culpable to your own destruction, but also the destruction of your family’s, your neighbors and this Nation’s security, as well as our future generations of Americans.

Has not Obama or his actions given any of you, any of you, a clear enough understanding or insight into what would follow after him if we continued to make allowances for ineligible candidates, redefining the requirements our Framers set in stone for our future Presidents eligibility?

Obama’s INELIGIBILITY has ENCOURAGE others with the same status to run for our highest office because they too think they can get away with it, and thus far, they have, and our corrupted do nothing traitorous Congress has cleared the path for him and that alone should concern all of you,  why would they enable Obama, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio to circumvent CONSTITUTIONAL LAW?

Why aren’t you Americans asking yourself that, or do you even care any more?

Where in our History has so many questionable Candidates ran for office, and at what time in our history has so many Ineligible candidates ran for our highest offices and don’t you for a moment suspect that something is amiss, that this comes right after Obama’s Illegal Presidency?

This is being Encouraged and you Americans, many of you God fearing Patriots are Allowing it by supporting them….

STOP IT, for the love of this Nation, STOP & THINK…Please research this for yourself.

If we continue to allow this, It won’t be long until we have Foreign President’s ruling over our children making law…THAT”S RIGHT, MAKING LAW, and don’t any of you dare tell me that will never happen when we have an Ineligible President now who is occupying our White House already, and he is MAKING LAWS that are aimed against AMERICANS and are favoring our Enemies….,don’t you even dare…

AND THAT MY DEAR PRECIOUS FRIENDS, are what they want, people who can work outside of our Constitution, the very same Constitution that many of you have professed you would die to protect, the very same document that many have already made the ultimate sacrifice for and the very same DOCUMENT you are now helping to destroy by allowing these Unconstitutional Exceptions into our highest offices….WHY??

NO ONE, not the President, not Congress, not the Senate nor Supreme Courts or States can change any of the wording within our Constitution to make them mean anything less than what our Founders interpreted them to mean….No Person or Persons have the Power to Do That.

So I have to ask, why are you trying to?

Am I to understand now that our Constitution is meaningless any more… Is that what you Patriots are Saying today?

Because that’s exactly what I am hearing and reading everywhere I go by the Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio supporters, as well as Bobby Jindals supporters before he stepped down, and if it doesn’t matter to you, then that breaks my heart…

Because, how can any of you who are supporting these Ineligible Candidates turn right around and honor and celebrate this Nation, our Constitution, Her Heroes and Veterans who sacrificed so much to protect this Nation and our Constitution with their lives, when you are now culpable in its very destruction…..

And, your doing it with a STRAIGHT FACE?

Blood & Soil, Descent & Territory = Natural Born

Anyone who is made a Citizen through an Act of Law is Naturalized…Not Natural Born.

People are mistaking Citizens at Birth with Natural Born, nor will they differentiate Citizen at Birth from Natural Born….

All Natural Born Natives are Citizens at Birth….
However, not all Citizens at Birth are Natural Born…

Anyone who is made a Citizen through an ACT of Law is a Naturalized Citizen and is not eligible for the Presidency.

A Natural Born Citizen would not have to renounce another Citizenship….Ted Cruz has.

One must be born upon American Soil to TWO Parents who are BOTH AMERICAN CITIZENS…To Meet The Natural Born Requirements to become eligible for the Presidency…

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Jindal nor had Obama met any of these Requirements for the Presidency, and they never will.

That Is A Fact, You Cannot Change Constitutional Law.

What we are seeing today with Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio as was the case of Barack OBAMA… IS,,,,The Willful Subversion of America’s Founding Document’s, By Both Sides of the Isle, and many of you are playing right into their hands!

Read Here: Trey Gowdy Twists Natural Born Citizen Qualification to Support Marco Rubio


Founder and Historian David Ramsay Defines a Natural Born Citizen in1789 In defining an [Article II “natural born Citizen]……/Founder-and-Historian-David...


Defining Natural-Born Citizen by P.A. Madison on November 18th, 2008…/natural-born_citizen…/…/natural-born_citizen_defined/


Source: Attorney Mario Apuzzo, Esq.

