Martin Luther King: When Muhammad Ali Joined “Black Muslims” He Became “What We Are Fighting Against”

Exposing Modern Mugwumps

“I either have to obey the laws of the land or the laws of Allah.”

So the media has decided to drag out Muhammad Ali to denounce Trump as a bigot. That’s a great plan. Let’s ask Martin Luther King about it.

“When Cassius Clay joined the Black Muslims and started calling himself Cassius X he became a champion of Racial Segregation and that is what we are fighting against. I think perhaps Cassius should spend more time proving his boxing skill and do less talking,” Martin Luther King said.

How “Islamophobic” of King.

Of course Ali’s Black Muslim group at the time, The Nation of Islam, was a vile racist and anti-Semitic organization. It still is. It claims white people were created by a mad scientist and that UFOs are going to come to earth to kill all the white people.

Ali eventually left…

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2 thoughts on “Martin Luther King: When Muhammad Ali Joined “Black Muslims” He Became “What We Are Fighting Against”

  1. So true so true and I lost all respect for him the day he turned Muslim. By the way since he must have read the Qur’an or Hadith, maybe not he would have known Muhammad called blacks raisin heads and said no blacks would be in heaven only white people so maybe he is finding it hard to get those 72 virgins.

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  2. He was a deep seated racist…..And only tolerated the few whites he associated himself with and that only because it were business…

    He hated the Jews and gentiles as he called us and said it were Whites, not blacks that caused all the misfortunes Blacks experience…He said the Whites taught Blacks how to rob, kill and rape, prostitute and so on….

    Great boxer, but lousy human being and wife beater/cheater..

    By the way, he was an Apostate, not a practicing muslims or he would had also been killing us infidels…. :9)


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