Rachel Casey: Face of Defiance

‘Tough as Nails’: Woman Egged at Trump Rally in San Jose Guest at RNC in Cleveland


Rachel Casey is doing exactly what many of our men aren’t doing. She’s standing defiantly against her antagonizes and attackers.  Ms Casey is an American Patriot defending her First Amendment rights as an American Citizen to Peacefully Assemble and support her Presidential candidate of choice…

Rachel Casey is the Face of Defiance in the Face of  a Violent anti-Trump mob in San Jose who are hell raised for one purpose, to rob her and other Patriot Americans of their constitutional rights and liberties….

Mayor Sam Liccardo and Police Chief Eddie Garcia Pledged Sworn Oaths of office to protect and defend American Citizens from mob violence, foreign invaders and the criminal elements in our society….

Instead of providing Ms Rachel Casey the protections of San Jose’s finest in blue and a safe haven to practice her First Amendment rights, Mayor Sam Liccardo ordered Police Chief Eddie Garcia and his police officers under him to Stand Down.

This in no way excuses Police Chief Eddie Garcia’s inaction’s, he pledge a sworn oath under God, standing in the shadow of Old Glory under the protections of our constitutional laws to Protect and Serve those Citizens in his care and should have refused the Mayors orders to stand down which ultimately left  American Citizens at the mercy of their foreign attackers for which they mercilessly pummeled one vicious blow after another upon unsuspecting Americans while they attempted to reach their destinations and safe havens..

Mayor Sam Liccardo and Police Chief Eddie Garcia allowed foreign invaders, illegal Mexicans who were waving their country’s National Flag on American Soil to attack, injure, harm, molest, assault, hold hostage American Citizens while standing only yards away from them….

They stood by while assaults on innocent American Citizens were taking place and did absolutely nothing to stop them, nothing to prevent them from being harmed, nothing to stop them from being held hostage and molested and absolutely nothing to stop these horrendous attacks by these illegal invaders….They Stood Down And Did Nothing!

They “Stood Down” and did absolutely NOTHING to protect defenseless American Citizens from these unconscionable and horrendous attacks upon them while standing upon what should had been the safety of American Soil from invading foreigners and now its time for them both to “Step Down”.

And now we have yet another elected official who too, pledged a sworn oath to serve and protect the Citizens of the United States of America refusing to honor that pledge…

U.S. Congressman Filemon Vila to presumptive American President Donald J. Trump:
Shove Border Wall “Up Your Ass”.

I absolutely love, and would Sacrifice my life defending my fellow Americans, and that especially includes those Immigrants who come here, and are Naturalized through our legal process to become Americans and assimilate into our American Culture.

To those Immigrants who enter the United States legally, I will defend yours and your families Constitutional rights to my death, I will defend you from harm until I surrender my last breath, but to those who come here illegally attacking my fellow Americans while waving your country’s National Flag, I will kill you defending my Constitutional rights, my Republic, my Freedoms and my Fellow Americans…

And so should had Mayor Sam Liccardo, Police Chief Eddie Garcia and the San Jose Police Department…But they Stood By And Did Not A Damn Thing To Protect Their Fellow Americans…NOTHING was done to prevent their being attacked by foreign invaders while under the influence of their National Flag.

And more shocking than all of this, are elected politicians, Americans and journalist pointing the Blame at Donald Trump and his Supporters for all of this violence when they are clearly seen running and attempting to walk  away from it….They should be absolutely ashamed of their treason and betrayals against their fellow Americans, but are instead bragging about the attacks, encouraging and are inciting even more attacks against Donald Trumps supporters…

To my fellow Patriot Americans and Donald Trump supporters, walk in large groups, arm yourselves in whatever way you can legally, carry bats if you can, but by all means defend yourselves and each other, defiantly fight against this oppressive tyranny that is being paid for by Donald Trumps opposition and anti-America traitors….

And one final question that begs to be answered, why are elected American Officials like Mayor Liccardo, Police Chief Garcia and Congressman Vila  who are descended from Latinos refusing to protect and defend those who are mostly White Americans…I thought they swore an oath to protect all Americans regardless of ethnicity creed or color?

Become Rachel Casey’s and fight back Patriots, fight them back and set up your defense  perimeters when going to these rallies, it is going to get a lot worse…

There is a Storm Approaching, and when Donald Trump is elected, all hell is going to pour from out of it…



3 thoughts on “Rachel Casey: Face of Defiance

  1. What is happening in this country is astounding the world. I am on international sites and they can’t believe what is going on in America. We are loosing our country the fact that Obama has said not one word as the violence grows should be a Red Flag for all of us.

    Can you imagine if it were blacks being hit or pushed by whites what O would do. This is not going to end well.

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    • No Ms McCall, its not going to end well atoll….

      I have Irish and Scottish friends asking why with all our weaponry are we not stopping this…I tell them straight up, we are no longer our Forefathers sons and daughters, but a multicultural mass of chaotic division…

      Those who are supporting Trump are the last of America’s Truest Patriots…We are it.

      My family have been here for 37 years, young by most who are natives here. We are surrounded by some 3000 black and have always enjoyed a close relationship with many of them, many other perhaps simply tolerate us.
      I fly my Southern Cross in my yard and would refuse to remove it if asked but the many black friends we do have, have never once complained and, we have long discussions and debates about its history.
      We have had them stay the nights here, and my baby brothers over their’s, have shared cook outs and camping excursions together as well as many fishing trips…

      All this said and told, the truth is, Blacks are Tribal, if come to push and shove, take and grab, I no doubt in my heart that they would betray our friendships and attack my family. Its simply in their nature, as wrong as that would be, they will go after those whom they deem a threat to them and today that irrational and fabricated threat is White People, anything White, and they are out to destroy our White identities and many other blacks who feign neutrality are supportive of them…

      I agree whole heartily, its not going to end well atoll. Not for any of us.


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