Captured OSCE Observers In Ukraine Are NATO Officers || by Brandon Turbeville


Despite an attempt by Western media outlets to present the recently captured individuals in eastern Ukraine as OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) observers, evidence has now emerged demonstrating yet again that the presentation provided by these outlets is actually quite far from the truth.

Indeed, those men captured by pro-Russian militias in East Ukraine are not OSCE observers at all, but were sent to Ukraine by NATO countries and OSCE member nations under the auspices of the Vienna Document on military transparency. This group included no OSCE monitors whatsoever.

In fact, on April 26 Bloomberg reported the facts on the ground by saying:

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Arnold Hoekstra Speaks: First Canadian To Be Fired For Vaccine Refusal


What Germany Left Behind: The Slow Collapse of North Afghanistan _ Part 1/2 || By Nicola Abé

Six months ago, Germany’s military withdrew from Kunduz in northern Afghanistan. Since then, regional security has eroded and many of those left behind feel abandoned. Even development work seems to have come to a halt.

Captain Faridoon Hakimi is sitting next to an enormous barbecue once used by the Germans to grill sausage, munching on an almond and squinting. There isn’t a cloud in the sky and the midday sun is blazing down onto the former German military camp in Kunduz in northern Afghanistan. Next to him stands a solitary sign in the German language indicating the location of a certain Herr Baumlade’s office.



It has been six months since Hakimi’s friends and allies from Germany left the camp. All of the parking slots for helicopters and armored vehicles are empty. The white blimp, which once held cameras aloft in order to monitor the camp’s immediate surroundings, no longer floats in the sky above.

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Germany, U.S., Spain: Unemployment and Immigration || By Steve Sailer

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Economist Scott Sumner offers some learned macroeconomic theorizing on 

Germany’s mysterious recovery 

Scott Sumner 

In the past 10 years Germany as gone from being the “sick man of Europe” to the star of the eurozone. This partly reflects the strong job creation that preceded the recession, perhaps due to the labor market reforms of 2003.

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Searching for Justice: An SS Soldier and the Massacre in Oradour-sur-Glane || By Beate Lakotta

Ruinen von Oradour-sur-GlaneWerner Christukat, 89, has been indicted for participating in the 1944 massacre perpetrated by the SS in Oradour-sur-Glane. He says he wasn’t directly involved. Seventy years after the fact, there are more questions than answers, and proof is elusive.

“There was this boy,” says Werner Christukat. “He came walking over the hill. A small blond boy with a bicycle and he wanted to go past me and into the village. I can still picture it exactly. I stopped him and wanted to chase him away, but then the junior squad leader came up and started yelling at me…”


The events described by Christukat took place almost 70 years ago, but he has never forgotten them. Yet ever since Nazi hunters paid him a visit last year, he has been combing through his memory for additional images: during the day when he sits in his sunroom in his knitted vest surrounded by pictures of his grandchildren; at night when he wanders sleeplessly through his dark home.

Everything is coming back. “Not a night goes by in which I don’t think of Oradour. In front of me, I can still see the church through the treetops. I hear a bang and then the screaming of women and children. … I can’t get it out of my mind. I felt so dreadfully sorry for them. But the worst is that I couldn’t save the boy.”

In the summer of 1944, Christukat was 19 years old, a machine-gunner with the Waffen-SS and trained to obey orders. He had only just arrived in France a short time before. “My honor is loyalty. A German soldier fights chivalrously,” he says. “I believed that stuff from Adolf Hitler.”

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An SS Soldier and the Massacre in Oradour-sur-Glane

Ivan’s Red Star Station Author || By William Kevin Stoos


“The U.S.S.R. has announced plans to construct a natural gas pipeline from Siberia to West Germany. The pipeline is expected to be operational by 1984.” (November 16, 1981). [William Kevin Stoos, Manchester Union Leader, 1981]

“Europe imports between 30 and 40% of its gas and oil from Russia.”(February 4, 2014)


Wolfgang drove up to
The Sign of the Star
And a smiling attendant
Leaned into his car.
(He wore a Red Star
On his fuzzy brown cap
And a Misha-Bear patch
Over each pocket flap.)


“Fill’er up Comrade?
What will it be?
We welcome your business—
And, as you can see,
Whatever you ask for
Is what you will get,
From “KGB No-Knock,”
Supreme Soviet,”
To “Regular Red Star
Or new “Borsch-ohol,”
We’ll even deliver—
Just give us a call.”


