America’s Champion…Donald Trump, The American People Have Voted To Make America Great Again.

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What really concerns me today, are the priority’s of my fellow Patriots, we’re not prioritizing important issues and confronting them, nor are the many of us addressing the threats coming from Unconstitutional Candidates….The ones who are trying to address this are few, and we need more voices.

We have TWO Candidates like Obama who are not eligible for the Presidency, but despite Constitutional restraints are being allowed to run in this general election and we have the Establishment covering for them…They feel so threatened now by Donald Trumps candidacy and our support of him that they even enlisted the help of the TWICE failed Rino, Willard the Rat Romney…

Why aren’t Americans realizing and addressing Marco Antonio Rubio’s birth to TWO Cuban Citizens -NOT- TWO American Citizens. He is Constitutionally barred from the Presidency…

Or Rafael Cruz’s birth to One American Parent -NOT- TWO American Citizens, who was also born on foreign soil, -NOT- American soil.

Their INELIGIBILITY like Obama’s would free them up from any Constitutional Constraints just as Obama has been freed…This is exactly why Obama is able to write so many Unconstitutional Executive Orders…

Also and more importantly are those arguing that Marco Rubio has 14 amendment birth rights. Thus making him eligible….

Fact…..The 14th Amendment does not define Birth Right Statuses to those born of Foreign Parents. Rubio was born to two Cuban Citizens.
Fact…..The 14th Amendment does not define Natural Born Statuses to those born of foreign parent/parents or those born on foreign soil.
Fact…..The 14th Amendment can only define the Naturalization, Immigration, Nationalization of someones Citizenship….Not Natural Born Statuses.
Fact…..All Natural Born Citizens are Citizens @Birth…
Fact…..Not All Citizens @Birth are Natural Born Citizens…

I implore my fellow Patriots to please make this your arguing points. This more than anything else is of the utmost importance…WHY?

Because those who are arguing that Marco Antonio Rubio are Eligible, are also arguing that the 10+ million anchor baby’s born to illegal aliens are also Eligible for the Presidency….

Those arguing for Rafael Cruz’s and Barack Obama’s [unconstitutional] eligibility, are also arguing for those like Queen Noors and King Hussein of Jordan’s Four devout Muslim Children Princess Iman bint Hussein, Hamzah bin Hussein, Princess Raiyah bint Hussein, Prince Hashim Al Hussein….

You are also arguing for the eligibility for the children of the Royal Family of Princess Grace Kelly and Prince Ranier of Monaco, Albert II, Prince of Monaco, Caroline, Princess of Hanover, Princess Stéphanie of Monaco….

When you argue for McCain’s [unconstitutional] eligibility you are arguing for those like Valerie Jarret to run as well, imagine that, she was born and raised in Iran by two Muslim hugging Marxist socialist left wing progressives who would love nothing more than to destroy this nation all because Barack Obama was unconstitutionally allowed to hold our highest office and it encouraged them to run as well.

These foreign Influences if allowed into our highest offices will have a huge negative impact on the direction this Nation will take in the future, affecting our future generations, our policies and even changing laws that will protect them from your criticism of them.

This will not only encourage the redefining of Constitutional Eligibility, but also enable over 10 million Anchor Baby’s to meet the conditions of Marco’s, Piyush and Nimrata’s Unconstitutional Eligibility Status when their parents are either amnestied or become Naturalized Citizens.

It doesn’t take a very intelligent person to realize the ramifications of these allowances and the dangerous precedent this encourages….It will dramatically change the dynamics and direction of this Nation as a Constitutional Republic and if not addressed now, no one will be able to stop it in the future short of another bloody Civil War…

Barack Hussein Obama (Barry Soetoro) was the first Ineligible President to hold the office of the presidency in 200 years…..

The very moment he was elected this encouraged Rafael Cruz who is also Ineligible to run for the Presidency, he too is Constitutionally barred from holding the offices of the presidency’s, this encouraged Marco Rubio to run when he seen no one questioning his candidacy, and that encouraged Piyush Jindal to run.

PLEASE!!! Ask yourself this, why after 200 years of Natural Born precedence are this Government now allowing Ineligible Candidates not only to run for the presidency, but to hold the offices of the Presidency’s???

There’s actually a very easy answer to this….One but has to look at the freedoms they have lost in the past 7+ years under an Ineligible Barack Hussein Obama Presidency to know the answer to that….