March 13, 2015



Founder and Historian David Ramsay Defined Natural Born Citizenship in 1789 – by Atty Mario Apuzzo…/Founder-and-Historian-David-Ramsay-…


A Congressional Natural Born Citizen Parts I, II & III: Who Knew What & For How Long?…/


The Natural Born Citizen Clause of Our U.S. Constitution Requires that Both of the Child’s Parents Be U.S. Citizens At the Time of Birth…/natural-born-citizen-clause-req…


Senator Ted Cruz Is Not a “Natural Born Citizen” and Therefore Not Eligible to Be President…/senator-ted-cruz-is-not-natural…


The Fallacies of Congressional Legislative Attorney Jack Maskell’s Definition of a “Natural Born Citizen”…/the-fallacies-of-congressional.…


Birthright Citizenship in the United States: A Global Comparison


See: Publius Huldah’s important article on this subject…



Defining Natural-Born Citizen: The Debate Over Who Qualifies To Run For President…



Truth, the Whole Truth, & Nothing but the Truth – Cruz Control…



Cruz Control – Part II



Obama never certified by Hawaii Democratic Party


Absolute Proof the Founders Knew and Accepted Vattel`s French “naturels” to mean “natural born” in English Before Constitution Was Written…


Trees are plants but not all plants are trees. “natural born Citizens (NBC)” are “Citizens at birth (CAB)” but not all “CAB” are “NBC”!


John Jay’s letter to George Washington dated 25 Jul 1787:…/is-being-born-citizen-of...


1775 Benjamin Franklin Wrote Vatel

A Congressional Natural Born Citizen Parts I, II & III: Who Knew What & For How Long?


CVJ5dUOUAAAWQt4.jpg large


Presidential Eligibility Tutorial



7 FAM 1131.6-3 …Not Citizens by “Naturalization”

(CT:CON-474; 08-19-2013)


US Constitution


Cruz, Obama, Rubio nor Jindal meet any of these requirements…


Excellent article:


Constitutional Qualifications  House of Representatives

4 Supreme Court Cases define “natural born citizen” | The Post & Email


Vatel Eligibilty Natural Born




 1790 Nationality Act repealed by the 1795 Immigration act

Check out sections 3 (correction of definition) -and- 4 (repeal of 1790 act).



June 11, 2003, Rep. Vic Snyder, D-Ark., brought HJR 59. It was intended to “permit persons who are not natural born citizens of the United States, but who have been citizens of the United States for at least 35 years, to be eligible to hold the offices of president and vice president.”



Sept. 3, 2003, Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., brought HJR67, which would have done the same as Snyder’s, only the requirement to be a citizen was lowered to 20 years.



Feb. 25, 2004, Sen. Don Nickles, R-Okla., brought S.B. 2128 to “try to counter the growing Democrat onslaught aimed at removing the natural born citizen requirement.” But it defined NBC as someone who was born in and is subject to the United States,” which was not the understanding of the framers of the Constitution.



Sept. 15, 2004, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., brought HJR 104, “to make eligible for the office of president a person who is not a natural born citizen of the United States but has been a United States citizen for at least 20 years.”



Jan. 4, 2005, Conyers, D-Mich., HJR2, the same as Rohrabacher’s.




Feb. 1, 2005, HJR15, Rohrabacher, to require only 20 years citizenship to be eligible for the office of president.



April 14, 2005, Snyder, HJR42, requiring 35 years’ citizenship.




Feb. 28, 2008, Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., tried to attach to SB 2678, Children of Military Families Natural Born Citizen Act, an amendment clarifying what “natural-born citizen” includes. Obama and then-Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., were sponsors.




Sen. John McCain’s qualifications as a “natural-born citizen.”





References – internet links to documents for determining types of citizenship





Law of Nations
§ 213. Inhabitants.

“The inhabitants, as distinguished from citizens, are foreigners, who are permitted to settle and stay in the country. Bound to the society by their residence, they are subject to the laws of the state while they reside in it; and they are obliged to defend it, because it grants them protection, though they do not participate in all the rights of citizens. They enjoy only the advantages which the law or custom gives them. The perpetual inhabitants are those who have received the right of perpetual residence. These are a kind of citizens of an inferior order, and are united to the society without participating in all its advantages. Their children follow the condition of their fathers; and, as the state has given to these the right of perpetual residence, their right passes to their posterity.”

“U.S. national is a person born in or having ties with “an outlying possession of the United States” which is as of 2005, only American Samoa and Swains Island.

