I Voted and Therefore I May Complain…

The moment I cast my Vote for this President, it gave me the license, the absolute, unconditional right to speak out against anything I felt out of place, especially his policies and or agendas that differed from his campaign promises.
As I keep having to remind most of my friends, I still support our President, and I trust in him, but not so blindly. I am on this train to the end, unless that is, the President does a 180 from his campaign promises and betrays us. If he does that, I’ll do everything in my power to slaughter his chances for reelection in 2020.
As I keep saying, we elected this President and are responsible for everything he does and says. therefore, every one of his actions and the results of them fall squarely upon the shoulders of those of us who voted for him, and I’ll not stand back and silently allow him to get off track and not speak out. Our speaking out is what places our Presidents pointing back in the right direction. Otherwise, we’re no better than the left.
Those of us who voted for this President absolutely own his presidency in the same manner the Obama base owned his, they were and are today, ultimately responsible for the outcomes and consequences his damages caused and the division he created in this nation, his supporters and they alone shoulder and bear the responsibility for his actions and the conservative base for eight torturous years made sure that we held them accountable, just as we will be held accountable if our President elect fails us, and why we must continually speak out to ensure he stays on the right path that we put him on.
Nothing has changed since Obama’s Presidency as far as our moral obligations go, except that we aren’t holding ourselves to the same moral standards and responsibility’s as voters that we held the Obama voters to. What we criticized Obama and his base for eight years, we’re today making allowances and excuses for the President today.
In trying to stay atop of all this mess, I spend many hours doing a lot of research on the issues that we are facing and pouring over policies that are affecting all of us and our families on a daily bases. I often times form my opinions from around the research that I do and take great care to make sure the information I post is accurate to the best of my abilities and knowledge, so if you disagree with me, show me why, debate and engage me with what you yourself have researched and have found, you might change my mind, you might even correct me, but then again, I may have a positive impact upon your thinking as well.
But don’t you ever dare call me a traitor or liar because I disagree with you or this President, I’ll be done with you in a hearts beat and block you myself without notice.
I’ll not tolerate being berated and talked down to like a child by any one of you for speaking out. I fought hard for this President, I invested a lot of time arguing in his defense against the left and those on the right, and I also donated heavily into his campaign from the git go of it, and that gives me every right to speak my piece. And even when I’m being harshly criticized for speaking out, I have continued to treat everyone with the utmost respect and civility….And I expect the same.
That’s the way of it, and you know where all the necessary buttons are to relieve yourselves of me, which would be better you use them than daring to confront and then berate me over any disagreement we might have about this President.
But what really angers me with the most of you, and why I am writing this, is that you dare argue with me for disagreeing and not complying with the President without offering me anything that would contradict my findings, and worse, you don’t bother to follow up on the information I’ve taken the time and liberty to present to you for debate, but instead, you strike boisterously at my opposing views…..and never proffer reasons to explain the rationality behind your insults and attacks.
I’m not a conformist, nor am I one of the pide pipers rats that I would so blindly and happily dance behind like a fool while following his tune. That’s just an insane and irresponsible practice if not suicidal and why we are in this mess to began with.
We watched the Obama voters and supporters do the very same thing for eight long intolerable years and suffered under them greatly, why would we also make this a practice today, when especially we screamed to the high heavens about it, all of us did, and if you didn’t, than you have absolutely no right to confront me or anyone else for that matter, about anything this President does or doesn’t do.  Just find yourself a chair in the far back row and be as quiet as you were when you didn’t vote.
If you think of me as someone who would blindly comply and follow our elected leadership and not speak out, then you have sorely mistaken me for someone else altogether and its best we part our ways, because, I live for speaking the truth of it as I see it, as I feel fit, and are always aware that I am not always right and why I will always welcome an honest dialog and correction with anyone, if and when I am wrong, and, if you are here to correct me, I will expect something of substance that proves me wrong and not just your argument..
Too many of you are demanding the President not be questioned and that we give him our undying blind allegiance and loyalty, that the only way we can show our Patriotism is to remain silent and let him do his job, that he knows and sees things we possibly cannot…If that’s your line of thinking my friends, then there is where our friendship ends.

When Obama’s base demanded that very same blind and unquestionable allegiance, we went after them with a fury, so don’t you dare start expecting any different from me now.


7 thoughts on “I Voted and Therefore I May Complain…

    • Ann Coulter, Paul Watson and many others who were instrumental in the Presidents victory are getting bashed because they have spoken out in concerns over the about face with many of his policies, policies that he was adamantly against during the campaign…
      The name calling doesn’t faze me a bit, but their demanding I remain silent and comply with the Presidents agenda was to much.
      This is always the problem when we have Liberals and moderates cross the isle and I warned about this very thing…Its exactly what ruined the Tea Party’s as well….

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      • Well, answer them like a hard headed stump knocker. WordPress has 1.5 million blogs, I thought they had half a million, but they say 1.5 million, and people land on your site to bust chops. Tell them to find any of the other 1,499,999 blogs to go haunt.

        Jeff, you and the family, have a wonderful Easter, y’hear?

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  1. My sentiments exactly and almost the same words I have used to let people know I am not overjoyed with some things Trump has done or not done.

    I will never follow anyone blindly and I am not blind to the fact his son-in-law and daughter Ivanka are indeed the opposite of why we voted for Trump, they are Democrats and I don’t like them being so close in the WH and advising Trump. Family and the WH don’t mix.

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    • Well said and I absolutely agree….We raised the roof when the Clinton’s placed family in charge, we were angry with the Kennedy’s when they gave family important Washington post, we demanded Reid step down and a host of others…..We have clueless conservatives now praising Ivanka and already wanting her to run in 2020 and she is a Liberal, as are her husband.
      Trump is dangerously shifting to a centrist position and that will absolutely ruin this Nation…
      And as you stated, it won’t mix well at all…..


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