US Militia Launch ‘Operation Border Closure’ to Defend the Border || Courtesy of Conservative Tribune

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As tens of thousands of illegal immigrants continue to flood America’s southern border, states along that border have been forced take corrective action where the Obama administration refuses to do so.

Arizona is considering a lawsuit against the federal government in an attempt to force border security by those responsible for it, whereas Texas has taken more direct measures by deploying armed agents to key areas as part of the announced “Texas Border Surge.”

Thus far, those efforts have been insufficient to reverse a situation that seems to be spinning out of control. Both American civilians and Border Patrol agents have found themselves in danger not only from illegal immigrants and violent cartels, but now also from the Mexican military as well.

Now civilian militia groups are providing additional manpower in the form of hundreds of members who are attempting to mitigate the humanitarian and security crisis by sealing at least part of the nation’s border with Mexico.

The actual text of the “Action Alert” issued to militia groups, as reported by Breitbart:

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