America’s Treaty Allies: Worth Going to War Over || David Santoro | COURTESY: LtCol Mark A McDonald, USMC (Ret) MILINET



In a recent essay, Justin Logan asks the fundamental question about U.S. alliance commitments: does the existence of such commitments automatically create an interest worth going to war over for the United States?

Explaining that no one in Washington sees any interest in going to war against Russia over the current crisis in Ukraine, Logan wonders whether the United States should contemplate doing so for countries where it has even smaller interests, such as the Baltic states, only because they, unlike Ukraine, are U.S. allies under the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). He argues that Washington would be misguided to waste blood and treasure just to honor what he refers to as a “sheet of paper,” and warns against the danger of forging alliances in places where there is no interest that warrants war.

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The Churchill Bust || by sheikyer mami

This is the first interview Paul Weston gave after his release from jail on a UK speech-crime


Thank you Paul Weston for doing this interview with me this morning and to LGB for providing materials.

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London’s Culture War: Inside the Conflict Between Far-Right EDL and Pro-Islamic Radicals

London’s Culture War: Inside the Conflict Between Far-Right EDL and Pro-Islamic Radicals.

A notorious British protest movement called The English Defense League has declared war on radical Islam, a battle they are taking to the streets in rowdy, often violent protests.

Their founder, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, goes by the alias, “Tommy Robinson.” He claims that his group is not anti-Muslim, but several of his followers have been connected to hate attacks like mosque bombings.


U.K. lawmakers slam lax security in Bastion attack || BY The Associated Press | Courtesy; MILINET



The Fire Support Group of Charlie Company 40 Commando Royal Marines, at FOB Jackson in Afghanistan engage insurgents following contact Patrol Base Paylae. Photographer: LA(Phot) Si Ethell Image 45152919.jpg from (Si Ethell / Crown Copyright)

LONDON — British lawmakers said Wednesday that U.K. commanders’ complacency and inadequate security were partly to blame for the failure to stop a Taliban attack on a U.S-British base in Afghanistan that killed two U.S. Marines.

The House of Commons Defense Committee said more than half the guard towers were unstaffed at the time of the audacious September 2012 assault on Camp Bastion in Helmand province.

The lawmakers said troops on the base — who at the time included Prince Harry, a helicopter pilot — had been exposed to “unnecessary risk.”

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Banned in the British Library || by Daniel Pipes

Prominent counter-jihadis like Geert Wilders, Michael Savage, and Robert Spencer have the distinction of being banned from entry into the United Kingdom – and, now, Her Majesty’s Government, in its wisdom, has also banned two websites connected to me. It’s not quite the same, admittedly, and I am working to get this ban removed, but I also wear it as a perverse badge of honor given that government’s shameful record vis-à-vis Islamism.

Say you’re in the British Library, the national depository library and a government institution, roughly equivalent to the Library of Congress in the United States or the Bibliothèque nationale in France. Say you want to read what David Brog writes about declining Evangelical support for Israel in the latest Middle East Quarterly. You type in and get the following result:


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UK: Muslim woman waved through security at Heathrow Airport without being asked to show her face || Robert Spencer

USA-nun-frisked-by-veiled-muslim-on-airport-300x225  Apparently these passport control officers thought that asking this Muslim woman to show her face would have been “Islamophobic.” The obvious problem, of course, is that the person inside the niqab could have been anyone. We have recently seen men use niqabs and burqas to conceal their identity and commit crimes and to escape from police custody. It’s simple common sense that in any situation where one is required to show identification, one should be required to show one’s face. But this is not an age of common sense. Not by a long shot.

“Woman did not show face at Heathrow Airport,” from Asian Image, February 28:
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Antisemitism Forcing Jews to Leave Across Europe || Courtesy: Israel Video Network

Isreali Video Network I

France2014 antismetism

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Participants in a march against anti-Semitism and other forms of racism in the French city of Toulouse hurled anti-Zionist insults at Jewish fellow demonstrators. Some of the insults were directed at Nicole Yardeni, who heads the local chapter of the CRIF umbrella group of Jewish communities, during the march on Saturday by 2,000 people. The march was organized by a gay group, Arc-en-Ciel, following the spraying of anti-Semitic and anti-gay slogans in several locales last week in Toulouse. At one point, a group of demonstrators started chanting “Yardeni, get lost” and “CRIF, fascists, Zionists, get lost.”
The Jewish participants were “absolutely unprepared for such a reception,” Yardeni told the French news agency AFP. ”Jews are now being chased away from a demonstration against anti-Semitism.” Demonstration organizers said they regretted the chants. “We are deeply disturbed by what happened,” said Noemie Henry, a president of Arc-en-Ciel.


Source: Times of Israel

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