This Middle School Workbook Gets the Second Amendment Wrong… Very Wrong || by Dan Cannon


As I keep saying over and over and over again. The battle to protect the future of our nation’s gun rights isn’t taking place in the legislatures or the courts, it’s taking place in our schools.

We’ve already seen story after story of students being suspended or expelled for wearing Second Amendment clothing, toy guns, or even imaginary guns.

Now we see the next arrow in the anti-gun quiver aimed at our schools – outright lying in education materials. Of course, revisionist history is nothing new in public school education. Selective curriculum setting takes place in nearly every subject at nearly every level. However, it’s rare that it’s this politicized.

According to an image acquired by Illinois Gun Owners, a workbook provided to Illinois students makes some interesting claims about the Second Amendment.

Here is what the book says about the Second Amendment,

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