40 Points That Prove That Barack Obama And Mitt Romney Are Essentially The Same Candidate || By Michael Snyder


August 15th 2012 – Article As a Reminder To Those Who Are Again Pushing For
Romney Ticket!

You Do This,

Hillary Will Easily Walk
Through The  Front Doors

The Peoples White House Unhindered!~

What a depressing choice the American people are being presented with this year.  We are at a point in our history where we desperately need a change of direction in the White House, and we are guaranteed that we are not going to get it.  The Democrats are running the worst president in American history, and the Republicans are running a guy who is almost a carbon copy of him. 

American history, and the Republicans are running a guy who is almost a carbon copy of him.  The fact that about half the country is still supporting Barack Obama shows how incredibly stupid and corrupt the American people have become.

No American should have ever cast a single vote for Barack Obama for any political office under any circumstances.  He should never have even been the assistant superintendent in charge of janitorial supplies, much less the president of the United States.

The truth is that Barack Obama has done such a horrible job that he should immediately resign along with his entire cabinet.  But instead of giving us a clear choice, the Republicans nominated the Republican that was running that was most similar to Barack Obama.

In fact, I don’t think we have ever had two candidates for president that are so similar.  Yes, there are a few minor differences between them, but the truth is that we are heading into Obama’s second term no matter which one of them gets elected.

The mainstream media makes it sound like Obama and Romney are bitter ideological rivals but that is a giant lie.  Yeah, they are slinging lots of mud at each other, but they both play for the same team and the losers are going to be the American people.

Republicans are being told that they have “no choice” but to vote for Romney because otherwise they will get another four years of Obama.

This “lesser of two evils” theme comes out every four years.  We are told that we “must” vote for a horrible candidate because the other guy is even worse.

Well, millions of Americans are getting sick of this routine.  Perhaps that is why it is being projected that as many as 90 million Americans of voting age will not vote this year.

Yes, Barack Obama has been so horrible as president that it is hard to put it into words.

But Mitt Romney would be just like Barack Obama.

Those that are dreaming of a major change in direction if Romney is elected are going to be bitterly, bitterly disappointed.

The following are 40 ways that Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are essentially the same candidate….

1. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both supported TARP.

2. Mitt Romney supported Barack Obama’s “economic stimulus” packages.

3. Mitt Romney says that Barack Obama’s bailout of the auto industry was actually his idea.

4. Neither candidate supports immediately balancing the federal budget.

5. They both believe in big government and they both have a track record of being big spenders while in office.

6. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both fully support the Federal Reserve.

7. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are both on record as saying that the president should not question the “independence” of the Federal Reserve.

8. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have both said that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke did a good job during the last financial crisis.

9. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both felt that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke deserved to be renominated to a second term.

10. Both candidates oppose a full audit of the Federal Reserve.

11. Both candidates are on record as saying that U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has done a good job.

12. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have both been big promoters of universal health care.

13. Mitt Romney was the one who developed the plan that Obamacare was later based upon.

14. Wall Street absolutely showers both candidates with campaign contributions.

15. Neither candidate wants to eliminate the income tax or the IRS.

16. Both candidates want to keep personal income tax rates at the exact same levels for the vast majority of Americans.

17. Both candidates are “open” to the idea of imposing a Value Added Tax on the American people.

18. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both believe that the TSA is doing a great job.

19. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both supported the NDAA.

20. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both supported the renewal of the Patriot Act.

21. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both believe that the federal government should be able to indefinitely detain American citizens that are considered to be terrorists.

22. Both candidates believe that American citizens suspected of being terrorists can be killed by the president without a trial.

23. Barack Obama has not closed Guantanamo Bay like he promised to do, and Mitt Romney actually wants to double the number of prisoners held there.

24. Both candidates support the practice of “extraordinary rendition”.

25. They both support the job-killing “free trade” agenda of the global elite.

26. They both accuse each other of shipping jobs out of the country and both of them are right.

27. Both candidates are extremely soft on illegal immigration.

28. Neither candidate has any military experience.  This is the first time that this has happened in a U.S. election since 1944.

29. Both candidates earned a degree from Harvard University.

30. They both believe in the theory of man-made global warming.

31. Mitt Romney has said that he will support a “cap and trade” carbon tax scheme (like the one Barack Obama wants) as long as the entire globe goes along with it.

32. Both candidates have a very long record of supporting strict gun control measures.

33. Both candidates have been pro-abortion most of their careers.  Mitt Romney’s “conversion” to the pro-life cause has been questioned by many.  In fact, Mitt Romney has made millions on Bain Capital’s investment in a company called “Stericycle” that incinerates aborted babies collected from family planning clinics.

34. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both believe that the Boy Scout ban on openly gay troop leaders is wrong.

35. They both believe that a “two state solution” will bring lasting peace between the Palestinians and Israel.

36. Both candidates have a history of nominating extremely liberal judges.

37. Like Barack Obama, Mitt Romney also plans to add “signing statements” to bills when he signs them into law.

38. They both have a horrible record when it comes to job creation.

39. Both candidates believe that the president has the power to take the country to war without getting the approval of the U.S. Congress.

40. Both candidates plan to continue running up more government debt even though the U.S. government is already 16 trillion dollars in debt.


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What’s Wrong with the Right || By Guest Column Pamela Geller

Image Added by Jericho777

National Review Online took another gratuitous shot at me Thursday in an article defending Ayaan Hirsi Ali, saying: “Hirsi Ali is no Pamela Geller. On the contrary, for her whole life, Hirsi Ali has used anger as a catalyst to great good.” Is it necessary to smear me in order to defend Hirsi Ali? And this is not the first time that NRO has allowed insults and defamation against me and other freedom fighters to run unedited. I hardly know why. But I do know that NRO has no guts, no spine, and no conviction.

