Hizb’Allah is Getting Ready for the Big Bang || By Mordechai Kedar

hizballah-guys  There are two main reasons for the smuggling of strategic weapons to Lebanon: One relates to Iran, Saudi Arabia and Israel, and the other relates to al-Qaeda and the Salafi jihadist organizations, both of which are parts of the “big bang” that Hizb’Allah is preparing for.

According to sources abroad, Israel attacked Hizb’Allah targets again this week, in the area of the border between Syria and Lebanon. It is widely surmised that the target of the attack was a convoy of heavy vehicles carrying Scud missiles from Syria to Lebanon. These are long range, accurate missiles with the ability to carry a large warhead.

This action is the implementation of Israel’s public declaration repeated time and again, that she will not allow the Lebanese terror organization to get its hands on weapons of mass destruction or strategic weapons that would change the balance of power, meaning missiles that are over a specific weight, range or accuracy.

Hizb’Allah spokesmen claim that the attack was in the area of Syria. This may be true, but then again it may not, because if the attack was outside of Lebanon Hizb’Allah would be less obligated to respond. The organization – which represents itself as defending Lebanon from Zionist attacks – would have had to respond if it was admitted that the attack was inside Lebanon.

Hizb’Allah has another reason to say that the attack was inside of Syria: This might provoke the Syrian army to respond to Israel, contrary to previous incidences when Bashar Asad restrained himself issuing the empty statement that “Syria will respond in the suitable time and place”. However, the Syrian army is engaged at the moment with an existential war, and has no desire or intention to enter into a conflict with Israel during this historic, fateful phase.

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Obama offers $1B loan to Jordan for refugees: It’s important to be ‘supportive of the kingdom’ || By Ben Wolfgang | courtesy of Milinet



President Obama announced late Friday night that the U.S. will provide a $1 billion loan guarantee to Jordan, money meant to help the nation deal with the flood of refugees that have crossed over from Syria to escape a bloody civil war.

Mr. Obama made the announcement during a bilateral meeting with Jordan’s King Abdullah II at a private retreat in Rancho Mirage, Calif. The president also said he intends to renew a five-year memorandum of understanding with Jordan, worth about $360 million in direct economic support and another $300 million in military financing, according to the White House

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Palestinian Arab Truthteller Reveals: Israel is Paradise for the Arabs, Jordan is the True Apartheid State! | By admin


kerry peace israel suicide

Wow! What an interview. The mainstream media will never air these truths!


Here are some key quotes:
“Palestinian Arabs have more rights in Israeli jails than Palestinian Arabs who are Jordanian citizens!”

“Israel is paradise for the Palestinian Arabs. Jordan is the true apartheid state!”

“The Kerry peace plan is suicide for Israel!”

“Palestinian Arabs are 80% of the Jordanian population, the USA shouldn’t be giving Jordan $55 Billion to Jordan for Palestinian Arab refugees, they are already citizens of Jordan!”

This is must see interview that you MUST watch!

It is up to all of us to SPREAD this video far and wide. Forward it on to your Congressman, Senators and local journalists!!! The truth must be heard, not from an Israeli, not even from a Jew, but from a Palestinian Arab leader who knows everything!!!

Click here to watch it now.

After watching the video share it with everyone you can and please make sure to send it to your Congressman, Senators and local journalists!

Thank you for helping us spread the truth about Israel!

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