Where’s The Damn Media Outrage?!

In SC, Representative Race Baiter Extraordinaire and Racist Antagonizer James Clyburn stated that its past time that Blacks be shown some respect…………………..


The Knockout & Polar Bear games that is sweeping across the Nation, not a bloody squeak from the race baiter CLYBURN, the President of the United States, our Liberal Media or the Democrat party and Department of Justice…

The Attacks Against Whites by Blacks, CRICKETS!!!!
The Attacks Against Jews by Blacks, CRICKETS!!!!
The Attacks Against White Seniors by Blacks, SILENCE!!!!
The Attacks Against Blacks by fellow Blacks Crickets!!!!

Looting committed by Blacks in Dallas on Thursday while 11 wounded, dying and dead Police officers lie bleeding out on our streets. ABSOFRIGGINGLUTELY DEAD SILENCE!!!!

The Bounty placed on George Zimmerman’s head, SILENCE!!!!
The Solicitation of Murder for White Slave Descendants Crickets!!!!

*The Interstate Murder for Hire (Class D Felony) by the Black Panthers Never Filed!!!!

*The Interference and Intimidation of Voters at a Polling Place 18 U.S. Code 594 – Intimidation of voters (Class C Felony) Never Filed????

All Class A – D Felony’s..

Silly White College kids Singing a Racist Song on a PRIVATE Charter Bus, NATIONAL OUTRAGE????

And Blacks Want Our Respect?

Geoffrey Hardin.


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