Syria: “They toasted people in ovens. The situation was terrible – with killing, atrocities, and fear… || by sheikyer mami

Syria: “They toasted people in ovens. The situation was terrible – with killing, atrocities, and fear…”


Over 700 Syrians Were Killed Last Week. But Jews Didn’t Do it, So the Media Doesn’t Care

“More than 700 people killed in Syria on Thursday and Friday, in the bloodiest two days of the conflict until now. A woman was executed for adultery in Raqqa. None of the above were killed by Jews, however. This presumably explains the total lack of interest by the western media, (and of course by the Islamist/far-left crowd who have been attacking synagogues and so on in Europe in recent days.)”…See More


Egypt court recommends death sentence for Brotherhood leader, 682 supporters || By Yasmine Saleh

Relatives and families of Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters of ousted President Mursi react in front of the court in Minya
Relatives and families of Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters of ousted President Mohamed Mursi react in front of the court in Minya, south of Cairo, after hearing the sentence handed to Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie and other Brotherhood supporters April 28, 2014.

(Reuters) – An Egyptian court sentenced the leader of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood and 682 supporters to death on Monday, intensifying a crackdown on the movement that could trigger protests and political violence ahead of an election next month.

In another case signaling growing intolerance of dissent by military-backed authorities, a pro-democracy movement that helped ignite the uprising that toppled autocrat Hosni Mubarak in 2011 was banned by court order, judicial sources said.

The death sentence passed on Mohamed Badie, the Brotherhood’s general guide, will infuriate members of the group which has been the target of raids, arrests and bans since the army forced President Mohamed Mursi from power in July.

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Jihadist ideologues call on Zawahiri to detail problems with former al Qaeda affiliate || By Thomas Joscelyn

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A group of jihadist ideologues, including a sharia official in the Al Nusrah Front, have called on Ayman al Zawahiri to address the specific problems that the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) has caused inside Syria.

The message, which was obtained by The Long War Journal, is being disseminated on Twitter. A photo of Zawahiri next to a sealed envelope, shown above, as well as a hashtag are accompanying the message. Oren Adaki, a research associate and Arabic language specialist at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, has provided a translation of the missive.

The ideologues argue that the infighting has led the jihad in Syria astray.

529 Steps Back: Egyptian Death Sentences Reveal Deep Societal Rift || By Ralf Hoppe and Daniel Steinvorth


TOPSHOTS-EGYPT-POLITICS-UNREST-TRIALOver 500 members of the Muslim Brotherhood were sentenced to death last week in the small Egyptian city of Minya. But what really happened? A visit to the town reveals the vast divide in Egyptian society.

It is 10 p.m. Both windows in lawyer Hussein Ali Tamam’s office, located on the first floor of a building on Saa Square, are open. A warm evening breeze is ruffling the papers on his desk, where Tamam is sitting behind a pile of books and file folders. Tamam, a gangly 46-year-old, is considered to be one of the most experienced defense attorneys in Minya, a town on the Nile River in Egypt. But he looks stressed as he alternately reads, writes and smokes. Mostly, though, he is trying to calm himself down. He just suffered the largest defeat of his life.

Tamam heads up a team of attorneys that represented around 100 of the 529 defendants in the “Minya trial.” Last week, every single one of them was sentenced to death, a collective penalty handed down after just one-and-a-half days. It is an Egyptian record.

Among those sentenced, several lawyers have said independently of one-another, were at least four minors who, according to Egyptian law, should have been tried in separate proceedings. It is also said that three dead men were among those sentenced to death.

Tamam points to a pile of papers that is at least 15 centimeters (6 inches) high. “That there is a quarter of the indictment. It is 3,500 pages in total, 14,000 appendices in four parcels. And do you know when exactly I was given these parcels? A quarter of an hour before the trial started. I ask you: What is happening in this country right now?”

He removes his black eyeglasses and rubs his eyes. “I will work through the night tonight and tomorrow morning I will meet with my colleagues,” he says. “We need to find a new strategy.”


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Ahrar-ul-Hind suicide assault team attacks courthouse in Islamabad || By Bill Roggio

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The newly formed Ahrar-ul-Hind claimed credit for a suicide assault today at a courthouse that killed a judge and 10 other people in Pakistan’s capital of Islamabad. The attack took place after both the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan and the Pakistani government announced over the weekend that they would suspend attacks against each other.

Two Ahrar-ul-Hind suicide bombers armed with weapons and hand grenades attacked the court, and killed judge Rafaqat Awan, a female lawyer, and nine others. Thirty more people were wounded in the assault, which may have been designed to free a prisoner who was brought to court to face trial.


Syria’s military and Hizbullah forces kill 175 rebels in ambush || Posted by


NICOSIA — The Syrian military has reported a major victory over Islamist
rebels. The regime of President Bashar Assad said the Syrian Army killed
at least 175 rebels in an attack south of Damascus on Feb. 26.
Syrian soldiers inspect the bodies of opposition
fighters in the eastern Ghouta area of Damascus
on Feb. 26. /SANA

A government statement, confirmed by the opposition, said the Army ambushed a rebel force, which included foreign fighters, near Lake Oteibah.

“Upon intelligence information, a unit of the Army killed members of an armed terrorist group, among them of Saudi, Qatari and Chechen nationalities, in the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus countryside,” the official Syrian news agency, Sana, said.

On Feb. 26, Sana quoted an unidentified Army commander as saying that the rebels stemmed from Al Qaida’s Nusra Front for the Defense of the Levant as well as Liwa Al Islam. The commander said the rebel force were trying to break out of the military’s siege of Eastern Ghouta, a string of suburbs south of Damascus.

Officials said the rebel force could have sought to link with Islamist fighters trained and equipped by the United States. They said hundreds of fighters were crossing from Jordan to Syria to ease the siege around Damascus. In mid-February, a force of several hundred CIA-trained rebels were reported to have crossed the Jordanian border where they were ambushed by Islamist militias in southern Syria.

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Boko Haram butchers students in attack on Nigerian college || By Bill Roggio


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Boko Haram, the Nigerian terrorist group with ties to al Qaeda groups in Africa, went on yet another rampage in northern Nigeria today. The Islamist terror group attacked a co-ed college in the town of Buni Yadi in Yobe state with the intent of killing as many students as possible. Several witnesses told The Daily Mail that Boko Haram fighters trapped students in buildings, which were set ablaze, and then brutally killed those who attempted to escape:

Garba, who teaches at a secondary school attached to the college, said the attackers first set ablaze the college administrative block, then moved to the hostels, where they locked students in and started firebombing the buildings.

At one hostel, he said: ‘Students were trying to climb out of the windows and they were slaughtered like sheep by the terrorists who slit their throats. Others who ran were gunned down.’

He said students who could not escape were burned alive

The attackers also reportedly hurled explosives into student residential buildings, sprayed gunfire into rooms and hacked a number students to death.

At least 43 people are thought to have been killed during the attack, but that number is expected to rise.