Additionally, it also includes those individuals born abroad to two U.S. national parents, or those born abroad to one alien parent and one U.S. national parent. Additionally, there is a residency requirement for the parents of the child prior to birth in order to transmit U.S. nationality. “

Rights and Restrictions

U.S. nationals cannot vote in any election or hold elected office.

•Allowed to work and reside anywhere in the U.S. without restrictions.
•Eligible to apply for U.S. passport just like U.S. citizens. In fact, there is no difference between the passport for U.S. national and U.S. citizen. Both of them mention the ‘Nationality – USA’.
•Eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship through naturalization under the same rules as other permanent residents.





Summary: Throughout U.S. history, various authorities have expressed the viewpoint that birthplace alone determines federal citizenship. Except for Lynch v. Clarke (1844), case law does not support this viewpoint. In Lynch v. Clarke, Vice-Chancellor Sandford ruled that Julia Lynch was a New York State citizen at birth, even though her parents were not citizens at the time of her birth. In his dicta, the Vice-Chancellor expressed his (non-legally-binding) opinion that Miss Lynch, in addition to being a citizen, was also a natural born citizen. The fact that Miss Lynch was deemed to be a natural born citizen according to a State judge’s dicta does not necessarily mean that she was a natural born citizen under the Federal Constitution Cici, Lynch v. Clarke was decided in New York state court. It is not binding in Federal matters.



Of particular note is that it was cited by Justice Gray in the case of US v. Wong Kim Ark and yet Justice Gray still did not declare Wong Kim Ark to be a “natural born citizen”, but simply a citizen by virtue of the first clause of the 14th Amendment.




Perkins v. Elg is actually a good case to reference. In it, Justice Hughes indicates that both Marie Elg and “young Steinkauler”, both of whom were born on US soil to naturalized US citizen parents, were natural born citizens.




Ankeny v. Gov. Daniels also was a state case and consequently is not binding in Federal court. I would also point out that it was wrongly decided, but that’s another matter.




In 1898, Supreme Court Justice Gray in delivering the majority opinion in the case of US v Wong Kim Ark stated “A person born out of the jurisdiction of the United States can only become a citizen by being naturalized, … by authority of Congress, exercised … by declaring certain classes of persons to be citizens, as in the enactments conferring citizenship upon foreign-born children of citizens …” [See:] That statement clearly indicates that children of citizens who are born outside US Territory, who gain their citizenship by Congressional statute are naturalized. In other words, simply having citizen parents isn’t enough to make a natural born citizen!



In 1951, Chief Judge Phillips in delivering the opinion in the case of Zimmer v. Acheson for the United States Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit said of someone who was born outside the United States to two US citizen parents, acquiring their citizenship under Revised Statutes § 1993 (the precursor of todays 8 USC 1401), that the nature of their citizenship “status as a citizen was that of a naturalized citizen and not a native-born citizen.” [See:…/zimmer-v-acheson…/…]




In 1956, Judge Hamley, in delivering the opinion in the case of Wong Kam Wo v. Dulles for the United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, in a case pertaining to two men born outside the United States to a naturalized US citizen father, noted that Revised Statutes § 1993 (the precursor of todays 8 USC 1401) is “a naturalization law in the constitutional sense.” [See:…/wong-kam-wo-and…/…]




And in 1971, Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black, who just 4 years earlier had written the majority opinion in the case of Afroyim v. Rusk, had the following observation to make of foreign-born children of US citizens; “Although those Americans who acquire their citizenship under statutes conferring citizenship on the foreign-born children of citizens are not popularly thought of as naturalized citizens, the use of the word “naturalize” in this way has a considerable constitutional history. Congress is empowered by the Constitution to “establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization,” Art. I, 8. Anyone acquiring citizenship solely under the exercise of this power is, constitutionally speaking, a naturalized citizen.”




The position of the courts for well over a century is that foreign born children of US citizens who acquire their citizenship wholly through Congressional statutes or by Act of Law are “naturalized” citizens. Not, Natural Born Citizens and not Eligible for the Presidency or Vice Presidency.

Self Preservation Party

Barack Obama, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal do not meet Framers Requirements for Natural Born Citizens…

By Jeffrey Hardin

What the heck is wrong with you people…What?
Obama, Cruz, Rubio and Juindal are Citizens at Birth
They are -NOT- Natural Born Citizens…

Wasn’t Obama good enough a lesson for any of you, why our Framers were so bloody strict with the Natural Born Provision…

Any American who would or have enabled, encouraged or supported any Four of these men for the candidacy of the office of the Presidency of these here United States of America, than you’re a Bloody Traitor.

