No Fury Like a Conservative Scorned Will the right ever forgive John Roberts? || By Ross Kaminsky


He is “fit only to serve on Stephen Vincent Benet’s hellish jury of American villains.” He “deserves perpetual condemnation and scorn.” He “will never be able to redeem himself.” He is a “worthless, scumbag, leftist.”

And perhaps my favorite: He “just burned down my house, killed my wife & kids & raped my dog….but today, he was walking by, saw my newspaper in the driveway & brought it to me. On that basis, you want me to give him some credit for doing the right thing?!”

Are we talking about President Obama’s good friend and murderous terrorist, Bill Ayers? Are we talking about convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal? Are we talking about Whittaker Chambers?

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