The Best Take Down of the Media Bias Yet! || Courtesy: Israel Video Network

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“Open your eyes my friends” says Lisa Daftari on Fox News. The world ignores true massacres in Moslem states such as Syria and Nigeria and chooses to focus on Israel defending itself.
Why do this nations choose to be blind? Do they realize that Israel is the only country doing it’s best not to hurt enemy civilians as they’re placed in precarious postions to defend the terrorist organizaition, Hamas.

Too many young Israeli soldiers have been killed simply because they have not been allowed to fight strategically and wisely for fear of killing civilians in hostile Gaza. Mothers of these young Isreli soldiers have started a grassroots movement to tell the Israeli government, “The lives of our sons need to be defended before we worry about enemy civiians. Please allow them to fight as they should. The Hamas put us all in this horrible predicament. We want our sons to come home alive, not killed by a Hamas war strategy. ” What country would not provide that for it’s boys putting their lives on the line for their People?

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CNN’s “Chicagoland” Charade || Roger Aronoff

It was recently revealed by the Chicago Tribune that CNN coordinated a series it aired called “Chicagoland” with Mayor Rahm Emanuel. The purpose was to make him look good, no question about it. This is not journalism, and heads should roll at CNN for this political hackery on behalf of a political hack.

Fox News’ Media Buzz covered it briefly at the end of last Sunday’s show, but this is an egregious violation for a news network, and deserves much greater scrutiny. Clearly, CNN was helping to advance Emanuel’s political ambitions, while presenting it as “non-scripted” programming

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Lawmakers Demand Kerry Resign After ‘Apartheid’ Remark || Courtesy; Israel Video Network

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Kerry must resign

Click here to watch: Lawmakers Demand Kerry Resign After ‘Apartheid’ Remark

Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) demanded on the Senate floor Monday that Secretary of State John Kerry resign from his post following highly controversial remarks about the state of Israel. Kerry came under fire from lawmakers and a variety of pro-Israel organizations after he told world leaders in a closed door meeting that Israel risks becoming “an apartheid state” if it fails to reach peace with the Palestinians. Israel cut off peace talks late last week after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas formed a unity government with the terror group Hamas, which announced that it would not renounce violence or recognize Israel’s right to exist. Cruz said in a speech on the Senate floor that Kerry should immediately offer his resignation to President Barack Obama. “John Kerry should offer President Obama his resignation and the president should accept it,” Cruz said. Cruz said that Kerry’s comments brought him “great sadness.” “There is no place for this word in the context of the state of Israel,” Cruz said. “The term ‘apartheid,’ means ‘apart, different, isolated.’ The state of the victims of apartheid with which the Jews are tragically all too familiar.” Cruz said that Israel has nothing in common with apartheid South Africa. The notion that Israel would go down that path and so face the same condemnation that faced South Africa is unconscionable,” he said. “The United States should be aggressively asserting that Israel can never be made an apartheid nation while America exists and stands beside her. Because America will be with Israel regardless of the status of the diplomatic process.” The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the nation’s leading pro-Israel lobbying outfit, also condemned Kerry, referring to his comments as “inappropriate” and disturbing.

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U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s comments that Israel will become an “apartheid state” if a peace agreement is not reached with the Palestinian Authority (PA) have been met with outrage, and his spokeswoman had trouble explaining them on Monday. The Washington Free Beacon noted that State Department spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, stumbled when asked to acknowledge the offensiveness of Kerry’s remarks. All Psaki could come up with to justify the statement was that it was part of Kerry’s support for the “two-state solution” and that “many officials have used similar phrases”.

Source: The Washington Free Beacon

holocaust israel siren

At 10am yesterday, all of Israel paused. See this very special moment here.

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Exclusive: an interview with investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson

The Matrix Revealed

Jon Rappoport's Blog

Exclusive: An interview with investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson

by Jon Rappoport

April 25, 2014

Before her recent resignation from CBS, Sharyl Attkisson was a mainstream news star. Multiple Emmys. CNN anchor, CBS anchor on stories about space exploration. Host of CBS’ News Up to the Minute. PBS host for Health Week. Investigative reporter for CBS.