We have suffered unconstitutional Gay Marriages, Forced Gay compliance’s (baking cakes and performing gay weddings on private property), force Obamacare, the unconstitutional circumvention of congress and the senate, the circumvention of Constitutional laws, unconstitutional wars, unconstitutional gun restrictions and regulations, unconstitutional and lawless immigration and amnesty, unconstitutionally forced federal laws that just recently took the life of an innocent Rancher, the treasonous hiring of Islamic cabinet members in our most secured departments, forced closures of businesses not in compliance to unlawful regulations and statutes, the restrictions upon our freedoms of speech, unconstitutional restraints against our liberties such as public prayer and evangelism, unconstitutional fines for not having insurances…

All of these actions and the many many more that were enabled by this President’s Ineligibility….

And here we are once again, many of you supporting, championing for, defending and arguing for TWO more Article II Section I Clause IV Constitutionally barred Candidates for the offices of the Presidency and very few Americans are addressing it….The ones who do address their ineligibility are being attacked and ridiculed by so called Patriots, pseudo Conservatives and champions for the Constitution.

Article II Section I Clause V:

No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

We are not focused nor are our priority’s in order….We must for the safety and security of this Nation argue against both Rafael Cruz’s and Marco Rubio’s Unconstitutional Candidacy’s and Ineligibility’s, that and not one thing more should be addressed until the American people are assured they have a Constitutional President leading their Nation and not foreign influences….

To make anything else a priority will be absolutely lost to the real threat we are facing today and these issues will surely force our grand children to confront and address them in the future, and it will most likely be to late for them by then.

The surrendering of our Nation to foreign powers are being enabled and encouraged by Ineligible Presidency’s…….

Donald Trump is a good man, more importantly to me, he is a also a Christian, under all his bravado and loudness, he is a proven American Patriot… Mr Trump has proven time and again his Patriotism and love for his fellow Americans through not only his compassion for those in need, but is passion to lead us out of this nightmare….

When he speaks, he speaks compassionately for the American People, he speaks passionately of things already set within our own hearts, its not that he is saying anything new to us, but that he is saying them louder than we ever could possibly dream of, and this comes natural to Mr Trump because they are entrenched within his own heart as well…

These elitist and establishment hucksters have misread us completely…We are not angry out of control citizens out for blood, we aren’t stupid Brown Shirts, we are not ignorant racist in the manner that Glen Beck, Mark Levin, Megyn Kelly, Nimrata Haley, Marco Rubio, Rafael Cruz, Dana Loesch or any of the many others who are attacking us for our support of Donald Trump has made us out to be….

Donald Trump’s supporters are Intelligent, well informed and hard working Patriotic Americans…We are in control and focused and our votes in the Primary are proof of that, as are our actions during Donald’s many rallies…We are united under his Patriotism, both Blacks and Whites, Asians and Latino’s who have a mutual love for the other as color blind Americans.

We understand the desperate need for an American Champion and strong leader, and that Champion, that strong leadership can only be found in Donald Trump.

He is the Only One who is stating that he wants to Make America Great Again, while the others speak only about and are championing for immigrants and amnesty, both of which threatens not only our security, but our economy and jobs and most especially and importantly, the future’s of this Nation and our grand children….

Americans…..We have a choice to make and you best make sure yours is the right one….

Its either or….An America or a New World Order….Its your Choice, as for myself, I was born to Fight for America..

If you are still undecided, please follow the the link I’ve provided below…These are Mr Trumps Agenda’s, his policies…He has voted on a straight Republican ticket since 1989, he is pro-life and pro-2cd amendment…Do not allow yourself to be mislead and misinformed…

Vote to Make America Great Again, cast your primary and electoral ballot’s for Donald Trump 2016.


Donald Trump On The Issues…
2016 Presidential Candidates.


Redefining Natural Born: Creating American Dynasties With Foreign Citizens.

The Rafael Cruz and Marco Supporters just as the Obama voters had in 2007 and 2011 are encouraging and enabling Ineligible candidates to run for our highest offices of the Presidency and Vice Presidency…


How can you as Americans live with your betrayals knowing it will destroy everything this Nations Sons & Daughters have Sacrificed to Protect.


As examples only….Grace Kelly never gave up her US citizenship. Albert II of Monaco was a natural born US citizen, Queen Hussein‘s very devout Muslim children just as the offspring of these others could easily become eligible under the circumstances you have allowed Rafael Cruz and these other candidates under the new definitions of Natural Born to run under, as can thousands more other radical foreigners whose very own situations mirror Rafael Cruz’s and Marco Rubios citizenship’s.



