Candidate Donald Trump Brilliantly Laying “The Globalists” Naked To Their Enemies… — The Last Refuge

On Friday March 25th Mark Levin finally dropped his crony-constitutional shtick and admitted he preferred to see the U.S. brought to it’s knees. In a very revealing two hour broadcast he railed against trade “tariffs” claiming they were in direct opposition to the needs of the Chinese, Asian and European economies. He followed up by saying Mitch […]

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New National Poll: 72% Refuse to Support Ted Cruz, 90% Refuse to Support Kasich… — The Last Refuge

The Morning Consult tracking poll surveyed 2,071 registered voters between March 24 and 26, for a margin of error of plus or minus 2 percentage points. (Poll Data link)

via New National Poll: 72% Refuse to Support Ted Cruz, 90% Refuse to Support Kasich… — The Last Refuge

America’s Champion…Donald Trump, The American People Have Voted To Make America Great Again.

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What really concerns me today, are the priority’s of my fellow Patriots, we’re not prioritizing important issues and confronting them, nor are the many of us addressing the threats coming from Unconstitutional Candidates….The ones who are trying to address this are few, and we need more voices.

We have TWO Candidates like Obama who are not eligible for the Presidency, but despite Constitutional restraints are being allowed to run in this general election and we have the Establishment covering for them…They feel so threatened now by Donald Trumps candidacy and our support of him that they even enlisted the help of the TWICE failed Rino, Willard the Rat Romney…

Why aren’t Americans realizing and addressing Marco Antonio Rubio’s birth to TWO Cuban Citizens -NOT- TWO American Citizens. He is Constitutionally barred from the Presidency…

Or Rafael Cruz’s birth to One American Parent -NOT- TWO American Citizens, who was also born on foreign soil, -NOT- American soil.

Their INELIGIBILITY like Obama’s would free them up from any Constitutional Constraints just as Obama has been freed…This is exactly why Obama is able to write so many Unconstitutional Executive Orders…

Also and more importantly are those arguing that Marco Rubio has 14 amendment birth rights. Thus making him eligible….

Fact…..The 14th Amendment does not define Birth Right Statuses to those born of Foreign Parents. Rubio was born to two Cuban Citizens.
Fact…..The 14th Amendment does not define Natural Born Statuses to those born of foreign parent/parents or those born on foreign soil.
Fact…..The 14th Amendment can only define the Naturalization, Immigration, Nationalization of someones Citizenship….Not Natural Born Statuses.
Fact…..All Natural Born Citizens are Citizens @Birth…
Fact…..Not All Citizens @Birth are Natural Born Citizens…

I implore my fellow Patriots to please make this your arguing points. This more than anything else is of the utmost importance…WHY?

Because those who are arguing that Marco Antonio Rubio are Eligible, are also arguing that the 10+ million anchor baby’s born to illegal aliens are also Eligible for the Presidency….

Those arguing for Rafael Cruz’s and Barack Obama’s [unconstitutional] eligibility, are also arguing for those like Queen Noors and King Hussein of Jordan’s Four devout Muslim Children Princess Iman bint Hussein, Hamzah bin Hussein, Princess Raiyah bint Hussein, Prince Hashim Al Hussein….

You are also arguing for the eligibility for the children of the Royal Family of Princess Grace Kelly and Prince Ranier of Monaco, Albert II, Prince of Monaco, Caroline, Princess of Hanover, Princess Stéphanie of Monaco….

When you argue for McCain’s [unconstitutional] eligibility you are arguing for those like Valerie Jarret to run as well, imagine that, she was born and raised in Iran by two Muslim hugging Marxist socialist left wing progressives who would love nothing more than to destroy this nation all because Barack Obama was unconstitutionally allowed to hold our highest office and it encouraged them to run as well.

These foreign Influences if allowed into our highest offices will have a huge negative impact on the direction this Nation will take in the future, affecting our future generations, our policies and even changing laws that will protect them from your criticism of them.

This will not only encourage the redefining of Constitutional Eligibility, but also enable over 10 million Anchor Baby’s to meet the conditions of Marco’s, Piyush and Nimrata’s Unconstitutional Eligibility Status when their parents are either amnestied or become Naturalized Citizens.

It doesn’t take a very intelligent person to realize the ramifications of these allowances and the dangerous precedent this encourages….It will dramatically change the dynamics and direction of this Nation as a Constitutional Republic and if not addressed now, no one will be able to stop it in the future short of another bloody Civil War…

Barack Hussein Obama (Barry Soetoro) was the first Ineligible President to hold the office of the presidency in 200 years…..

