The Southern Cross, Christian Cross & Old Glory Are Not Symbols of Hate…People Are!


This is what happens when we allow revisionist to fabricate historical accounts without correcting them….

This also happens when you allow a small fraction of citizens to reshape history, and demand the destruction of American Historical icons, symbols regardless of the Heritage or Traditional value it has for others while they themselves elevate their own hatred through their dark history as cause for reason.

Its further propagated by allowing these minority groups to use a small fraction of people as an excuse to create a victimhood status that allows them to certain privileges over the majority of their fellow Natives….

This is further inflamed by Politically correct Whites whose lives are so empty that they need validation, a reason to find their self worth in causes that are almost always based on fabricated information or misinformation….

The results of these protest have time and again proven to be even more destructive and harmful than the one they claim to champion against…

What this will lead to is the further destruction of America, Her Traditions, and rich Heritage and the very Patriotic Americans who allowed this will soon find themselves wondering why their Heritage too, is also coming under attack…

When you bow to these types of intimidation, they escalate not deflate.

And when you enable, encourage and support those actions against fellow Americans, you will as a fact find yourself alone with no one to Champion your cause…

Old Glory Is Next, and the traditions she espouses will come under attack, its just a matter of time and that time is rapidly approaching, and I will not say one word in Her defense, as She did not come to ours…

I am a devout Christian, I love my Brothers and Sisters in Christ, red, yeller, black & white…and, in all Gods glory, I am his creation, my character, my being, my beliefs, values and principles have all been built not only in my growth in the body of Christ, but also by my demographics….This is who I am, it is what I cherish most, and I will fight and die defending those beliefs….

Don’t try and tell me they are symbols of hate based on historical revisionist. Will you be able to defend the Christian Cross if they start demanding it be removed because a very small fraction of racist used it also in their religious rituals and, hanged Blacks from them, how can you then defend the Christian Cross and Old Glory, and not the Southern Cross when they were all used in the same manner for the same propagation of HATE by the same very small fraction of racist?

Is the Christian cross a symbol of HATE….Of course its not, but neither was, nor is, the Southern Cross, if you cannot defend it, you certainly are going to be left without a clear defense for both the Christian Cross and the Stars & Stripes when they were wrongly used by the same people….

Our Freedoms should have never been compromised, and yet they were unconstitutionally compromised here in South Carolina…We are not even going to be allowed to vote on this issue…

But instead, they’re going to allow Gov. Interventionist, Gov. Expansionist, Race Hustlers, Politically Correct Whites, Victim Mentalist, Historical Revisionist, Liberal Yankees, and those infected with White Guilt voices to be heard…

We are rapidly losing this Republic and becoming a Democracy where the minority rules the day, what say you then, when they demand you strip down your character because you offend their sensitivity’s?

I guess the Rev Jeremiah Wright was right when he said: “America’s Chickens have come home to roost,” and you Politically Correct fools, have built them the Hen House.


Confederate flag should not be dishonored || Via Susan | Posted by Brock Townsend


Chesterfield Observer

In his letter of Jan. 8 Delwyn Logan states the Confederate battle flag “has become a true banner of evil for millions of Americans.” This is the result of 150 years worth of the propaganda from the victorious, who have deliberately perpetrated this lie in order to cloak their war of invasion and conquest of the Confederate States of America in robes of morality. All of the issues that were wrangled over before the war of the 1860s evaporated into thin air when the Southern states peacefully seceded from the original Union and formed their own confederation.

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The Regime Celebrates its Birthday |By Thomas DiLorenzo | courtesy of Brock Townsend Free North carolina


Posted: 13 Feb 2014 12:04 PM PST

Via Michael

As Clyde Wilson once pointed out, the symbol of America started out as “George Washington on his white horse” but is now “a corporate lawyer/lobbyist in an armchair.”  The latter refers to the Lincoln Memorial, which is not so much the symbol of “America” but of the governmental regime in Washington, D.C.  That is why Lincoln must be idolized, worshipped, and compared to Jesus Christ (“He died on Good Friday and died for America’s sins just as Christ died for the world’s sins” his idolaters and cultists have been saying for generations), and referred to as “Father Abraham.”

Lincoln did not create “a new birth of freedom” but a new birth of mercantilism, crony capitalism, and centralized government monopoly of the sort the American colonists had fought a revolution against.  A real statesman would have followed the British example (and the French, Danes, Dutch, Spanish, and Swedish), and the example of all the Northern states in the U.S., and found a way to end slavery peacefully through some kind of compensated emancipation (See Jim Powell, Greatest Emancipations: How the West Ended Slavery).  Instead, the ending of slavery eventually became associated with a war that, according to the most recent research, resulted in as many as 850,000 deaths (the old death count was 620,000).

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