IDF Blows Up Home of Terrorist Murderer || Courtesy; Israel Video Network

IDF Blows Up Home of Terrorist Murderer

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Netanyahu’s Steady Hand || by Daniel Pipes


Israel’s Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu gave an important speech worthy of discussion when he addressed the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv on June 29. The following excerpts are from the official translation on the prime minister’s office website:

An historic change is taking place in our region, with major repercussions for Israel’s security and the security of the entire world. The Sykes-Picot agreement which, almost a century ago, defined the borders in our region, has come to an end. … we are now looking at many years of conflict and instability.


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‘Sickening’ anti-Semitic Attack on Manchester Cemetery || Courtesy; Israel Video Network

‘Sickening’ anti-Semitic Attack on Manchester Cemetery


Israel Mourns: Bodies of Kidnapped Teens Found Near Hevron || Courtesy: Israel Video Network

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Israel Mourns as Bodies of Kidnapped Teens Found Near Hevron

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boys found

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Israel circumvents Obama administration, develops own upgrade of AH-64 Apache || Special to

WASHINGTON — Israel, blocked by the United States, has developed an indigenous upgrade of the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter.

A leading industry newsletter said Israel’s military oversaw the modernization of the Apache, produced by the U.S. firm Boeing.

Israeli AH-64A Apache

Defense Industry Daily asserted that Israel installed electronic warfare, advanced avionics and self-protection systems on the Apache fleet of the Israel Air Force.

“On the other hand, the type’s consistent usefulness has led Israel to make extensive improvements of their own, to the point where Israel has effectively created their own improved AH-64A configuration,” DID said.





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US Weighing Release of Pollard to Save Peace Talks || by Jewish Press News Briefs


According to a report on Israel Radio, the US is weighing the release of Jonathan Pollard in order to prevent Kerry’s peace talks from collapsing.

As reported last week, according to statements from senior officials within the Palestinian Authority, the PA is only continuing with peace talks in order to free more terrorists from Israeli jails.

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Israel Breaking News Video: Arab Hackers Threaten Cyberattack on Israel April 7

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arabhackers april7th

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An Arab branch of the international hackers’ movement Anonymous is threatening to mount a large scale cyberattack on Israeli government websites on April 7. A similar attack took place last year on April 7. Israeli government web sites came under heavy attack on that day, but the hackers failed to bring down any Israeli sites, the Foreign Ministry said on April 7, 2013. A Ministry spokesperson said that users had been unable to access its site for several seconds Sunday afternoon. The situation was corrected, and all Israeli government sites were running as usual. According to the Ministry, Israeli experts had successfully fought back the attacks, with the cooperation of internet service providers. The hackers’ group claimed at the time that 9,000 Israeli Facebook accounts were hacked, and that personal details of students from Haifa University were compromised, as were hundreds of passwords to Israeli email accounts. However, terrorism commentator Yoni Alpher said that the damage to government and security-related websites had been minor: sites were slowed down or hacked for short periods of time, he explained, and the data that was compromised had not been significant.


One of the primary targets of the attack was Larger than Life, an NGO for children with cancer. “The website of Larger than Life has been under attack from pro-Palestinian hackers for a week,” Larger than Life wrote on its Facebook page several days after the attack began, “and every day they take down our site and plant different content – flags, a skull, symbols and all sorts of hate-related things.” “It is too bad that this is happening, of all places, to a website for an organization whose purpose is one of love, and assistance to every cancer stricken child under treatment in Israel, without differentiating on the basis of religion, race or nationality.”

Source: Arutz Sheva


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A true miracle!

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