Try for a moment, circulating this in your brain circuitry…

Queen Noor, also known as Noor Al-Hussein, is the window of King Hussein of Jordan…A devout Muslim now deceased..

Together King Hussein and Queen Noor have generated 4 children….Princess Raiyah bint Al Hussein, Prince Hamzah bin Al Hussein, Princess Iman bint Al Hussein, Prince Hashim Al Hussein

Queen Nor is an Native Born American citizen of two American Parents who are also citizens of the United States of America, who became a Muslim convert and each of their children have been practicing Muslims from birth…

My question is, would you allow them to run for the Presidency of the United States of American, or would you protest them as you did Baraq Hussein Obama????

Keep in mind all of you, since many of you are encouraging Senator Cruz, Senator Rubio, and Senator Jindal to run for the presidency of the United States, they according to YOURS, the Democrats and Republicans idea (redefinition) of Natural Born Citizen are ELIGIBLE, and since Queen Noors and King Husseins children fall under the very same Natural Born definitions as these Senators do, then they too, are ELIGIBLE for our highest office?

Remember…Queen Noor is an American by birth… If Barack Obama and Ted Cruz are both eligible to be President and if all it takes to be President of the United States is just one American parent [singular] -not- parents [plural]…. then by what legal means could we prevent Queen Noor’s Jordanian born Muslim children from running for President if they wanted to? She has four children. And they are all devout MUSLIMS…..

As will the 12 million Amnestied Mexicans anchor baby’s…

Rubio and Jindal are not Natural Natives, they are Citizens at Birth…We often refer to those like them as anchor baby’s because neither parent were Naturalized Citizens when they were born upon American soil….

Rubio & Jindal are Citizens at Birth and their parents are Naturalized Citizens.

That being the case, by redefining the requirements our framers made for Natural Born status….

The amnestied parent-parents of the many anchor baby’s in America will be Naturalized making them American Citizens of the United States, and since their children were born on American soil, they, by YOURS the Democrats and Republicans redefinition of Natural Born will be eligible to run for our highest office…

Do you really believe our Founding Fathers would have allowed this???

I don’t know how to make it any clearer, the importance that we require the strictest definition of Natural Born…

Why would we want any less than, a Person Born of this Country of Two Parents who are American Citizens as our President, to ensure that he and or she is not influenced by outside forces?

I would have thought that Obama was good enough a lesson for all of us, of what an outsider can do to damage this Republic, and that Patriot Citizens would be moved to be more aggressive in requiring their President be eligible….But by the massive support I see of Cruz and Rubio getting, I can see that we have not learned anything…

Think about it for a moment…12 million amnestied border jumpers and their anchor baby’s being eligible to Preside over your CHILDREN & GRANDCHILDREN….

How Dare any of you do this to them…

I have read the Article II document and the many other articles given to guide and help me to better understanding this and it cannot be made any clearer, its not a difficult read if you put it into context with prior Constitutional laws, what’s more, the very ones who argue its Constitutionality most often have a biased or self driven reason behind it…

Also, it but takes little Historical research to show our Founding Fathers intent and the practices of law prior to the written Constitution…

The basis for the requirement of Natural Born Citizen were made very clear by our Founding Fathers as a qualification to become President was to eliminate foreign influence at the highest level of our government. The Founding fathers intent was to insure that the security of our nation would not devolve to anyone with loyalties other than to the USA.

People just don’t understand that when our Constitution was written we were still under threat of invasion, as was the case with the wars against Britain in 1812-1814 some 36 years after the Revolutionary war…

The founding Fathers knew that Britain still held quite a lot of influence over Her new government, and that they needed to provide a protection against that influence and installed the Natural Born provision …

It was as you said earlier made strict for a very good reason and we are encouraging an unconstitutional allowance because these fools are blinded by their hero worshiping of a damn politician…

It clearly states that [You] must be born of TWO PARENTS who are American Citizens at the time of your Birth upon American soil to meet the full requirement of Natural Born Citizen…

Two Parents [plural], not Parent [singular] who are Citizens [plural] no Citizen [singular] of the United States and born upon sovereign soil…

Ted Cruz was born in Canada. His mother was born in Delaware. Cruz’ father was born in Cuba, lived in the U.S. on a student visa, went to Canada and became a Canadian citizen. But, he did not become a naturalized U.S. citizen until 2005, 35 years after his son Ted Cruz was born. Ted Cruz by definition is a U.S. citizen at birth, but not a natural born citizen.

