Antifa & BlackLivesMatter Historical Wrecking & Removal Crews coming to a City Near Y’all.

Y’all know what….Why Not.


Dare Ya, Double Dare Y’all, Triple Dare the #Anitifa and #BlackLivesMatter wrecking crews to remove the statues of these Immortalized Yankee War Heroes…

General William Tecumseh Sherman II

And to my Yankee neighbors, y’all horayed and celebrated the removal & destruction of our Southern Memorials & Plaques by the Fascist #Antifa and #BlackLivesMatter groups, and I’m here to tell y’all the here and now of it, when they have had their fill of us Southerners, and our Southern Culture has been historically removed by them, yours are next, that’s a guarantee and absolute fact, and when they do come for y’alls war memorials and historical monuments, I’m here to telling each and the every one of y’all right here and now, y’all will be standing alone.

General Philip Henry Sheridan II

I won’t be celebrating like y’all had, nor will y’all hear no hoorahs coming from my persons, cause nary a word will fall from my lips in neither approval or disapproval of y’alls destruction, nor will a single tear be shed for y’alls suffering. On account that everyone of y’all who partook in this or sat silent are dead to me, I dare not wish a person of y’all ill, absolutely not, I just simply won’t acknowledge y’alls existence.
Dead is final, Dead is gone. It’s just that simple.


You can’t destroy one culture and not expect the destruction of another, and another, and et cetera et cetera so forth and so on, they will not stop with us Southerners. Especially when y’all are encouraging them on, y’all have left us to our own and we’ll not forget it, not ever…

How about all of this fake and selective outrage y’all.

Robert Byrd III

Fritz Hollings I

Fritz Hollings & Friends

What! No Feminist Outrage, Say It Ain’t So.?
Bill Clinton I

This is pert near self explanatory I’m to thinking?

Vladmir Lenon

You Just Know This Is Off Limits, Betcha Can’t Say Why?

Martin Luther King Jr

And a message to my fellow Conservatives.
The Left’s Fascist britches are surely needful of suspenders is what I’m to thinking, on account their butthurt cracks are showing, and, many of y’all must be diverting your eyeballs, cause I ain’t seeing nigh a one of y’all speaking out against these types of removals and the destruction of our Southern Cultures…


Might just be me though, my sensitivities being abuse as they are and all over this, but I betcha I’m onto something here.


Y’all remember this, and y’all remember this well, while you’re sitting there silent and watching our memorials and monuments getting picked off one at a time, or are partaking in the celebration and encouragement of these reprehensible and dishonorable acts of destruction upon our Nation’s Monuments. When these Anti American Leftist finish us off, and, they eventually will, that’s a given, they will be coming for y’all next, and sadly, all y’all, will as a fact, be standing alone in the same manner you left us…

There it is, done said and told. Got no more in me.

Southern Disposition 101.


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