Netanyahu Slams International ‘Hypocrisy’ Over Iran Arms Ship || Courtesy: Israel Video Network

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Speaking to the press at Eilat port, in view of the ship’s deadly cargo, Prime Minister Netanyahu noted – in both Hebrew and English – that the assorted rockets, mortars and other munitions were meant “for fatal purposes against Israel to hurt Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and even Haifa”. “The goal was to have rained down on the heads of Israel’s citizens,” he said. “We are revealing the truth behind the deceiving smiles of Iran, to expose the delusion that Iran is changing direction,” he continued. Netanyahu noted that the international community’s decision to downplay the IDF’s find is “evidence of the era of hypocrisy in which we are living.” “The international community wants to ignore Iran’s ongoing aggression and its part in the execution of the massacre in Syria,” the Prime Minister fired. “They want to delude themselves that Iran has abandoned its intention to obtain nuclear weapons.” “Just as Iran hid its deadly missiles in the belly of this ship, Iran is hiding its actions and its intentions in many of its key installations for developing nuclear weapons,” he said. “My message today is simple: those engaged in self-deception must waken from their slumber, we cannot allow Iran to continue building nuclear weapons. Today, Israel exposed Iran’s attempts against its people,” he continued, “Tomorrow, the whole world could be involved.”


Israel is displaying the weapons cache from the Iranian shipment to Gaza on Monday, in a bid to show the international community the ‘true face’ behind the Islamic Republic. The IDF spokesperson’s office announced Sunday that the Klos C ship, which docked in Eilat over the weekend, has been unloaded and all the contents examined. The list includes: 40 M-302 rockets, with a range of 90 to 160 km; 181 mortar shells, 122 mm caliber; about 400,000 bullets, 7.62 caliber – which are usually used in Kalashnikov-type assault rifles. The IDF conducted the raid in the Red Sea Wednesday, between the waters of Sudan and Eritrea. The ship, which flew a Panamanian flag, carried weapons which were made in Syria under Iran’s directives and were being taken to Sudan. From there, they would be then taken to the Sinai Peninsula and smuggled to Gaza through the underground tunnels.

Source: Arutz Sheva


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Al Qaeda-affiliated groups claim credit for joint attack on Hezbollah || By Thomas Joscelyn


The Abdullah Azzam Brigades and the Al Nusrah Front in Lebanon have claimed joint responsibility for rocket attacks on Hezbollah’s “strongholds.” On March 8, both groups published the same statement claiming credit for the attacks on their respective Twitter feeds.

The six Grad rockets “targeted strongholds of the Party of Iran [Hezbollah] in the Lebanese area of Hermel … in response to the Party of Iran killing our people in Syria and continuing to oppress our people in Lebanon especially our brothers the prisoners,” the statement reads. The statement was first obtained and translated by the SITE Intelligence Group.

The war in Syria has led to a string of attacks against Iranian interests in Lebanon. Hezbollah is backed by the Iranian government and Bashar al Assad’s regime.

The Al Nusrah Front is al Qaeda’s official branch in Syria and has expanded its operations into Lebanon and throughout the Levant. The Abdullah Azzam Brigades was established by terrorists with ties to al Qaeda’s senior leadership, as well as al Qaeda in Iraq.

The two al Qaeda-affiliated groups have launched rocket attacks on Hezbollah positions in Hermel on three occasions since December 2013, according to SITE. Hermel is located close to the Syrian border in the Bekaa Valley, which is dominated by Hezbollah.

On Feb. 19, two suicide bombers from the Abdullah Azzam Brigades attacked the Iranian cultural center in Beirut, killing five people and wounding more than a dozen more. The group issued a statement on March 7 saying that an “error” during the bomb detonations led to the deaths of civilians. The statement showed a clear sensitivity to civilian casualties, stressing that the al Qaeda-linked group’s “war” is with Hezbollah and that “its interests … are legitimate targets.”


Iran Accuses Israel of Faking Ship Raid || By: JTA

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Iran accused Israel of faking a raid on a ship laden with arms bound for the Gaza Strip. “An Iranian ship carrying arms for Gaza. Captured just in time for annual [American Israel Public Affairs Committee] anti-Iran campaign,” Javad Zarif, the Iranian foreign minister, said Thursday on his official Twitter account. “Amazing Coincidence! Or same failed lies.”

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Iran accused Israel of faking a raid on a ship laden with arms bound for the Gaza Strip. “An Iranian ship carrying arms for Gaza. Captured just in time for annual [American Israel Public Affairs Committee] anti-Iran campaign,” Javad Zarif, the Iranian foreign minister, said Thursday on his official Twitter account. “Amazing Coincidence! Or same failed lies.”

