Why Progressive ‘Christians’ Are Ineffective and Unpersuasive — Loving like Jesus means caring about what He cared about


Jesus didn’t support a welfare state and ObamaCare. Jesus called people to take up their cross and follow Him. And churches then helped the people directly, spiritually and physically, often supernaturally, because they abided in Christ, living holy together.

Jesus didn’t support the government forcefully extracting money from the people to make Big Pharma rich as they drugged up the people with pharmakeia, and performed the most expensive operations possible.

Jesus dealt with the demons that caused the illnesses, and certainly would support eating the proper nutrients to take care of our bodies so we don’t need doctors.

These guys are out to lunch, teaching a different gospel.

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From: The Christian Post

Why Progressive Christians Are Ineffective and Unpersuasive

One of the most fascinating speeches in the Bible happens in Acts 5 with Jewish Pharisee Gamaliel addressing the Sanhedrin. He warns them that if the message being…

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