Two Austrian teenage girls may have left to join Islamist militants in Syria


Jeffrey Hardin


So far, most all that are joining these terrorist have been Muslims from Nationalized parents or Immigrants, and or 1st generational citizens of their host country…


 Multiculturalism is not working, especially when speaking about Muslims.


 These girls are no more Austrians than I am an Arab, they are from families that do not honor their host country, they don’t assimilate, they dare infect us with their occultist beliefs and try to implant Shari’a law upon us, its a vicious cycle with these people and the sooner we expel them from our countries the better. In the least, there should be set protocols that these people must meet to remain citizens or guest of their host countries, and I mean that in the utmost strictest circumstances in order to protect and serve that Nations citizens and best interest….


 I have no sympathy here for these two young ladies, and make no mistake, they are not misguided, its taught to them, instilled within them from birth, and then the parents, always the mothers who shed tears and worry over them when they the mothers themselves propagate this insanity to their children by instilling the Qur’an into their young lives….


These are a children that will eventually be transmogrified into these tales of horror no matter where they are existing, they will eventually become the monsters of Islam and are radicalized from nothing more, nor nothing less than a Book of Blood Lust & Death.  The Qur’an espouses nothing but death, pain and torment, it instills fear, doom, hopelessness and unimaginable sufferings upon not only the unbeliever “infidel,” but also inflicts these very same sufferings upon their own followers who practice from it….


 The Qur’an is a  book more radical and threatening than Ebola or any of the other deadly diseases that have or ever will plague this world, for that very same book ALONE is responsible for taking over 200 million lives and  has infected billions of lives to date with its death and occultist ideals from those who inscribe to it.


 Over 10 million Muslims just since 1948 have murdered fellow Muslims, they are inventive only in how they take a life, not saving or bettering them, but destroying those surrounding them, even their very own, whether it be by beheading, running them over with tanks, firing squad by RPG, necklacing, acid baths or simply by a shot to the back of the head, they are Born to Kill…


 We are a world that has chosen evil over good, we tolerate it, we appease it, we subscribe to it for the sake of a self gratification and  failed multicultural mentality to a people who will never ever swear allegiance to their host Country….


 Welcome to the New World Order of Suicide & Rape by Muslim and their generations of little Jihadi spawn.


The Muslim Issue

Mother fears teens have ‘joined fight in Syria’

Published: 07 Nov 2014, The Local

Two more Austrian teenage girls may have left home to join Islamist militants in Syria, according to Vienna police.

Mother fears teens have 'joined fight in Syria'

Police spokesman Patrick Maierhofer told The Local that the 46-year-old widowed Turkish mother of the two sisters, Setaniye S., reported that her two daughters, Violetta (17) and Viktoria (16) left their home in Vienna at 11:30 pm on Saturday evening with just their passports.

She is worried that they may have attempted to travel to Syria to join Isis in its ‘holy war’, although Maierhofer said that so far there is no evidence that they had been radicalized.

The girls took no luggage, just their mobile phones, which have since been turned off. Police do not know if they had any money with them.

“Reviewing their behaviour over the last few weeks I’m convinced and worried that…

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