Rubio was born in May 1971 in Miami, Florida. His parents Mario Rubio and Oria Garcia who were Cuban Nationals did not become U.S. citizens until 4 years after their Nationalization on November 1975. Rubio is a U.S. citizen at birth (ANCHOR BABY), but “is not a natural born citizen.”
Neither of his parents were American Citizens when he was BORN….
Senator Bobby “Piyush” Jindal’s parents arrived in America on Feb 1, 1971, and just over four months later, on June 10, 1971, Piyush Jindal was born at the Woman’s Hospital in Baton Rouge.. Senator Jindal’s parents were not U.S. citizens at the time of his birth; they were both here on green cards. His mother became a Naturalized citizen in 1976, and his father in 1986.
Senator Jindal is a U.S. citizen at birth, but, he is not a natural born citizen. Many including myself some years ago didn’t understand the differences between the two, and they have two very distinctive interpretations to law.

Ted Cruz Decides to Run for President – Two Constitutional Wrongs don’t make the Texas Senator’s Presidential Aspirations Right for America.

Our Founding Fathers knew exactly what they wanted and worded it so as to eliminate all Foreign influence…

Absolute Proof Founders Translated French Word ‘Naturels’ to English Term ‘Natural Born’…/Absolute-Proof-Founders…

“The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of [parents] who are [citizens].” – Law of Nations

That is the exact, written definition of Natural Born Citizen that the Founders had in the reference book they used for over a decade prior to writing the Constitution.

That’s what many are missing, or refusing to address – and are getting it so very wrong. So wrong in fact that it will endanger our future generations of children to foreign powers…

Those just like Obama…

Barack Obama, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio cannot legally be President because, at least, all of them were born to a Father who was not a US Citizen at the time of their births.

Please give these articles a good reading, they are very informative and reliable.

Founder and Historian David Ramsay Defines a Natural Born Citizen in1789 In defining an [Article II “natural born Citizen]……/Founder-and-Historian-David

Defining Natural-Born Citizen by P.A. Madison on November 18th, 2008…/natural-born_citizen…/…/natural-born_citizen_defined/

Source: Attorney Mario Apuzzo, Esq.
March 13, 2015

Founder and Historian David Ramsay Defined Natural Born Citizenship in 1789 – by Atty Mario Apuzzo…/Founder-and-Historian-David-Ramsay-…

A Congressional Natural Born Citizen Parts I, II & III: Who Knew What & For How Long?…/

The Natural Born Citizen Clause of Our U.S. Constitution Requires that Both of the Child’s Parents Be U.S. Citizens At the Time of Birth…/natural-born-citizen-clause-req…

Senator Ted Cruz Is Not a “Natural Born Citizen” and Therefore Not Eligible to Be President…/senator-ted-cruz-is-not-natural…

The Fallacies of Congressional Legislative Attorney Jack Maskell’s Definition of a “Natural Born Citizen”…/the-fallacies-of-congressional.…

Birthright Citizenship in the United States: A Global Comparison…

See: Publius Huldah’s important article on this subject…

Defining Natural-Born Citizen: The Debate Over Who Qualifies To Run For President…

Cruz Control – Part II

Obama never certified by Hawaii Democratic Party

Trees are plants but not all plants are trees. “natural born Citizens (NBC)” are “Citizens at birth (CAB)” but not all “CAB” are “NBC”!

Since the founders and framers of the US Constitution clearly moved to block naturalized US citizens from the presidency due to their previous allegiances to foreign sovereignty’s, wouldn’t it be reasonable to assume this was also their intent in using the “natural born citizen” phrase i.e. to block US citizens born with allegiances to foreign sovereignty’s from the presidency?

Furthermore, At the time the Constitution was written, “Natural Born Citizen” had a written definition that was well understood by all involved. It is in the reference book on international law used by Congress and by universities and law schools all around the nation:

“The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens.” – Law of Nations

There’s no need to play guessing games when you can look it up in the same reference the authors of the Constitution did.

This book is still in print and is still used by our Supreme Court today for Constitutional cases.

