Demand For The Immediate Termination Of Mayor Sam Liccardo

We have got to start demanding our elected officials be held accountable for both their actions and inaction’s…


Mayor Sam Liccardo swore an oath to uphold State and Constitutional Laws to protect and to provide safe havens for American Citizens when they come under attack by hostel forces and or criminals.


Instead, he willfully ignored not only State and Constitutional laws to protect American citizens, but city ordinances under his care while unabashedly watching American Citizens being seriously beaten down and harassed by those who were clearly illegal Mexicans.


There is no worse grievances for failure in our governing system than an elected official willfully failing to protect the very American Citizens who elected and entrusted him to not only protect them, but to provide for them a safe haven while exercising their rights to a peaceful assembly and their expressing their First Amendment Rights to Free Speech, this willful failure was a dereliction of duty.


Dereliction of duty generally refers to a failure to conform to rules of one’s job, which will vary by tasks involved. It is a failure or refusal to perform assigned duties in a satisfactory manner. Dereliction of duty on the part of an elected official should immediately be cause for harsh disciplinary actions against them.


Mayor Liccardo’s command’s to the Law Enforcement under him to “Stand Down”  and not provide protections to Citizens who were under attack should be cause for the automatic recall and or termination of all of Mayor Liccardo’s official capacity’s and duty’s due to his lack of action in defending law abiding citizens against those who were clearly hostel foreign invaders waving their country’s National  flag while attacking our fellow American Citizens.


Mayor Sam Liccardo’s dereliction of duty by ordering Law Enforcement hired by the city to protect American Citizens to “STAND DOWN” and his refusing to abide by the standing rules of our constitution or by-laws to perform the duties of the position he was appointed too,  warrants harsh  and immediate disciplinary actions against him.


Not only was Mayor Liccardo in Dereliction of Duty, but he as a fact committed a crime against the American citizens he was sworn in to protect and defend by ordering the stand down of Law Enforcement officials who were hired by the city to protect and defend their citizens, who themselves took an oath to protect American Citizens, both the Mayor and Police Chief Eddie Garcia committed a grievous act of treason against American citizens as they brazenly watched and stood by doing nothing while defenseless American Citizens were being attacked by foreign invaders who were waving their country’s national flag.


Where is the President of the United States of America when American Citizens are coming under attacked by Foreign Flag waving invaders who are here illegally causing serious injuries to his fellow American Citizens…


As the President of the United States of America Barack Obama has a sworn duty to protect all Americans from foreigners attacking them upon American soil and what’s makes this even more unconscionable, these Sons of Bitches are waving their National Flag while attacking us and nothing is being said or done about this, nothing….


Just where in the Hell is President Barack Obama When Americans are attacked by foreigners waving their country’s Flag upon American Soil………..


Is he also committing Dereliction of Duty?


Of Course the Hell he is…………..


Write, Harass and Call this  American Hating Mayor, demand he step down.

This Is America american-flag-eagle-transparent-gif-wide_design

Sam Liccardo
200 East Santa Clara St, 18th floor
San Jose Ca, 95113

Phone: (408) 535-4800
Email Address:


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