Leave President Bashar al-Assad Alone!

People are forgetting the make up of Syria…..They are Shia Islam, Alawites or Alawis…The Sunnis hate them…………….
We know as a fact that the FSA were never Syrian Freedom fighters, but Sunni Mercenaries from all across the Mideast answering the call of the Arab Spring, they have been controlled by the Sunni Wahhabi since 2012 and the Sunni Wahhabi of course are being controlled by the Saudis…,ironically after the Sunni Wahhabi took control of the FSA during this time period, the sarin gas attacks started on April 29, 2011, not even a year after the Arab Spring started.
The greater majority of Syrians are Shia Islam, Alawites…..
This is why we are seeing the FSA and Sunni Wahhabi indiscriminately slaughtering Syrian civilians. They are Shia.
If the United States takes President Bashar al-Assad from power, the 70 killed in the recent gas attack will look like an episode from Sesame Street in comparison to what the ruthless Sunni Wahhabi does with them, and the Christians will fare no better and perhaps far worse,,,,,,It will be a blood bath.
The Sunni Wahhabi are the ones Assad is fighting, they will also be the ones to fill in the void if he is deposed of, just as they have Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Libya and their temporary hold in Egypt and they have been in the Gaza and West Bank for the past four years infiltrating and recruiting there.
The Palestinians in the West Bank make up but a small number of Arabs, and have a greater concentration of Arabs in the Gaza Strip where Hamas is concentrated… Why there is so much friction therebetween the two factions. The Arabs hate these multicultural mix of Palestinians and that is exactly what they are..
Those Palestinians who are not Arab or of mixed race, are looked down upon by the Arab Muslims, remember what happen to them after Saddam was deposed of and how the Palestinians in Iraq were hunted down and slaughtered liked dogs, they hate the Palestinians and only tolerate the Palestinians because they are killing Jews….
Saddam invited the families of suicide bombers to Iraq with the guarantee they would receive $10,000, a bounty he offered to the family’s who had a son or daughter who became “messengers of death,” he also set the up with modern homes and work…..
After Iraq was attacked and Saddam deposed, the hunt for Palestinians began…They were refused entry by Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Syria and many other Arab country’s trying to reach Palestine because these Arabs hate the Palestinian people, and did not want them in their countries…
If Assad is deposed, the Sunni Wahhabi will start sweeping across Syria’s neighbors taking out their weaker enemies first. They would run over the Palestinians in very quick fashion..
These are the same Sunnis we have seen over and again beheading anyone who is non Islamic and non Sunni, and often are seen eating their enemies hearts and livers, playing soccer with human heads, and impaling infants of mothers who refuse to convert….
People are forgetting, the Shia and Sunnis hate each other and are at war with each other all across the Mideast. Assad has thus far contained them in a small area in Syria. They have concentrated much of their efforts on eliminating Assad.
But if he fails to hold power, the Sunni Wahhabi will take the Gaza and west bank, Lebanon, Jordan and possibly retake Egypt…Jordan wouldn’t stand a chance against them, neither would Lebanon…..
Since the President attacked al-Assad’s air base, the Sunni’s smelling blood in the air have been quickly consolidating their forces against the Syrian President……..
There is no way on this earth the United States could ever hope to contain and control these areas after Assad falls.
This is all about handing over the oil reserves and seaports over the the Saudi’s, something they have wanted since 2009 when they first proposed the oil pipeline to the Syrians, Lebanese, Egyptians, Jordanians, Yemenis and Libyans, and look at where they are today and tell me this is good for America……
We’ll have to place 100s of thousands of American lives on the ground in those areas where our enemies are concentrated, not only would we be protecting our enemies, but would be surrounded by the too……

It concerns me when we make decisions that create results we cannot possible contain… If al-Assad is deposed and the3 Sunni Wahhabi fills in the void left by him, we will be fully committed to protecting Syrias neighbors.

I can already foresee the countless American lives being wasted yet again on Arab soil and all for the benefit of the House of Saud, when especially we are responsible for helping them get rid of their enemies and they have yet to place a single finger on a single trigger for themselves, and that angers me to no end.
I elected this President, I am still supporting him, and I will continue to follow him, but not blindly. I am responsible for his policies, his decisions and his actions just as Obama’s base were responsible for him……That gives me a right to disagree, to be pissed off and to voice my opinion, my vote gave me that right…..

If we become committed to yet another Mideast invasion, that will end my relationship with this President,,,,,,One of the reasons I elected this President was based on his anti-war rhetoric. His “Make America Great Again” -not- elect a Sheriff to police the world………….


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UK doctor who documented Syria “chemical attack” was considered “committed jihadist” by MI6

Excerpt: The White Helmets have attracted criticism for their ties to and funding from Western governments and for operating in areas controlled by militant groups such as the al-Qaeda-linked Jabat al-Nusra, and some say, collaborating with them.Apart from the crowdfunding website run by the Syria Campaign – which reports having raised $11.5 million from more than 191,000 people – most of the White Helmets’ funding has come from foreign and mostly Western governments, including the US, UK, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Japan.

The White Helmets have also received money from USAID’s Office of Transition Initiatives. The programme reportly spent $29 million on assistance to civil defence teams in Syria. ‘To date, Syrian emergency responders have saved over 73,000 lives and emerged as one of the strongest pillars of Syrian society,’ the website stated.

The foreign funding has become a target of critics who accuse the group of being a propaganda tool of the West in a campaign to topple the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

In a widely shared article published on the leftist site Alternet, journalist Max Blumenthal wrote, ‘The White Helmets’ leadership is driven by a pro-interventionist agenda conceived by the Western governments and public relations groups that back them.’

Al-Assad, for his part, has accused the White Helmets of being linked to terrorist groups. The embattled Syrian president told RT, a state-funded Russian television station, “[The] White Helmets are al-Qaeda members and that’s proven on the net. The same members are killing or executing or celebrating over dead bodies, at the same time they are humanitarian heroes, and now they have an Oscar.” The group was also accused of facilitating an al-Nusra execution in 2015, after a video surfaced showing volunteers carrying away a man’s body.

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Syrian Doctor NBC Praised is actually a Jihadist from the UK

‘Intl community still financing & protecting terrorists’ – Mother Agnes on Syria………………

They are the same Intelligence groups we have screamed about for the past 8 years about misleading the American people and funneling weapons to the terrorist. and the same Intelligence group that have supplied sarin gas to the FSA and Sunni Wahhabi factions and the same AMERICAN intelligence groups that are working closely with the Saudis and even possibly the Soros organizations to mislead us, take your pick, they are one and the same …

So why now would you trust the White Helmets giving your President’s Intelligence agencies information…….

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