House balks at slashing pay and benefits || By Travis J. Tritten


WASHINGTON — House lawmakers on Wednesday crafting their version of the 2015 defense bill rejected proposed cuts to commissary, housing and medical benefits that the Department of Defense argued in March are key savings, needed to balance its shrinking budget.

Members of the House did not take up a proposed 1 percent military pay cap, but instead left that issue to the Senate, which is slated to open its debate on the defense bill and the proposed pay cap Tuesday.

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Commentary by Jeffrey Hardin

We are soaking Islamic Countries our Enemies and these illegal border jumpers and their illegal children with billions upon billions of tax payers hard earned money, yet this Rand Paul Confirmed Secretary of the State Chuck Hagel demands more Military Pay and Benefit cuts!?~

Why not cut the damn Senate and House members pay and benefits, what have they actually done other than putting us deeper into debt and oppressing and suffering this Nations citizens whilst empowering and enriching themselves and their families!

You members of this rogue government and this dishonorable President should all be disgusted with yourselves, shame on you!

Shame on all of you!