That is the problem the Founders realized, after Hamilton first proposed the Presidential requirement as “born a Citizen”. John Jay warned that it allowed someone born a Citizen to also be subject to another nation, bringing a dangerous conflict of interest into the Presidency.

So, they eliminated “born a Citizen” (which is what 8 USC 1401 s about) and instead substituted “Natural Born Citizen”, which has a very clear definition:

“The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens.” – Law of Nations

John Jay’s letter to George Washington dated 25 Jul 1787:…/is-being-born-citizen-of…

By ensuring the child was not born under foreign jurisdiction or to a foreign parent, they prevented those foreign claims over the child.

Barack Obama, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal are all disqualified under the qualifications of Article II and do not meet the requirements to hold the Office of the Presidency of the United States of America…

Obama knows this, Cruz knows this, Rubio knows this and Jindal too, is aware of this, which is one of the reasons why Obama has had teams of lawyers fighting to block resolution of his eligibility all these years. As long as it’s not resolved, he can continue pretending to be President…

A Congressional Natural Born Citizen Parts I, II & III: Who Knew What & For How Long?

Presidential Eligibility Tutorial

Senator Cruz is not Eligible.


I am not against Ted Cruz, I am against his running for President as I have great reservations about the consequences that will befall us if we allow him to run…So please, while we are still in the very beginnings of the 2016 Presidential election, consider the following before we destroy yet another election…

I am also aware that this is going to be very unpopular and have already experienced a lot of negative feedback, but as always, welcome it, I know this is going to once again cause many to [unfriend] me as they did for my speaking out against Romney, and can only say, Godspeed and Peace be with you…

If you support Senator Cruz’s candidacy, I believe you will be falling into the Democrats trap that will allow for every amnestied Illegals anchor baby to be defined as Natural born citizen if you open up this Pandora’s box…Think very carefully about this, what this means for our children’s future.

I’ve voted for 37 years now on a straight Republican ticket, I have never ever voted for anyone who was not eligible, or who I thought would not support the Christian Faith and I wont start now…

If we Conservatives get into the bad habit of saying, well Obama did it, the Democrats allowed it, you voted for Obama under the very same circumstances and guidelines, than so can we, then we too, are setting up a very dangerous precedence against this Nations very survival, and the democrats are banking on that you do, and will be falling into a Democrat trap, and here’s why…

If we approve of Senator Cruz’s candidacy, then every anchor baby born to amnestied illegals will immediately become eligible to run for the office of the Presidency because they will be [DEFINED] as “Natural Born Citizens” and will fall under the same definition that allowed Obama to be seated in 2018 and again 2012 and then our approving of Senator Ted Cruz’s candidacy and his possible election in 2016….

That Unconstitutional Definition of Natural Born Citizen will seal our fate…

By allowing this, it would seal the Unconstitutional definition of Natural Born Citizenship set by corrupted politicians who have blurred this definition only to support their self driven agenda, when, that is not the definition under which our Founding Fathers Intended, nor is that what our Constitution backs up….

These allowances will also allow Amnestied Criminal Border Jumpers full unhindered benefits to the United States of America, including and extending, immediate voting rights, immediate access to healthcare, human health services such as welfare, food stamps, baby sitting services, housing and other Government care accessibility’s, and this list will grow on the newly defined Natural Born status…

Many of you will argue that those Amnestied already have these benefits, but I will argue against you, in that, its what lies underneath these benefits that will prove the most destructive, not just what we see with our eyes…

You have to be born on American Soil and to Parents who are both Citizens of the United States of America in so much that they hold no other loyalties to any other Nation, Country, Continent…I keep reading that this has never been defined in a Supreme Court, yet it is made very clear.

Baraq Hussein Barry Soetoro Obama should had been a damn good lesson for us as to why this provision was made and set in place by our FOUNDING FATHERS…

We have no better example than President Obama as to what a foreign body can do to our Constitution from within our governing bodies, and the destruction Obama has caused to our branches of Government are unprecedented, these governing branches were setup to defend us against such tyranny from within and have all been completely disarmed by an Obama Presidency and administration that clearly has multiple Foreign Connections…

This, simply because Obama’s loyalties are torn, loyalties that our Founding Father insisted upon by making provisions that must solely lie upon Americas best interest in serving her citizens, to insure this, you must be born to two American Parents who also hold no other loyalties to any other Foreign Nation.

