Happy Fathers Day Men….

Happy Fathers Day Daddy
Simply said….If this awesome Dad had a moment in his life to proffer his children, it was theirs, and he gave it to us lovingly, eagerly, and gratuitously, without a moments notice….

Growing up we never knew at what moment or what day, or the hour of the night that Dad would spontaneously come bursting through doors, or waking us up with his many commands to pack up to go somewhere, anywhere, everywhere…

There was never a set destination, a planned route, nor either at times a road, it was always chaotic, our hearts were never empty of surprise, setting in motion our arms and legs, reaching running hurrying to be on our way, our many voices filling each others hearts and ears with the others laughter, scrambling out of the house with arm loads of anything and everything and nothing of value, and most often than not with nothing more than hot dogs for our three day food supply?!

I can still, to this day, feel just how infectious it truly were to see my brothers and sisters so wonderfully happy, I often try to climb back into those deepest memories just to get another glimpse of their faces or to hear their laughter…

When all I had to do was but to close my eyes and search my heart…

Dad filled our hearts with the constant anticipation for that moment when he would spring to life, and when he sprang we sprung in a flooding turrant of emotional and chaotic delight.

My life is a life filled with two loving parents who kept us in want of nothing, for in them, we had everything, and in their love, they would generate 8 children so that we would never ever, be without their love in our lives, for we each live within them…

Dad….We love and adore you beyond all comprehension and thoughts of the heart, even now I struggle to find the most meaningful words I can to express my gratitude for a love that has grown under your care for 56 years now, and aged to perfection by Gods grace and blessings that He has bestowed upon me with your life.

What a joy you are to my whole being and purpose in this life…

You are the source of my many inspirations, my many tales that never needed an extra narrative to make them more sensational or exciting than they were originally experienced with you, of how so often my most memorable journeys and adventures and most certainly the joys of this awesome life you offered me, were created by you in my life.

Each and every one of us kids have been greatly blessed by God to have you as our Father, you have enriched all our lives by leading us to Christ in your teachings and everyday care, by making us the center of your choices and decisions our lives were greatly enhanced, and by your living for us, you were living in God’s presence and we will always be indebted to you…
Thank you Dad, thank you, for you...180192_1662239314247_3205644_n


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