Attkisson dug deep into Fast&Furious, Benghazi, and the ill-effects of vaccines. Too deep. Her bosses shut her down and didn’t air key stories.

She now has her own website, She is writing a book, Stonewalled: My Fight for the Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation and Harassment in Obama’s Washington.

It’s not every day that a major mainstream journalist leaves the fold and then seeks to expose the corruption that impinged on her work.

She agreed to do an email interview. Some of the questions I sent went to the…

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Snowden’s Hypocritical Show || by Max Boot

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Imagine a prominent foe of Vladimir Putin—someone who had been forced to flee Russia for fear of a jail sentence—appearing via video hookup from abroad to address a large audience in St. Petersburg to deliver withering criticisms of Putin’s attacks on civil liberties. Imagine, moreover, this personage receiving raucous applause from the Russian audience.

Hard to imagine, no? Precisely because there are no civil liberties in Russia, such a spectacle would be unlikely to occur, and if it did, everyone involved would face the danger of jail time.

Yet Edward Snowden has no problem speaking from an undisclosed location in Russian to address the South by Southwest Festival in Austin—and receiving a standing ovation from the audience and softball questions from his ACLU questioners on stage. What’s wrong with this picture?

No one apparently asked Snowden about the obvious hypocrisy involved of defending Internet freedom—with a copy of the Constitution superimposed behind him—even as he enjoys the hospitality of a despot who tramples on every freedom the Founding Fathers held dear. Instead the audience seemed to treat Snowden as if he were just another libertarian professor or writer—rather than one of the most damaging traitors in our country’s long history.

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Netanyahu Slams International ‘Hypocrisy’ Over Iran Arms Ship || Courtesy: Israel Video Network

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Click here to watch: Netanyahu Slams International ‘Hypocrisy’ Over Iran Arms Ship

Speaking to the press at Eilat port, in view of the ship’s deadly cargo, Prime Minister Netanyahu noted – in both Hebrew and English – that the assorted rockets, mortars and other munitions were meant “for fatal purposes against Israel to hurt Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and even Haifa”. “The goal was to have rained down on the heads of Israel’s citizens,” he said. “We are revealing the truth behind the deceiving smiles of Iran, to expose the delusion that Iran is changing direction,” he continued. Netanyahu noted that the international community’s decision to downplay the IDF’s find is “evidence of the era of hypocrisy in which we are living.” “The international community wants to ignore Iran’s ongoing aggression and its part in the execution of the massacre in Syria,” the Prime Minister fired. “They want to delude themselves that Iran has abandoned its intention to obtain nuclear weapons.” “Just as Iran hid its deadly missiles in the belly of this ship, Iran is hiding its actions and its intentions in many of its key installations for developing nuclear weapons,” he said. “My message today is simple: those engaged in self-deception must waken from their slumber, we cannot allow Iran to continue building nuclear weapons. Today, Israel exposed Iran’s attempts against its people,” he continued, “Tomorrow, the whole world could be involved.”


Israel is displaying the weapons cache from the Iranian shipment to Gaza on Monday, in a bid to show the international community the ‘true face’ behind the Islamic Republic. The IDF spokesperson’s office announced Sunday that the Klos C ship, which docked in Eilat over the weekend, has been unloaded and all the contents examined. The list includes: 40 M-302 rockets, with a range of 90 to 160 km; 181 mortar shells, 122 mm caliber; about 400,000 bullets, 7.62 caliber – which are usually used in Kalashnikov-type assault rifles. The IDF conducted the raid in the Red Sea Wednesday, between the waters of Sudan and Eritrea. The ship, which flew a Panamanian flag, carried weapons which were made in Syria under Iran’s directives and were being taken to Sudan. From there, they would be then taken to the Sinai Peninsula and smuggled to Gaza through the underground tunnels.

