Pope Francis Will Cause a Second Great Schism And Nothing Appears To Be Standing In His Way

Chastisement 2014

Catholics must learn to resist their popes — even Pope Francis Too many are becoming party apparatchiks By Michael Brendan Dougherty | May 6, 2014

ope Francis has a funny way of naming and shaming certain tendencies in the church, using insults that are inventive, apposite, and confounding. His ear is finely tuned for the way the Catholic faith can be distorted by ideology. And I’d like to imitate his example when I say this: Most Catholics are completely unprepared for a wicked pope. And they may not be prepared for Pope Francis either. They are more loyal to an imagined Catholic party than to the Catholic faith or the church.

Between Pentecost and the launch of Vatican.va, most Catholics did not have access to the day-to-day musings of their pope. The Roman pontiff’s theological speculations have been of almost no interest to Catholics throughout history, and never became so…

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