One Size Fits All Demitasse Thinking Caps with Violins; From the `Crazy Barkin Moonbat Gift Shop.

OK Folks….Limited Time only
For those of y’all who unfortunately have Liberal Friends….

We are now selling sets of Fancy Demitasse Thinking Caps with  Small Violins for those Dazed and Confused Liberal friends who prefer cuddling in their safety zones.

These beautiful hand crafted thinking caps come in a set of four, and are a one size fits all, with a 3 1/4″ diameter head band….Each set of Thinking Caps come with four beautifully detailed Willow & Birch Violins for the most whimsical of Whiners.

We will customize shallower crowns to prevent slippage over the brows for those with smaller heads at no cost…Which have caused our little friends in the past to trip and fall when their thinking caps slipped over their brows, blinding their eyes…

If you purchase within the next 45 minutes we will add a 3oz tube of Uncle Anuses & Auntae Aegina’s Butt Hurt Cream ….

Come On Now Y’all….Treat those little Daisy Babies to a special gift from the” Crazy Barkin Moonbat Gift Shop” y’all hear…

Offer ends January 20 2021 @ 12 noonish…



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