Source: Arutz Sheva


Click here to watch: The Video OBAMA Didn’t Want To Get Out…

He’s not going to be happy you saw this… but YOU sure will be!

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Thursday Night Update: How Ezra’s lawfare trial is going || by Ezra Levant



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Today I took the stand in the lawfare trial being waged against me.

All week the court had been listening to Khurrum Awan, the plaintiff. But by the afternoon today, it was my turn to tell my side of the story. I’m back at it tomorrow morning.

I don’t want to give away tomorrow’s testimony here, but I can tell you that I’m going to talk about freedom.

Freedom of speech and freedom of the press – that is, the right to say things that I honestly feel, to critically examine ideas, including the idea of radical Islam.

Freedom of religion, too – including the separation of mosque and state. The activist who is suing me was the youth president of the Canadian Islamic Congress, an organization that campaigns for sharia law. I have the right to oppose that, and not live under it.

I have the right to speak out against bigotry and anti-Semitism – such as the Canadian Islamic Congress’s public support for terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah.

And I have the right to criticize Canada’s human rights commissions themselves, with their counterfeit “right not to be offended”. In fact it’s my duty to criticize them – as a citizen and a lawyer myself, I have an obligation to fight for the reform of our justice system where I see that it’s broken. And our human rights commissions are deeply broken – probably beyond repair.

Khurrum Awan was an active participant in one of the most disgraceful human rights commission kangaroo courts in Canadian history – a five-day prosecution of Maclean’s magazine, back in 2008, for publishing an essay about radical Islam by Mark Steyn.

There’s a pattern here. Awan likes to attack those he disagrees with. Here’s what he he was reported to have said after the Steyn hearing: “we attained our strategic objective — to increase the cost of publishing anti-Islamic material.”

That’s outrageous. That’s lawfare. And that’s what they’re doing to me this week.

And as a Canadian, I have the right to criticize radical Islam, and its proponents, in a manner that I see fit. I can be serious or funny; I can be calm or I can be passionate. I can be polite. Or I can be rude. It’s called freedom of speech.

If you don’t like what I have to say, don’t listen to me. Buy another newspaper or turn the channel on TV. But in Canada, we don’t censor people for political or religious reasons. We don’t have blasphemy trials for people who criticize radical Islam. We don’t live under sharia law, despite the Canadian Islamic Congress’s best efforts.

I’ll be on the witness stand again tomorrow, starting at 10 a.m. If you’re in Toronto, please feel free to attend at the court house at 393 University Avenue, in room 808. Closing arguments are expected on Monday.

Here’s a short video I recorded yesterday, talking about how much I appreciate my in-person visitors.

This trial is enormously expensive for me. Not only do I have to take time off work, but of course my main expense is paying a lawyer – not just for his time in the court itself, but for all the preparations, too. There are literally thousands of pages of documents to review.

See, that’s why it’s called lawfare: illiberal activists using our own laws as weapons of war, to punish defenders of liberty.

That’s why I’m so grateful to you for your support. If you know of anyone else who might be able to contribute, please forward this letter to them.

They can learn all about the case – both my side of the story, and Awan’s – at And they can make a secure and confidential donation by clicking on the PayPal button on that site.

I’m fighting for my own freedom this week. But it’s not just me. If I lose – if Khurrum Awan, the man who tried to censor Mark Steyn wins – it will set a terrible precedent for the whole country.

Everyone – journalists, politicians, and of course every Canadian citizen – will be afraid to speak out against the likes of the Canadian Islamic Congress. It’s already tough enough with political correctness.

If it becomes against the law to call members of such a group “anti-Semitic” (that’s one of the things I’m being sued for), imagine how much more that would chill free speech.

Thanks for your support. Wish me luck!
Yours truly,

Ezra Levant

P.S. I’m so grateful for your contribution. Please forward this e-mail to as many people as you can, and tell them about

P.P.S. If you prefer to send a cheque, please make it payable to “Chitiz Pathak LLP in Trust” and write “Ezra Levant defence fund” in the memo line. Please mail it to:

Chitiz Pathak
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