Uninsured: Obamacare is Unaffordable || By David Catron


A new survey confirms that the “Affordable Care Act” has failed to achieve one of its most important goals — making health coverage accessible to the uninsured. As the Washington Post reports, “Just one in 10 uninsured people who qualify for private health plans through the new marketplace have signed up for one.” Why so few? According to the survey, which was released last Thursday by McKinsey & Company, the most common reason cited by uninsured respondents was lack of affordability. Out of five possible reasons for failing to enroll, most chose, “I could not afford to pay the premium.”

The irony of this is mindboggling. For years, the advocates of Obamacare characterized the uninsured problem as a human tragedy that bankrupted millions and killed tens of thousands. The latter claim was injected into the health reform debate by a notoriously disingenuous study whose authors claimed that lack of health coverage caused the untimely demise 45,000 Americans per year. This “research” was debunked by various health policy experts, but that didn’t stop Democrats from quoting it in Congress to show that Republican opposition to Obamacare was tantamount to genocide.

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Exposed: the Nazi roots of the European Union

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Exposed: the Nazi roots of the European Union

by Jon Rappoport

March 3, 2014


Once upon a time, there was an industrial combine in Nazi Germany called IG Farben. It was the largest chemical/pharmaceutical octopus in the world. It owned companies, and it had favorable business agreements with companies from England to Central America to Japan.

As I mentioned in a recent article, the author of The Devil’s Chemists, Josiah DuBois, traveled to Guatemala in the early days of World War 2, and returned with the comment that, as far as he could tell, Guatemala was “a wholly owned subsidiary of Farben.”

The pharmaceutical empire was and is one of the major forces behind the European Union (EU). It is no accident that these drug corporations wield such power. They aren’t only involved in controlling the medical cartel; they are political planners.

This is how and why Big Pharma…

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