God’s Not Dead: Hercules and Superman – Not Ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ || by John Kirkwood

God’s Not Dead takes on all comers — the new Atheists, Islam and even Communism. And it does so without a sniveling apology for our existence as believers or for Christ’s exclusive claims.


God’s Not Dead is an alarm for unconverted sinners and a wake-up call for slumbering Christians and that is why it is worth seeing, and seeing more than once. This is the movie for which the mall-churches should be buying out theaters and holding small groups; but you won’t see the world or the worldly church embrace God’s Not Dead because, frankly, it confronts them. 

With only 780 screens the Pure Flix movie God’s Not Dead shocked Hollywood Box Office gurus by pulling in 9.2 million and a fourth place overall finish this past weekend. Raking in just under $12,000 per screen average, God’s Not Dead just may be the most popular top 5 movie that you’ve never heard about. The popularity of the film is being spread as the Gospel should be, by word of mouth from people who have seen it and been authentically touched by it. 

Without the big budget or celebrity splash surrounding Son of God, this collaboration between Pure Flix and Freestyle Releasing has Variety and Entertainment Weekly hailing it as the “Biggest Shocker” and “Biggest Surprise” of the weekend. But this movie is a success for a different reason: It’s not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. On numerous occasions it shares that gospel in a direct and dramatic way.

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Sex-Obsessed Lefty Horrified by ‘Toxic Purity Culture’ || Written by J. Matt Barber


Secular-“progressives” have been working to deconstruct traditional sexual morality for generations. And today – more than at any point in history – they’re having success in spades.


In what amounts to little more than an anti-Christian hit piece on Patrick Henry College – or “God’s Harvard” as the evidently prone-position-prone journo pejoratively pokes –

Ms. McDonough says that it’s time for American women to reject all those biblically imposed “gender complementarian” norms and do away with our “toxic purity culture” once and for all. (Because, just look around. That dang ol’ toxic purity is everywhere.

What America really needs is more debauchery.)

It gets better.


Christianity causes rape, McDonough asserts, warning us that we suffer a “convergence of rape culture (whatever that is) and evangelical culture.” 

Get that? In this woman’s “progressive” mind, when the lady says, “I’m saving myself for marriage,” the bad guy hears, “Come and get it!” Still, Ms. McDonough does have this much right: It can’t be rape if you’re giving it away like peanuts on the plane.

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Sex-Obsessed Lefty Horrified by ‘Toxic Purity Culture’

U.S. “Chose to Stay Silent” on Muslim Persecution of Christians: November 2013 || Victor Davis Hanson | by Raymond Ibrahim | courtesy: Milinet, Mark A McDonald


The endemic rise of Christian persecution in the Middle East was noted in November when Pope Francis declared “We will not resign ourselves to imagining a Middle East without Christians” and stressed the importance of “the universal right to lead a dignified life and freely practice one’s own faith” after he met with patriarchs from Syria, Iran, and Iraq, all countries where Christian minorities are under attack.

On the other hand, powers best placed to do something about the plight of Mideast Christians—namely, the U.S. Obama administration—made it clear that they would do nothing, even when well leveraged to do so.

In November, the wife of American pastor Saeed Abedini, who has been imprisoned in Iran for over a year for practicing Christianity, said she and her family were devastated after learning that the Obama administration did not try to secure the release of her husband as part of the newly signed deal on Iran’s nuclear program.

“The talks over Iran’s nuclear program were seen by his [Abedini’s] family and those representing them as one of the most promising avenues yet for securing his release,” said Fox News. “But the White House confirmed over the weekend that Abedini’s status was not on the table during those talks.”

“I don’t think we have any more leverage,” said Abedini’s wife. “We now have to consider other avenues and having other countries speak out because our country when we could have used our leverage chose to stay silent.”

The rest of November’s roundup of Muslim persecution of Christians around the world includes (but is not limited to) the following accounts, listed by theme and country in alphabetical order, not necessarily according to severity:

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Great Read and loaded with informational facts.

Only 1.6 million Arabs in the Middle East have complete political & religious freedoms. All of them live in one Jewish State | courtesy of I’m with Bibi Netanyahu’s Photos

Image taken from I’m With Bibi Netanyahu’s Photos



Commentary By Jeffrey Hardin
Since 1948 to the present 2014 the Arab Muslims have murdered 9,900,000 of their fellow Muslims…

Israel during this same time period, has killed only 35.000 in the heat of battle or in self defense from the over 11.000 rockets that has been fired at her since 2007.

