Charlotte’s Arab Fall, AKA – Hillary’s Soros Sponsored Terrorism Approved By Obama!



It appears Hillary is instigating an Arab Fall in America. This is what she and her muzzie friends do best. Stirr up riots and sit back and lie about how entitled they are to destroy. It is time to bring this Soros Clinton terrorism out in the open!

Those who have watched the middle east Arab Spring of democracy have figured out the progressive democratic patterns.  Start out by recruiting those who have a warped vendetta against law and order, coupled with a propaganda ideology.  Be their friend in name only and arm them with the proper systems and equipment to do their self- liberating destructive deeds.  Give them space to destroy and encourage the terrorism through a ‘justice will be served  to all oppressors’ imaginary  rhetoric.


They then stand back and fuel the fire with false statements that keep the rioters going in an…

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