What’s more, Hirsi Ali has said things about Islam that I have never said, yet somehow she is acceptable and I am not. How does Rogan intellectually wrestle with the irreconcilable? His premise is completely and utterly false; on what does he make these ugly assertions?

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Conservatives Rally on the Streets of Paris || by Daniel Pipes


On a recent Sunday in Paris, I had the opportunity to witness an anti-immigration street protest. The approximately 600 participants followed started next to the catacombs in Place Denfert-Rochereau, walked a 1.9 km route in about 1½ hours along two broad boulevards, and ended at the Place d’Italie, where they spent an equal length of time listening to speeches.

Organized by Résistance Républicaine (led by Christine Tasin) and Riposte Laïque (led by Pierre Cassen), the demo on March 9 also included such important figures on the right as Fabrice Robert (head of Bloc Identitaire) and Renaud Camus (a theorist). Agence France Press covered the event with a reasonably objective account that major media (l’Express, Libération, Métro, Le Parisien, Le Point) then published

Inspired by the surprise success of the recent Swiss referendum limiting immigration, the demonstrators demanded a similar opportunity to vote on this heated issue in France. Flyers announced “Peuple de France n’aie pas peur. Dis que tu en a assez!” (“People of France don’t fear. Say that you have enough!”). Tasin passed out copies of her booklet, Qu’est-ce qu’elle vous a fait la République? (“What has the [French] Republic Done to You?”).

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A Word Of Caution About Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, And Marco Rubio || Fred Weinberg

I explain why I sincerely think any of those guys would be a bad idea.
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I explain why I sincerely think any of those guys would be a bad idea.


Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio are flaming stars in the Republican Party right now.

The Tea Party folks want—desperately—for one of them to become the Party’s nominee in 2016.

Any of those guys would be a bad idea.

Not because of their political ideas.  I agree with most of them.

But because—in the parlance of Oklahoma oilmen—none of them have peed a drop.

They are all first term United States Senators.  Just like Barack Hussein Obama was.

And just how has the Presidency worked out for Obama?

These guys say great things.  They know how to use their oratory to sweep crowds up in their enthusiasm. Just like Obama.  Different words.  Different ideas.  But the same methods.

So far, all that proves is that a well-used tongue can get you elected President before you’re ready.

Show me anything in any of those guys’ background that shows they are any more ready than Obama was to become President and that they would do any better job.

They are Senators.

A Senator is basically Bill O’Reilly without an audience, power, and a $20-million a year paycheck.

Historically, they make lousy executives because they spend their days and nights bloviating and fundraising but not doing anything of real substance.  It doesn’t matter whether or not you say the right things.  A self-professed conservative who has no experience or skill is just as dangerous in the White House as a socialist like Obama.

If Ted Cruz really wants to be President, he should go back home to Texas, run for Governor, serve eight years, and then come back and tell us that he now has the experience to be President because he has actually run one of the most populous states in the nation.

The same holds true for Paul and Rubio.

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‘Deal killer’: Why some conservatives won’t support Ben Carson for president || Michael Dorstewitz


Dr. Benjamin Carson’s rip-roaring speech Saturday had the Conservative Political Action Conference attendees all fired up — everyone except The Blaze’s Dana Loesch, who said Carson’s support for gun control is a deal killer for her.

Carson has been a darling of the right ever since his address at the National Prayer Breakfast last year, when he repeatedly attacked the president’s policies, with Obama seated less than 10 feet away.

Carson’s CPAC speech revived the same excitement, and elicited thoughts of a presidential run. Many took to Twitter using the hashtag #RunBenRun. Here are a few examples, the first from Independent Journal’s Kira Davis:

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John Bolton for President? || by Donald Hank

John Bolton has some conservatives fired up. But don’t be fooled – he’s just another in a long line of neocon hawks.


Some Americans are stirred up over John Bolton’s speech at CPAC, which is linked to in enthusiastic viral emails. I’m sure you’ve seen it by now. The fact is, though, that Bolton is just another GOP shill who knows how to throw conservatives a bone or two but sidesteps the meaty issues.

Here is some of what Bolton ignores because he thinks we’re stupid:

Assad. Like McCain, another hawk, Bolton wants him out. Yet Assad is the last pro-Christian leader in the ME and would certainly be replaced by an Islamist. That what you want, John? Today’s Iraq is in chaos, John. You agreed to the Bush policies that caused this, John. Should we applaud now?

Putin. Presides over a country with a debt amounting to only 8.4 percent of GDP, vs America’s over 100 percent. There is zero welfare in Russia. Since people there don’t get paid to stay in bed, they work. Is Putin really a socialist as you suggest? We have 100 million people on wealth redistribution. The country that invented that concept has none. They learned their lesson. We are about to. Nothing you said on stage suggests you will do anything about this, John.

China. Bolton focuses on their military might and suggests we must outmilitarize them. True enough but too late. We’re broke. Your party agreed to raise the debt ceiling umpteen times, John.

But while Bolton praises the Republican Teddy Roosevelt for his manliness, he seems to have forgotten that it was Nixon and Kissinger who rammed Most Favored Nation status for China down our throats. The Dems didn’t want it and they fought it. Republicans built up China’s military. But Republicans are the good guys, right, John? We can get out of this crisis by voting Republican, just like a drunk can fight a hangover with a shot of whiskey. Or maybe a whole bottle would be better.