“Ja wohl!” shouted Wolfgang
“What have we to fear?
For clearly it seems
You have no shortage here!”
Soon customers flocked there
From near and afar
To fill up their tanks
At the Sign of the Star—

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Russia Threatens Gas Shortages For Europeans


MOSCOW – Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has warned Ukraine he will cut off the country’s gas supplies if it siphons fuel from export lines. Mr. Putin made the statement in Moscow following a meeting with Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann. His warning carries an implicit threat that Europeans this winter could again face shortages of gas they receive from Russia via pipelines that go through Ukraine.  

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has been discussing energy with European leaders much of this past year. He met with the prime minister of Hungary in May to speed construction of the new South Stream gas pipeline from Russia to Europe, a pipeline that will not transit Ukraine.  


In October, Mr. Putin discussed the project with his Italian counterpart. Following talks on November 2 with the Danish head of government, Mr. Putin issued a sharp warning that Europe should help pay for deliveries of Russian gas to Ukraine.


The Prime Minister says Russia has already paid Ukraine $2.5-billion for transit and urges Europeans to throw in, as he puts it, “a lousy billion”. Mr. Putin bluntly comments, “Why have they become so stingy down there? They have money, too. Let them get something out of their pockets.”


Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko says her country paid Russia $500 million for October’s gas bill. She also alleges President Viktor Yushchenko blocked payments usually made through the Ukrainian National Bank. Mr. Yushchenko, in turn, has criticized Ms. Tymoshenko for negotiating a gas contract that favors Russia. Both are candidates in a January presidential election.

Russian National Energy Security Fund Director Konstantin Simonov agrees with both accusations. He says Ms. Tymoshenko obligated Ukraine to pay for gas it does not use. And Simonov says the Ukrainian president has his eye on the upcoming election.

The analyst says President Yushchenko and those close to him are concerned, above all, with their own re-election. Simonov says for them it is clear their only chance to stay in power is to organize a major disruption, and in that regard, a gas war with Russia is an ideal scenario. 

Meanwhile, Finland and Sweden in early November approved construction of the Nord Stream pipeline in their waters. Nord Stream would also circumvent Ukraine, delivering Russian gas to Northern Europe under the Baltic Sea. But Estonian Defense Minister Jaak Aviksoo accuses Moscow of playing politics.

“The decision to have the Nord Stream as well as South Stream bypassing a number of central Eastern European countries is clearly a political decision,” said Jaak Aviksoo. “And unfortunately these countries not being consulted feel themselves somehow out in the cold.”

European countries are also considering construction of yet another pipeline, Nabucco, which is backed by the United States and would circumvent Russia with supplies of Asian or Middle Eastern gas.

Harvard University’s Marshall Goldman told VOA that Moscow is seeking to prevent such pipeline competition by playing European countries against one another.  

“We will make a special deal with you, we will give you a discounted price, sign up with us and you will be protected,” said Marshall Goldman. “We will not cut you off.’ And this kind of leads to disruption in any kind of united front that might otherwise stand off against the Russians.”

Konstantin Simonov warns that Europe cannot replace the huge volumes pumped by Russia with Nabucco’s relatively small annual capacity of 31 billion cubic meters. He also questions the reliability of Nabucco’s potential suppliers.  

Simonov says he wants to ask Nabucco backers if they have been in Turkmenistan. Have they been in Iran or Egypt? Do they not have any reservations that those countries are much more capable of politicizing the energy dialogue [than Russia]? Simonov says he does not think his country is using gas as a political weapon, but has, instead, a different problem – it wants to make lots of money.

Simonov cautions that Russia should not be allowed to corner the market on Central Asian gas, which already flows through Russian and Ukrainian pipelines to Europe.  

Source:  VOA News


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Support this German Christian family

The SWORD and the SHIELD

Did you know that Home Schooling is illegal in Germany ? Did you know  that there is a German Christian family that chose to home school their children , having left Germany when it appeared the German Government might seize their children  they fled to the United States and requested political asylum here ?  They settled in Morristown, TN in 2008 , when their asylum was granted . But now Eric Holder’s Department of Injustice has appealed that asylum decision and is attempting to deport them back to Germany . Do you know about this ? Here is the family , the Romeikes’ :

and here is their story :

German Family Faces Deportation, Illegal DREAM Immigrants Allowed To Stay

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Merkel: Two-state solution is ‘part and parcel’ of securing Israel’s future || By HERB KEINON


For almost 50 years Germany has worked “shoulder to shoulder” with Israel to secure its future, and “part and parcel” of a secure future is a Jewish state of Israel living alongside a Palestinian state, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Monday.

Merkel, before meeting Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu at his Jerusalem residence, said that her government had been “working assiduously” for a two-state solution and that she herself had been championing the idea.

“We want to see progress,” she said shortly after arriving for a 24-hour visit along with almost her entire cabinet.

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