Mitch McConnell willing to kill Obamacare with just 51 votes || Posted by Brock Townsend | Courtesy: Washington Examiner

Free North Carolina

Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., says he would be willing to repeal Obamacare with a simple majority if he takes over as majority leader in January, his spokesman told the Washington Examiner on Thursday.

The announcement comes just days before Tuesday’s midterm congressional election, in which Republicans have a strong chance of seizing the upper chamber from the Democrats and putting the Kentucky senator in charge.

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Commentary by Jeffrey Hardin

We have caught Mitch McConnell one to many times chewing on Democrat Straw….He has always Free Grazed from Democrat Pastures and yet he is elected and reelected time and again….


Its not the politicians fault, its the Conservative Voting Blocks fault…
You give a crackhead crack he’s going to smoke it…And we gave these political thieves the keys to open up new legislation and make new laws that are stripping us further of our rights and freedoms knowing that they could not possibly represent us, who fault is that but ours….


We keep electing the ungodly, the lesser of the two evils and that’s exactly the type of representation we have wrought upon ourselves, especially so are we Christians the most responsible for the mess, we are for tolerating it!


If anyone has proven themselves worthy of the Majority Leadership its Rep. Trey Gowdy.


But he isn’t likely to take that position and may prove to be more effective in the coming months in the capacity he is serving us today….But there are so many others who would do us a far better service other than Mitch McConnell…


The following are a list I comprised of Representatives that we aren’t even tapping into, yet they are our top Center-Right Champions who have proven themselves time and again that have been given an 85-100 from American Conservative Union Rating….
An 85-100 from the National Journal Composite Conservative Score….
They have also received an Aggregate Score: of 92.0 – 100….


And these are who we the voters should be tapping into and the Tea Party’s are the reason we aren’t, simply because they are considered to Right of Center for 90% of the Tea Party Chambers….

Are why I detest most of the Tea Party organizations. They keep pulling our Conservative base further and further to the center left…So much so that a great majority of our elected and most of our Conservative base today resemble the old Blue Dog Liberals of the past….


If we do not start making some serious sacrifices as a Conservative base and pull hard starboard, then we’re going to have our poop decks pulled over our bows…


These Representatives listed here below are champions of the Preservative “Conservative” Party…


I would had added Michele Bachmann onto the top of this list, but we foolishly let her go, what a loss she will be too our base and especially so to our party, she was a fighter for smaller government and the Free Grazing GOP Establishment, Rinos and Democrats pounded her for it, she was not perfect by any means, but the Woman fought for us and the Leftist hated her and the GOP Establishment despised her for her role in trying to break them up…

Rep. Bachman always put together a formidable administration, whether it was when she served in the Minnesota State Senate,  or as a Representative of her state, she had always put together an awesome staff and that has always mattered most, as Reagan had proven and done so well….

Support these 25 Representatives, tell them they are on the right track for you, encourage them to expand, and for the love of this Republic,
SUPPORT THEM,  [-or-]  like Rep Michelle Bachman, WE’LL LOOSE THEM!

We Have a Great Conservative Pool To Choose From, Get Wet For a Change…


Steve Chabot (R-Ohio) or Jim Jordan (R-Ohio)


Lynn Westmoreland (R-Ga.) or Austin Scott (R-Ga.)


Bill Flores (R-Texas) or Mike Conaway (R-Texas) or Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas) or Randy Neugebauer (R-Texas)


Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) or Ben Quayle (R-Ariz.) or David Schweikert (R-Ariz.)


Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) or Diane Black (R-Tenn)


Dennis Ross (R-Fla.) or Connie Mack IV (R-Fla.)


Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) or Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.) or Trey Gowdy (R-SC)


 Lynn Jenkins (R-Kan.) or Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.)


Todd Akin (R-Mo.)


Doug Lamborn (R-Colo)


Jeff Landry (R-La.) or John Fleming (R-La.) or Steve Scalise (R-La.)


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