The very moment he was elected this encouraged Rafael Cruz who is also Ineligible to run for the Presidency, he too is Constitutionally barred from holding the offices of the presidency’s, this encouraged Marco Rubio to run when he seen no one questioning his candidacy, and that encouraged Piyush Jindal to run.

PLEASE!!! Ask yourself this, why after 200 years of Natural Born precedence are this Government now allowing Ineligible Candidates not only to run for the presidency, but to hold the offices of the Presidency’s???

There’s actually a very easy answer to this….One but has to look at the freedoms they have lost in the past 7+ years under an Ineligible Barack Hussein Obama Presidency to know the answer to that….

We have suffered unconstitutional Gay Marriages, Forced Gay compliance’s (baking cakes and performing gay weddings on private property), force Obamacare, the unconstitutional circumvention of congress and the senate, the circumvention of Constitutional laws, unconstitutional wars, unconstitutional gun restrictions and regulations, unconstitutional and lawless immigration and amnesty, unconstitutionally forced federal laws that just recently took the life of an innocent Rancher, the treasonous hiring of Islamic cabinet members in our most secured departments, forced closures of businesses not in compliance to unlawful regulations and statutes, the restrictions upon our freedoms of speech, unconstitutional restraints against our liberties such as public prayer and evangelism, unconstitutional fines for not having insurances…

All of these actions and the many many more that were enabled by this President’s Ineligibility….

And here we are once again, many of you supporting, championing for, defending and arguing for TWO more Article II Section I Clause IV Constitutionally barred Candidates for the offices of the Presidency and very few Americans are addressing it….The ones who do address their ineligibility are being attacked and ridiculed by so called Patriots, pseudo Conservatives and champions for the Constitution.

Article II Section I Clause V:

No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

We are not focused nor are our priority’s in order….We must for the safety and security of this Nation argue against both Rafael Cruz’s and Marco Rubio’s Unconstitutional Candidacy’s and Ineligibility’s, that and not one thing more should be addressed until the American people are assured they have a Constitutional President leading their Nation and not foreign influences….

To make anything else a priority will be absolutely lost to the real threat we are facing today and these issues will surely force our grand children to confront and address them in the future, and it will most likely be to late for them by then.

The surrendering of our Nation to foreign powers are being enabled and encouraged by Ineligible Presidency’s…….

Donald Trump is a good man, more importantly to me, he is a also a Christian, under all his bravado and loudness, he is a proven American Patriot… Mr Trump has proven time and again his Patriotism and love for his fellow Americans through not only his compassion for those in need, but is passion to lead us out of this nightmare….

When he speaks, he speaks compassionately for the American People, he speaks passionately of things already set within our own hearts, its not that he is saying anything new to us, but that he is saying them louder than we ever could possibly dream of, and this comes natural to Mr Trump because they are entrenched within his own heart as well…

These elitist and establishment hucksters have misread us completely…We are not angry out of control citizens out for blood, we aren’t stupid Brown Shirts, we are not ignorant racist in the manner that Glen Beck, Mark Levin, Megyn Kelly, Nimrata Haley, Marco Rubio, Rafael Cruz, Dana Loesch or any of the many others who are attacking us for our support of Donald Trump has made us out to be….

Donald Trump’s supporters are Intelligent, well informed and hard working Patriotic Americans…We are in control and focused and our votes in the Primary are proof of that, as are our actions during Donald’s many rallies…We are united under his Patriotism, both Blacks and Whites, Asians and Latino’s who have a mutual love for the other as color blind Americans.

We understand the desperate need for an American Champion and strong leader, and that Champion, that strong leadership can only be found in Donald Trump.

He is the Only One who is stating that he wants to Make America Great Again, while the others speak only about and are championing for immigrants and amnesty, both of which threatens not only our security, but our economy and jobs and most especially and importantly, the future’s of this Nation and our grand children….

Americans…..We have a choice to make and you best make sure yours is the right one….

Its either or….An America or a New World Order….Its your Choice, as for myself, I was born to Fight for America..

If you are still undecided, please follow the the link I’ve provided below…These are Mr Trumps Agenda’s, his policies…He has voted on a straight Republican ticket since 1989, he is pro-life and pro-2cd amendment…Do not allow yourself to be mislead and misinformed…

Vote to Make America Great Again, cast your primary and electoral ballot’s for Donald Trump 2016.


Donald Trump On The Issues…
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