And here you are today attempting to carry their offspring over the threshold of our White House….


I think not.


As an American Patriot….Who is firmly committed to GOD and COUNTRY and the Constitution that stands protective over Her citizens, I am going to do everything in my power to help destroy Rafael Cruz’s and Marco Rubio’s chances of ever being carried over that threshold and becoming our next Presidents, their very own deceit and betrayals find them highly unworthy of ruling over this Nation, nor can they now be trusted, and I pray you’re not carrying either of them if they are elected, for you will be accountable for their final destruction upon this Nation…


One must be born upon American Soil to TWO Parents who are BOTH AMERICAN CITIZENS to be eligible for our highest offices of the Presidency and Vice Presidency…

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Jindal nor had Obama met any of these Requirements, and never will.


Mark Levin and Glen Beck would rather call American Patriots who are defending this Nations Constitution A-Holes and Idiots rather than admitting they are horribly wrong on this issue…

They and those like them are the problem we are facing today, not the solutions…

Do Not Be Swayed By Them….


If we lose our Constitutional Protections than we lose our Freedoms and Liberties, its that simple.

Natural Born Citizen -vs- Naturalized Citizen. Why It Matters.


My Name is Bakht Awar Ahmadi an Afghani Patriot…I’m a very devout Muslim.

I am married to an Native born American woman who converted to Islam shortly after our marriage in order to please me…Allah has blessed us with two wonderful sons who are taught only in the ways of Islam.


We have raised our two sons, Ahmed Ibrahim and Abdul Shahid in the Mideast for 30 years and I could not be any more prouder of my sons than I am today, as they have both become very devout followers of Allah, their desires to please Muhammad will make it absolutely impossible for them to be loyal or to assimilate into any other culture than Islam, or, to serve anyone but Allah. Their loyalties are to Allah, Muhammad, and the Koran only…


My family, Catherine Mosley Ahmadi, and our two sons who are [naturalized American citizens] through their mothers American citizenship moved to America when they were 28 and 30 years of age, and are still waiting to be Naturalized myself…


Both our sons are frequently traveling back and forth to their homeland for both business and pleasure, and continue today to make their yearly pilgrimage to Mecca to pay homage to Allah and Muhammad which is an important part of our culture.


By design and conditioning….both our sons have become active in American politics. Abdul today is an elected Representative for Chicago’s District 7 and has become very well liked in his district, he is also considered an energetic and charismatic activist for the civil rights movement, he is both an outstanding leader and role model for our young Black and Arab inner city kids and has made great progress working closely with our dear friend Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam and CAIR to bring America’s mistreatment of Muslim’s into the spotlight and for lowering the crime in his district.


20 years after first arriving in the United States at the age of 48, our youngest son Abdul Shahid Abmadi desires to run for the Presidency as a faithful Democrat so that he can make the necessary changes he believes will better the treatment of Muslims across this nation, especially after witnessing our country being destroyed by American intervention for 14 years of his life, and renounces his Afghani citizenship in order to meet all the requirements the Democrats, Republicans and the American people have redefined to suit those just like himself who were born outside of the United States…


Abdul Shahid Ahmadi was born to ONE American PARENT and is a Naturalized American Citizen, and even though he was born and lived in Afghanistan for 28 years of his life, he is made eligible thanks to those who were so supportive of Barack Obama and Rafael Cruz, and, his having lived in the United States for the required 14 years and his being 48 years of age, well above the 35 years of age that is required makes him eligible for the Presidency….


According to the Rafael Cruz and Obama supporters, Abdul Shahid has met all the requirements to run for the Presidency of the United States of America.


Abdul Shahid quickly becomes a champion leader and a very popular 2 term Representative of the Democrat Party in the District 7 area of Chicago and the surrounding areas for his outspokenness against the hate speech aimed at Muslims and has a huge following amongst both the Arab Muslim and Black community’s, he also counts the many White Liberals in the Democrat party as his most loyal supporters…


The Democrats wanting to vote in the First ever American Afghani Muslim have an electorate turnout of 48% in the 2032 general election and the voting fraud is of a massive scale, which overwhelms the conservative Candidate.


Abdul Shahid Ahmadi ultimately wins the 2032 elections by a landslide to become the 48th President of the United States of America and, the very first American Afghani Muslim President ever to hold our highest office………….


Any fool that thinks this is what our Framers intended needn’t vote, you have no business whatsoever at a ballot box. You are the problem we face today, you are a very real threat to the continued existence and safety of this Nation and Republic and a very real danger to the American people and the future of this country….


Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, the Liberal MSM, the Obama, Rafael, Marco and Jindal supporters and the many others who enable these ineligible candidates are all culpable in the destruction and loss of our freedoms and liberties, you are not only encouraging ineligible candidates, but you are enabling them and their ulterior agenda’s or whatever else their underlying causes might be….Which, I would guess aren’t good to began with if they have gone through such great lengths and trouble to hide their records in order to deceive the American people.


This may just be a silly made up scenario to many of you Rafael Cruz, Marco Rubio supporters and Obama voters, but with today’s atmosphere of appeasement, toleration and acceptance of Islam coupled with their ignoring our Constitutional Documents to elect first time ever candidates by unconstitutional means. This could be a very real threat to our existence, our freedoms and national security’s, and it doesn’t have to be a Muslim President, it could be any number of foreign radicals that wish an end to the evil powers of the United States of America…


And you’re enabling them…And there is absolutely no excuse for your actions, whether you’re well informed or not.
No excuses, None Whatsoever.


Many conservatives who spent the better part of 5 years attempting to prove that the current U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama -aka- Barry Soetoro is not a natural born citizen prior to Rafael’s Cruz’s and Marco Rubio’s announcements to run, have also applauded their actions as jr Senators and are embracing their ineligible candidacy’s…


What will your actions be when Abdul Shahid Ahmadi decides to run and is then elected…What will you say then. I’m So Sorry?


Blood makes you Family, Territory makes you Loyal…


Blood & Soil, Descent & Territory = Natural Born.


One Must Be Born of the Country To Two Parents who are Both American Citizens in order to Meet the Requirements of Eligibility…


Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal and Barack Hussein Obama are not Natural Born Citizens.


They are Naturalized Citizens….


He’s ineligible….Period. Mark Levin and others are Horribly Mistaken here, or, they are purposefully enabling yet another Ineligible Presidential Candidate in their support for Rafael Cruz…


Anyone who is made a Citizen through an Act of Law is Naturalized…Not Natural Born….


People are mistaking or are refusing to differentiate “Born a Citizen” from “Natural Born.”


All Natural Born Natives are Citizens at Birth….
But not all Citizens at Birth are Natural Born…


Anyone who is made a Citizen through an ACT of Law is a Naturalized Citizen and is not eligible for the Presidency.


One must be born upon American Soil to TWO Parents who are BOTH AMERICAN CITIZENS…


Rafael Cruz, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal nor had Obama met any of these Requirements, and they never will.


Marcus Tullius Cicero

Marcus Tullius Cicero

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

How Much More Suffering Can Our Hearts Bear!?


If my heart weren’t so convicted, I would simply throw my hands up in disgust and quit,  just simply stop caring…But sadly, as I watch people slowly and wantonly destroy our Republic, it angers my heart to no end that my Granddaughters will not know nor experience this once Exceptional Nation in the manner that I had grown since birth to love and adore so dearly, and yet my anger invigorates me to fight onward.

These misguided people and their politically correct white champions have stolen away this precious Republics symbols of Faith & Freedoms from my Grand Baby’s eyes, they have silenced the Beautiful Patriotic Songs from their ears, and have blackened out the Precious Memories of Her Memorials from their minds, thus crushing the Patriotic Spirit from their Hearts & Souls…

They have pridefully perverted, sullied and corrupted everything that was once so great and beautiful about this Nation and they relish in that, they are gleeful in their smugness as they celebrate upon Her destruction and in our suffering….

What a terrible loss to our Grandchildren this Republic is going to be for them, to never had experience this Nation at Her finest.

I cannot, nor will I ever allow myself to pay respect to those who do not respect our Nations Flag, they are demanding we validate their lives, yet they reject that which symbolizes and validates their Freedoms, casting away all of those who fought and sacrificed so much underneath Her Old Glory to ensure that they remain always Free…

How do they dare look upon our faces and then spit on them, how will they ever validate their actions!?

Today, I Stopped Caring…by Lt. Daniel Furseth

Today, I Stopped Caring
Written by: Lt. Daniel Furseth
DeForest P.D. (WI)


Today, I stopped caring about my fellow man. I stopped caring about my community, my neighbors, and those I serve. I stopped caring today because a once noble profession has become despised, hated, distrusted, and mostly unwanted.