The Muslims to date, have murdered;
80,000,000 Hindus.
10,000,000 Buddhist.
120,000,000 Christians,
270,000,000 Jews….

These stats do not include the Millions of non adherent Muslims or Nonbelievers and gays.

In 2007, Islam and Judaism’s holiest holidays overlapped for 10 days.

The Muslims racked up 397 dead bodies in 94 terror attacks across 10 countries during this time… while the Jewish people worked on their 159th Nobel Prize.

It is also a well documented fact that these Muslims have yet to contribute one beneficial invention or discovery, or cure that would greatly inspire or help their fellow man and woman!

Notta Nothing!

They have however, have discovered and invented many ways to torment, suffer, destroy, torture and kill their fellow man and woman from around the globe!

Israel also practices at their own expense, the much needed humanitarian aid from around the world, caring especially for Arabs, and Arab Muslims who are hell bent on their annihilation…

Never before in the documented history of our world have we ever seen a people who have contributed so much and have been accredited for saving so many #Billions of lives, being so hated and persecuted as the Jews have been and increasingly are today!

May my sweet Father Adonai continue to bless my Zionist & Jewish Brothers and Sisters in Israel and around the globe, and thank you, for all you have sacrificed and given us from yourselves…

I stand with you Israel…Do not give up any more of your lands to these Arabs!

Am Yisrael Chai

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From: Chaim Ben Pesach


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Soldiers Who were with John Kerry in Vietnam: he’s A traitor (2 new videos)

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Russell Crowe’s ‘Noah’ Film – A Warning For Christians | by Beginning and End | courtesy of Susanne Smith & John W Henry



The Noah movie does not tell the Biblical account of Noah and the Ark.

Updated November 15, 2013

2014 will see a large number of Christian-themed movies hit the big screen and one of the most anticipated of them is Noah, directed by Darren Aronofsky and starring Oscar-winner Russell Crowe. While there will be much hype and excitement for this movie, the early reports indicate that the Noah film will not be in line with the Biblical account of Noah’s ark and the flood, but instead will push a liberal, political message focused on the environmental agenda. Christians and those interested in a Biblical story thus need to be warned to use discernment and not support Hollywood as it exploits the Bible for gain and promotes a film that casts the God of the Bible in a bad light.

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Still Processing |By Vicki H. Moss


Thursday, 13 February 2014

Here on earth, the land of the temporarily alive, we’re all in the process of fighting off change as we age. In the life of the world to come, however, things will be very different.


Last week, I hid the silver. And no, I didn’t bury it in the backyard because the Yankees are coming.

I was in a hair salon undergoing hair color enhancement. Okay, in everyday vernacular, I was trying to become…let’s just say, less granny looking with a dye job. I know that information just lowered your blood pressure because you laughed a good ten minutes. Okay, perhaps you grinned only in the dark recesses of your mind.

And yes, I was only trying to cover up the silver because the hoary head part of me doesn’t yet want to look ancient. Many of us aren’t as lucky as some and tend to begin the graying process early—like fourteen. Finding a silver hair as a young teen was traumatizing. And it’s true that if one silver hair is plucked out, two will grow back to replace it, so later in life I made the executive decision to cover every last one of them before they took over the free world.

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‘Brave German Woman’ Rebukes Islam’s Lie | By Dale Hurd | courtesy of Patrick Henry


SPEYER, Germany — Islam continues to grow in power and influence across Europe. But at a recent concert in Germany, one Christian woman decided to stand up to it.

“The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace” by Welsh composer Karl Jenkins was supposed to be an interfaith event to bring Christianity and Islam together.

But when the Muslim imam began his call to prayer during the concert, he was interrupted by a small woman in the balcony proclaiming that “Jesus Christ alone is Lord of Germany,” and shouting, “I break this curse.”

She also invoked the name of Martin Luther and warned the audience that what was happening was “a lie.”

The video went viral.

Read More Here: http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/world/2014/February/German-Woman-Publicly-Rebuking-Islam-Goes-Viral-/