Pope Francis Will Cause a Second Great Schism And Nothing Appears To Be Standing In His Way

Chastisement 2014

Catholics must learn to resist their popes — even Pope Francis Too many are becoming party apparatchiks By Michael Brendan Dougherty | May 6, 2014

ope Francis has a funny way of naming and shaming certain tendencies in the church, using insults that are inventive, apposite, and confounding. His ear is finely tuned for the way the Catholic faith can be distorted by ideology. And I’d like to imitate his example when I say this: Most Catholics are completely unprepared for a wicked pope. And they may not be prepared for Pope Francis either. They are more loyal to an imagined Catholic party than to the Catholic faith or the church.

Between Pentecost and the launch of Vatican.va, most Catholics did not have access to the day-to-day musings of their pope. The Roman pontiff’s theological speculations have been of almost no interest to Catholics throughout history, and never became so…

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Ahrar-ul-Hind suicide assault team attacks courthouse in Islamabad || By Bill Roggio

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The newly formed Ahrar-ul-Hind claimed credit for a suicide assault today at a courthouse that killed a judge and 10 other people in Pakistan’s capital of Islamabad. The attack took place after both the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan and the Pakistani government announced over the weekend that they would suspend attacks against each other.

Two Ahrar-ul-Hind suicide bombers armed with weapons and hand grenades attacked the court, and killed judge Rafaqat Awan, a female lawyer, and nine others. Thirty more people were wounded in the assault, which may have been designed to free a prisoner who was brought to court to face trial.


Only 1.6 million Arabs in the Middle East have complete political & religious freedoms. All of them live in one Jewish State | courtesy of I’m with Bibi Netanyahu’s Photos

Image taken from I’m With Bibi Netanyahu’s Photos



Commentary By Jeffrey Hardin
Since 1948 to the present 2014 the Arab Muslims have murdered 9,900,000 of their fellow Muslims…

Israel during this same time period, has killed only 35.000 in the heat of battle or in self defense from the over 11.000 rockets that has been fired at her since 2007.

The Muslims to date, have murdered;
80,000,000 Hindus.
10,000,000 Buddhist.
120,000,000 Christians,
270,000,000 Jews….

These stats do not include the Millions of non adherent Muslims or Nonbelievers and gays.

In 2007, Islam and Judaism’s holiest holidays overlapped for 10 days.

The Muslims racked up 397 dead bodies in 94 terror attacks across 10 countries during this time… while the Jewish people worked on their 159th Nobel Prize.

It is also a well documented fact that these Muslims have yet to contribute one beneficial invention or discovery, or cure that would greatly inspire or help their fellow man and woman!

Notta Nothing!

They have however, have discovered and invented many ways to torment, suffer, destroy, torture and kill their fellow man and woman from around the globe!

Israel also practices at their own expense, the much needed humanitarian aid from around the world, caring especially for Arabs, and Arab Muslims who are hell bent on their annihilation…

Never before in the documented history of our world have we ever seen a people who have contributed so much and have been accredited for saving so many #Billions of lives, being so hated and persecuted as the Jews have been and increasingly are today!

May my sweet Father Adonai continue to bless my Zionist & Jewish Brothers and Sisters in Israel and around the globe, and thank you, for all you have sacrificed and given us from yourselves…

I stand with you Israel…Do not give up any more of your lands to these Arabs!

Am Yisrael Chai

Keep Yourselves informed…


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Whitewashing the Islam out of Female Genital Mutilation, |by Robert Spencer



How can the Guardian realistically expect to end this practice if it is afraid to expose the Islamic justifications for it? No, Muslims did not invent female genital mutilation, and are not the only people who practice it. But they are the only group whose theological and legal traditions contain justification for it.

Until that changes, many more women will fall victim to this practice, no matter what the Guardian does.

Muhammad is said to have justified the cutting of women’s genitals: “A woman used to perform circumcision in Medina. The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said to her: Do not cut severely as that is better for a woman and more desirable for a husband.” (Sunan Abu Dawud 41.5251) The problem with this is that the distinction between cutting and cutting severely is subjective.

Some Islamic authorities say that this is a weak hadith. That’s wonderful. I hope they manage to convince every Muslim authority …

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