I stopped caring today because parents refuse to teach their kids right from wrong and blame us when they are caught breaking the law. I stopped caring today because parents tell their little kids to be good or “the police will take you away” embedding a fear from year one. Moms hate us in their schools because we frighten them and remind them of the evil that lurks in the world.

They would rather we stay unseen, but close by if needed, but readily available to “fix their kid.” I stopped caring today because we work to keep our streets safe from mayhem in the form of reckless, drunk, high, or speeding drivers, only to be hated for it, yet hated even more because we didn’t catch the drunk before he killed someone they may know.

Nevertheless, we are just another tool used by government to generate “revenue.” I stopped caring today because Liberals hate the police as we carry guns, scare kids, and take away their drugs. We always kill innocent people with unjust violence. We are called bullies for using a Taser during a fight, but are condemned further for not first tasing the guy who pulls a gun on us.

And if we do have to shoot, we are asked “why didn’t you just shoot the gun out of their hand?” And when one of us is killed by the countless attacks that do happen (but are rarely reported in the mainstream media) the haters say, “Its just part of the job.” I stopped caring today because Conservatives hate us as we are “the Government.” We try to take away their guns, freedoms, and liberty at every turn.

We represent a “Police State” where “jackbooted badge-wearing thugs” randomly attack innocent people without cause or concern for constitutional rights. We are Waco, Ruby Ridge, and Rodney King all rolled into one lone police officer stopping to help change an old lady’s tire. I stopped caring today as no one wants us around, but instantly demands answers, results, arrests, when a crime takes place.

If a crime isn’t solved within the allocated 60 minutes it takes CSI on television, we are inept, incompetent, or covering something up. If we do get “lucky” it was just that and everyone with a Facebook account can post wonderful comments of how “they” would solve the case and how “we” are not nearly as clever.

I stopped caring today because a video of a cop six states away, from a department that you never heard of, screws up and forgets his oath of honor, thus firing up an internet lynch-mob of cop haters even though 99% of us work twice as hard not to end up in the news and to still be “the good guys.” We are “militarized” because we wear body armor and kevlar helmets when shots are fired or rocks thrown at us and carry scary looking rifles even though everyone knows that they are easier to shoot and are more accurate than a handgun or a shotgun.

I stopped caring today because the culture of today’s instantly connected youth is only there to take and never give back. To never accept responsibility for ones actions, but to blame everyone else instead of themselves. To ask “what is in it for me?” versus “what can I do for you?”

To idolize gangsters, thugs, sexually promiscuous behavior, and criminals over hard work, dedication, and achievement. To argue that getting stoned should be a right, yet getting a job or an education is a hassle. To steal versus earn. To hate versus help. Yes, I stopped caring today. But tomorrow, I will put my uniform back on and I will care again.

Commentary by Jeffrey Hardin

2012 over 14,172,384. arrest were made, of those arrest,

* In 2012, 123 blacks were killed by police with a gun

* In 2012, 326 whites were killed by police with a gun

* In 2013, blacks committed 5,375 murders

* In 2013, whites committed 4,396 murders

* Whites are 63% of the population blacks are 13%

Police killings of blacks down 70% in last 50 years

Out of 14,172,364 arrest and Police confrontations in 2012, only 449 criminals were killed in the line of action….There is no epidemic of Police shootings here, there is no racism involved in these shootings that has ever been proven and only fools go around assuming there is….

There are very few unjustified shootings and many of those Law Enforcement Officers are being prosecuted and sentenced, demoted and ran out of Law Enforcement, but the media is not reporting them…

Why? Simply because its not Politically Correct nor expedient for them to do so, nor does it fit their constructed narrative of Police Brutality!

But what has been irrefutably proven time and again are, that there is an out of control Black Criminal Element, or Black Criminal Culture sweeping across this Nation deliberately targeting Whites and White Police Officers….

And in the past six years, we have had Obama, the President of the United States of America alongside of the Department of Justice Eric Holder entertaining the Race Hustlers Albert Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the Politically Correct White Media and their Liberal supporters feeding this insanely fabricated Black victimhood narrative further destroying any hopes of racial harmony…

Thus turning those criminal elements of our society against the only protectors we have of our Law Enforcement who themselves have been heroically standing therebetween us and those criminal elements trying to protect us from them…And we are watching the President and the DOJ literally pulling their teeth!

