Al Sharpton: how deep is the con?

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Al Sharpton: how deep does the con go?

By Jon Rappoport

April 8, 2014

Here’s the current breaking Al Sharpton story—From April 7, The Smoking Gun:

The former mob snitch [Sharpton] has become a regular in the White House, where he has met with the 44th president in the East Room, the Roosevelt Room, and the Oval Office. He has also attended Obama Christmas parties, speeches, policy announcements, and even watched a Super Bowl with the First Family…

His [Sharpton’s] former confederates were a decidedly dicier lot: ex-convicts, extortionists, heroin traffickers, and mob henchmen. The man’s [Sharpton’s] surreptitious recordings, FBI records show, aided his government handlers in the successful targeting of powerful Mafia figures with nicknames like Benny Eggs, Chin, Fritzy, Corky, and Baldy Dom…

In fact, by any measure, Sharpton himself was a Mafia ‘associate,’ the law enforcement designation given to mob affiliates who, while…

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