I’m not going to vote for Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, nor Marco Rubio, because none of them are Natural Born Citizens… Each of them hold duel or multiple citizenship’s…I am not going to betray my Nation for a Political Cigar, an electoral win…

Make no mistake, This Is Not A Birther Issue, This Is A Constitutionally Binding Issue Defining Natural Born Citizen. No one can hold duel Citizenship’s and no one can be born of a foreign parent and be eligible for the Presidency of the United States of America, they simply must not be allowed…

Each of these men carry duel citizenship, and hold loyalties to other foreign country’s, do you really want to make yet another mistake like the Liberals have with Obama…

We will ruin this nation if we allow Candidates to run for the Office of the Presidency who were generated by both an American and a Foreign Parent…Their loyalties would be torn. The founding Fathers knew this, and so should we had better know it.

What the Democrats and Republicans have allowed Obama to do is traitorous, why then are so many Conservatives suggesting we do the same???

This is not a catch 22……/natural-born_citizen_defined/

Cruz to Rand: Tea Party ≠ Isolationist || by Jonathan S. Tobin

Rand Paul
Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, speaking Friday at the
Conservative Political Action Conference outside
Washington, D.C. (Susan Walsh / AP / March 7, 2014)

Senator Rand Paul is smart enough not to place too much importance on his victory in the presidential straw poll held at the recently concluded CPAC conference. Paul was undoubtedly the favorite of the conservative activists who attended the annual big conservative jamboree and received the biggest ovation of all the GOP stars who spoke there. Yet he is sure to remember that his father Ron also won the straw poll in 2010 and 2011 without it aiding his noisy but ultimately futile 2012 presidential candidacy.

However no one, least of all, his GOP rivals, should think that Paul hasn’t expanded his base from his father’s band of libertarian extremists or won’t be a first tier contender in 2016 when runs for president. He has maintained the momentum he got from his filibuster on drones last year while also carefully avoiding confrontations with the GOP establishment he’s eager to supersede. Many of his backers thought the disastrous government shutdown was a good idea and want to make all members of the party leadership to pay for the compromises they forged in order to extricate Republicans from the corner into which the Tea Party had painted them. However, Paul is quietly backing his Kentucky colleague Mitch McConnell for re-election. He’s also sent out signals to the establishment that he should be trusted to avoid extremism by saying that the shutdown wasn’t such a good idea.

But none of that changes the fact that Paul remains outside the mainstream of his party on foreign policy. As Ted Cruz, Paul’s main rival for the affection of Tea Party voters, reminded the country today on ABC’s “This Week,” it would be a mistake to think the Kentucky senator’s neo-isolationist views represent the sentiments of most conservatives or even Tea Partiers. Resentment against big government and suspicion of President Obama’s actions may have helped boost Paul’s popularity, but the idea that it is Rand’s party on foreign policy is a myth.

Click Here to ——>>>> Read more…

TED CRUZ IS NO LARRY MCDONALD PART 1 || By Kelleigh Nelson | Courtesy: Devvy Kidd


By Kelleigh Nelson
February 1, 2014


“The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining super capitalism and Communism under the same tent, all under their control…. Do I mean conspiracy? Yes I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent.” Congressman Larry P. McDonald, 1976, allegedly killed in the Korean Airlines 747 that was allegedly shot down by the Soviets


“We have four boxes with which to defend our freedom: the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box.” -Representative Larry McDonald


“It is terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged.” -G. K. Chesterton


Representative Larry McDonald was born April 1, 1935 in Atlanta, Georgia and supposedly died September 1, 1983 in the Sea of Japan. He was aboard Korean Airlines Flight 007. McDonald was invited to South Korea to attend a celebration of the 30th anniversary of the United States–South Korea Mutual Defense Treaty with fellow members of Congress, Senator Jesse Helms of North Carolina, Senator Steve Symms of Idaho, and Representative Carroll Hubbard of Kentucky. Because of delays, the other three did not take the same flight as McDonald. A Soviet MiG-23 Flogger and three Soviet Su-15 Flagon fighters intercepted and allegedly shot down the plane over Sakhalin Island in the Sea of Japan. There were 268 others allegedly lost at sea.


It is my belief, along with many others, that the plane was forced to land on Soviet soil, and those who survived, including, and especially, McDonald, became Soviet prisoners. [Link]

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