Oprah Winfrey who has gotten filthy rich off of misguided and goaded Whites is also feeding this racial hatred by so delicately stating that she hopes we old White people would just hurry up and die off so as to end Racism’s, that’s Liberalism thinking for you, but that was going to slow for the Criminal Elements of the Black Culture so they just stepped up their knockout games and attacks against us and are knocking us off one at a time…

And now they have adopted necklacing us from their Homeland of Africa as a way to entertainment themselves and the Liberal White Media is refusing to report the rising numbers of Whites being set afire.

Have you not yet heard the Term Fire Cracker?

A Recent FBI Report has clearly shown that Blacks attack Whites 25x more than Whites attack Blacks.


It is imperative that we Support and get behind our Law Enforcement, we absolutely need their protection and their supporting us and our community’s, we cannot allow the many Outstanding Officers in this Nation to be crucified for the very few who do break the law, who do get indicted, who are sentenced to long imprisonments and who are made to answer for their lawlessness and the betrayal of the community’s they swore to protect!

It is suicidal for us as a Nation, for both the Black & White community’s to ignore what’s truly shaping up to be a racial war facilitated by this Presidents racially inflammatory remarks…And yes, there is a designed reason for this?

They truly are taking advantage of a serious crisis, a crisis by the way, that they themselves have created. Wake Up!!!

You Never Let A Serious Crisis Go To Waste

The Senate Minority Report and the CIA Rebuttal were released on December 9th. || CIA Saved Lives


The recently released Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) Majority report on the CIA’s Rendition, Detention, and Interrogation Program is marred by errors of facts and interpretation and is completely at odds with the reality that the leaders and officers of the Central Intelligence Agency lived through. It represents the single worst example of Congressional oversight in our many years of government service.

Read More Here:

Damn Straight up from a man who loved his Nation, who adored his Military and who stood to protect this Republics Citizens, verses the lying blathering imbeciles of the Democrat party and their Liberal supporters!

Commentary by Jeffrey Hardin

Feinstein herself approved of these Interrogation Techniques and signed off on two wars, she may have just shot her own foot….Its insane how quickly the Liberals forget this….

Democrats approved of the Interrogation Techniques as well as signed off and approved of Both Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan yet the Libturdles are still screaming that this was Exclusively Bushes War?

Have the Liberals ever ever ask themselves why the Democrats after all their threats and Sally Making didn’t precede to impeach Bush nor Cheney?

Have they ever once asked themselves that?
They stopped the impeachment preceding for the simple fact that their hands were soaking wet with the ink that signed off on those Interrogation Techniques and OH My, the WARS, Both of them….

To impeach Bush and Cheney for War Crimes, these Democrats
who signed off on the Wars and the torturing of these Muslims would have also indicted themselves you knuckleheaded Peckerwoods!

The GOP controlled the house and senate for first 6 of 8 years. The last 2 years were controlled by the Democrats and they stamped their approval on everything Bush asked for for those 8 years….

If Bush is guilty then so is every single DEMOCRAT that voted with Bush because they were accomplices to the war. That is why all the “war crime rhetoric” is just that- DEMOCRATS flapping their jaws to hear themselves talk.

Also, were you Liberals and Democrats outraged over “Extraordinary Rendition,” used during the Clinton Administration, also approved by Senate Democrats?

Despite polls at the time showing that a majority of Americans wanted U.S. troops withdrawn from Iraq and support setting a deadline for their departure, the Democrats had voted to instead side with President Bush against the American people?

The Democrats Approved Mass Surveillance and Torture as well as the two Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan…

Nancy Pelosi – Approval of Torture and are to this day now accusing the CIA of lying when in fact she is covering for her silly little maniacal self…

Pelosi along with other Democrats and their staff visited these Interrogation sights and prisons and even said to step up the Interrogations, not one objection were raised during their tour nor were they afterwards. Instead, at least two Democrat lawmakers in the room asked the CIA to push harder, two U.S. officials said. “The briefer was specifically asked if the methods were tough enough,” said a U.S. official who witnessed the exchange…….
“Washington Post wrote in 2007.”

You Liberals keep insinuating this was Bushes WAR….Have you so easily forgotten that all but a very small number of DEMOCRATS signed off on BUSHES WAR, I mean Congress and the Senates WAR?

I know you Liberals have selected Memories, but come on, Bushes WAR, and we have come to know quite well that in Liberal circles EVERYTHING is BUSHES fault right?

And I assume that these Democrats listed below had nothing to do with the approval of these Interrogation Techniques either? Liberal Selective Memory….

If you numbnuts want Bush and Cheney indicted, then also start with this small but growing list of Democrats who approved of His Actions…Including the Interrogation “Torture” Techniques….

