Former CIA Director ‘Only the IDF Can Stop Iran’ || Courtesy: Israel Video Network


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Former CIA Director James Woolsey addressed the a nuclear Iran, saying that the acquisition of nuclear weapons by the Islamic Republic would change the entire political situation in the Middle East “for the worst”. But he had little faith in the ability of the Obama administration to solve the issue, given the lack of resolve in Washington to keep a convincing military option on the table. “It would excellent if we had a President who was willing to take firm stand and put that kind of fear in the hearts of the mullahs in Iran. But we don’t, and therefore there is only one military force in the Middle East that’s capable of keeping Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, and that’s the IDF.” He cautioned that he did not see it as “the IDF’s job” to prevent a nuclear Iran, and that the US had the capability to do so itself. However at the moment he claimed “the chance of Obama doing that is virtually zero.


Source: Arutz Sheva

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