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Iran-Hamas Arms Ship Docks in Eilat || Courtesy: Israeli Video Network

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After over a week at sea, our brave soldiers have reached Israel’s shores. They stopped Iran’s weapons shipment and kept Israeli citizens safe from terror. The Gaza-bound Iranian arms vessel Klos-C docked in Eilat on Saturday evening after a three-day voyage from its point of interception by the IDF near Port Sudan. Following the ship’s arrival, the military was slated to carry out further inspections of the weapons on board. Earlier Saturday afternoon, the two Navy boats that seized the Klos-C docked at the military port in Eilat. Early Wednesday morning, the Navy intercepted the cargo hauler, which the IDF said was carrying Syrian-manufactured, long-range missiles destined to be smuggled to terrorists in the Gaza Strip.The ship was found in the Red Sea 1,500 kilometers away from Israel and some 160 kilometers from Port Sudan.


The Klos-C’s 17-member crew was in Israeli custody and was set to undergo further questioning prior to their release within the coming days. “They are on the ship. They will remain with the ship. Given that they have no hand in the arms smuggling, they will continue on their way,” Israeli Admiral Oded Gur-Lavi told Reuters. The weapons found in the ship’s hull, including missiles with a range of 90 kilometers, will be inspected in the coming days and were expected to be displayed to the media on Monday. Missile ships and Navy commandos from the Flotilla 13 unit, backed by the air force, raided the cargo ship sailing under a Panamanian flag, which was carrying Syrian-manufactured M-302 rockets. The rockets originated in Syria, according to Military Intelligence assessments. Iran reportedly flew the rockets from Syria to an Iranian airfield, trucked them to the seaport of Bander Abbas, and shipped them to Iraq, where they were hidden in cement sacks. The ship then set sail for Port Sudan, near the Sudanese-Eritrean border, on a journey that was expected to last some 10 days.

Source: Jerusalem Post

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Netanyahu’s ‘Iran paranoia’ confirmed by missiles seizure || Araminta Wordsworth

Hassan Rouhani

Full Comment’s Araminta Wordsworth brings you a daily round-up of quality punditry from across the globe.  Today: Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean you’re mistaken about your enemies.

That could be the argument of Benjamin Netanyahu. In speech after speech, he’s warned about the threat posed by Iran. The Israeli prime minister never believed it changed its spots, with the election of President Hassan Rouhani, and was ready to be friends with the Jewish state.

The installation of a “moderate” didn’t mean a change in policy, he argued, even while Tehran started negotiations over its nuclear program after years of stonewalling. Israel was still threatened.

Events have proved Netanyahu right. Wednesday, the Israeli Defense Forces found long-range missiles on a vessel in the Red Sea. The  Syrian-manufactured armaments were reportedly destined for Israel’s arch-enemy, Hamas, in the Gaza Strip, with Iran, Iraq and Syria as enablers.

The circuitous route taken by the advanced M-302 surface-to-surface missiles — and the layers of obfuscation — indicate the clandestine nature of the operation. And no one should be surprised by the main players, a coalition of Israel’s enemies on the region.

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Syria’s military and Hizbullah forces kill 175 rebels in ambush || Posted by


NICOSIA — The Syrian military has reported a major victory over Islamist
rebels. The regime of President Bashar Assad said the Syrian Army killed
at least 175 rebels in an attack south of Damascus on Feb. 26.
Syrian soldiers inspect the bodies of opposition
fighters in the eastern Ghouta area of Damascus
on Feb. 26. /SANA

A government statement, confirmed by the opposition, said the Army ambushed a rebel force, which included foreign fighters, near Lake Oteibah.

“Upon intelligence information, a unit of the Army killed members of an armed terrorist group, among them of Saudi, Qatari and Chechen nationalities, in the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus countryside,” the official Syrian news agency, Sana, said.

On Feb. 26, Sana quoted an unidentified Army commander as saying that the rebels stemmed from Al Qaida’s Nusra Front for the Defense of the Levant as well as Liwa Al Islam. The commander said the rebel force were trying to break out of the military’s siege of Eastern Ghouta, a string of suburbs south of Damascus.

Officials said the rebel force could have sought to link with Islamist fighters trained and equipped by the United States. They said hundreds of fighters were crossing from Jordan to Syria to ease the siege around Damascus. In mid-February, a force of several hundred CIA-trained rebels were reported to have crossed the Jordanian border where they were ambushed by Islamist militias in southern Syria.

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Israeli official confirms: IAF hit missile convoy entering Lebanon || By JPOST.COM STAFF, TOVAH LAZAROFF


Anonymous Israeli official tells TIME that IAF jets struck a
missile transport destined for Hezbollah.
IAF A-4, F-16 jets at Hatzerim [file] Photo: Reuters/Amir Cohen


Israeli warplanes struck a convoy transporting surface-to-surface missiles from Syria into Lebanon on Monday in an attempt to prevent Hezbollah from obtaining certain weapons, an anonymous Israeli security official reportedly told TIME Magazine on Tuesday.

On Monday night, Lebanese media reported that IAF jets had hit a Hezbollah target near the Lebanon-Syria border.

Thus far, the Israeli army has refused to comment on the reports.

The unnamed senior security official hinted to TIME that the Lebanese, Shi’ite terrorist organization was capable of carrying warheads heavier and more dangerous than Hezbollah’s reported stockpile currently pointed toward Israel.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has failed to confirm or deny reports that Israel struck targets on the Syria-Lebanon border late Monday night, cryptically stating that Israel does everything in its power to defend its citizens.

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