The Liberal Queen Hilary Clinton signed off and Approved both wars…. AS well as did these other Democrats….

Bayh (D-IN), Biden (D-DE), Breaux (D-LA), Cantwell (D-WA), Carnahan (D-MO), Carper (D-DE), Cleland (D-GA), Clinton (D-NY), Daschle (D-SD), Dodd (D-CT), Dorgan (D-ND), Edwards (D-NC), Feinstein (D-CA), Harkin (D-IA) Hollings (D-SC), Johnson (D-SD), Kerry (D-MA), Kohl (D-WI), Landrieu (D-LA), Lieberman (D-CT), Lincoln (D-AR), Miller (D-GA), Nelson(D-FL), Nelson (D-NE), Reid (D-NV), Rockefeller (D-WV),Schumer (D-NY), Torricelli (D-NJ)

And let us not forget that these Interrogations were used on Al Qaeda suspects in the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attacks — that led to the capture of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and lead to the killing of Usama bin Laden and other High Ranking Al Qaeda terror leaders…

To you Democrats, Liberals, Independents, Libertarians and Bleeding Heart Conservatives……..


Worst President In History || Courtesy: Dennis Hardin

Are We Not Long Overdue For Justice America!

Why would anyone dislike Barack Obama? Could it be because of what he’s done in the White House? As you get a refresher on the national nightmare that has been Barack Obama’s presidency, keep in mind that the biggest difficulty in compiling it was limiting it to just 50 examples of corruption, dishonesty, and incompetence. Click On The Stats “in red”  To Linkup  To Sources….

1) Because of Obama’s policies since he became President, 11,472,000 Americans have left the work force.

2) “Fewer Americans are at work today than in April 2000, even though the population since then has grown by 31 million.” — Mortimer Zuckerman

3) The number of Americans on welfare has hit record highs.

4) A record 20% of Americans were on food stamps in 2013.

5) The almost 11 million Americans getting disability payments is now approaching the population of Cuba

6) Our nation lost its AAA credit rating because Obama is spending so much money.

7) Not only was Cash for Clunkers a wasteful government program that “cost $1.4 million for every job it created and did little to reduce carbon emissions,” destroying the “clunkers” helped dramatically jack up the cost of used cars for the rest of the country.

8) After BP had a huge oil spill in the Gulf, Obama not only bungled the clean-up process, he slowed oil production from other companies that had done nothing wrong which led to higher oil prices.

9) Obama has helped drive up the cost of gas by blocking the Keystone Pipeline.

10) When he was running for office in 2008, Obama claimed that, “Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes.” He lied.

11) Through 2013, the Obama Administration had imposed new regulations on businesses that cost 46 billion dollars a year.

12) Taxpayers lost 25 billion dollars on Obama’s bailout of General Motors and Chrysler. Chrysler isn’t even an American company any more. It’s now owned by an Italian company, Fiat.

13) When he was running for office, Obama called Bush “unpatriotic” for adding so much to the debt and promised to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term. Yet, the national debt is up 7 trillion dollars since Obama became President. That’s more debt than all U.S. Presidents from George Washington through Bill Clinton combined.

14) Obama’s administration gave guns to Mexican cartels that were used to murder hundreds of Mexicans and border agent Brian Terry. The Obama Administration has refused to cooperate with the investigation or hold anyone accountable for that illegal behavior.

15) The NSA has spied on Americans under Obama.

16) Under Obama, the CIA spied on the Senate.

17) Obama’s campaign contributors at Solyndra were handed 535 million dollars of taxpayer money that the Obama Administration knew they would never be able to pay back before they gave it to them.

18) The IRS targeted Obama’s political enemies including Christian groups, pro-Israel groups, and most prominently, Tea Party groups. The Obama Administration has refused to cooperate with the investigation or hold anyone accountable for the illegal behavior.

19) Numerous donors to Mitt Romney were audited by the IRS after giving him large contributions.

20) When the EPA and IRS were asked to provide emails requested by Congress as part of an investigation into their illegal activities, they’ve claimed over and over again to have lost the information because of “hard drive crashes.” Given that it’s quite easy to back up a hard drive and that they’re required by law to retain that information, it seems likely that they’re habitually destroying evidence to hide their illegal activities.

21) Veterans received poor health care and even died because of the incompetence and cover-ups of Obama’s VA.

22) Even Barney Frank admits Barack Obama shamelessly lied to the American people to get Obamacare passed – and lie, he did. He promised that Americans could keep their insurance plans, that they could keep their doctors, and that Obamacare would save the average family $2500 per year. Not only were all of those lies, Obama knew they were lies when he made those promises.

23) Barack Obama has broken the law repeatedly by making at least 23 unilateral changes to Obamacare.

24) Obama has been illegally trying to force Christians to pay for abortifacients via Obamacare.

25) Obamacare has been a disaster that cost millions their insurance and sent health care costs spiraling into the stratosphere.

26) Obama is taking 700 billion dollars out of Medicare to put into Obamacare.

27) The website portion of Obamacare,, was a non-functional disaster for months when it rolled out and Obama claimed he was completely unaware that there was anything wrong with it.

28) Instead of calming people down, Obama helped to turn Americans against each other racially be inserting himself into the Trayvon Martin case.

29) Obama created so much racial animosity by attacking the police when they had done nothing wrong in the Henry Louis Gates case that he had to have a ridiculous “beer summit” to try to undo the damage.

30) The Department of Justice failed to pursue a voter intimidation case against members of the New Black Panthers because they were black and liberal. Former DOJ official J. Christian Adams quit over the case and “accused his former employer of instructing attorneys in the civil rights division to ignore cases that involve black defendants and white victims.”

31) George W. Bush quit playing golf in 2003 because he didn’t want the mother of some fallen soldier to see the Commander-in-Chief out playing golf. He also said he thought playing golf during a war sent the wrong signal to the American people. Through June of 2014, Obama was up to 177 rounds and is on pace to play twice as much in his second term as his first term.

32) Obama chose tax cheat Tim Geithner to be his Secretary of the Treasury and then has had the audacity to spend his whole presidency pushing for higher taxes.

33) After promising to unite America when he was running for office in 2008, Obama has been the most hyper-partisan President in decades.

34) Despite the fact that Barack Obama claimed to believe that marriage should be between one man and one woman when he was running for President in 2008, his Department of Justice asked states attorney general to refuse to defend their states’ bans on gay marriage in court.

35) The Department of Justice has worked overtime to help increase voter fraud by fighting against voter ID. This is despite the fact that you need ID to buy alcohol, drive a car, fly on a plane or even to use Obamacare.

36) He’s the reason why countless Americans have been groped, molested and harassed by the TSA, even though agents never caught a terrorist sticking their hand down anyone’s pants.

37) He’s responsible for the dumbing down of our education system with Common Core.

38) We first landed on the moon in 1969, but because of Obama, we’re no longer even capable of going into space.

39) His servile bowing to other world leaders is embarrassing and un-American.

40) Barack Obama engaged in an illegal war in Libya without the permission of Congress that helped turn that country into an unstable basket case run by radical Islamists. How bad is it? America, Libyans and the rest of the world were better off with Muammar Gaddafi in charge. That’s how bad it is.

41) Radical Islamist Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan “described himself as mujahedeen” and yelled “Allahu Akbar” as he murdered 13 of his fellow soldiers at Fort Hood. The Obama Administration labeled that as “workplace violence” rather than admitting there was a terrorist attack on his watch.

42) He released 5 Taliban terrorists In exchange for deserter Bowe Bergdahl.

43) Americans died at Benghazi because Obama’s administration didn’t take their repeated requests for additional security seriously.

44) Russia annexed Crimea while Obama did nothing of consequence to discourage it from invading. That’s not a surprise for a President who is fond of throwing out “red lines” that don’t mean anything.

45) Obama’s premature pull-out in Iraq and foolish refusal to get a status of forces agreement in Iraq left the country vulnerable and led to the terrorists in ISIS taking over a large portion of that country.

46) Barack Obama unilaterally implemented the DREAM Act that Congress didn’t pass and illegally handed out work permits to illegal aliens.

47) Obama is threatening to bypass Congress and simply “legalize” millions more of illegal immigrants even though it’s illegal and unconstitutional and it hurts the American people and will further encourage even more illegal aliens to surge across the border.

48) The fence on our southern border was supposed to be completed by 2009. The Obama Administration has made it clear that it doesn’t intend to finish it during his presidency.

49) Barack Obama is deliberately creating a crisis on the southern border by refusing to deport illegal aliens crossing into our country.

50) For all practical purposes, Barack Obama has already unilaterally implemented amnesty in America because “at least 99.92% of illegal immigrants and visa overstays without known crimes on their records” aren’t being deported.

And the Obama Horror Picture Show
Continues Without An End In Sight!?~