31 October MILINET: Articles Bundle (17) || Afternoon Dump | Courtesy MILINET


3) Military Upset with White House ‘Micromanagement’ of ISIS War 
[COURTESY: LtCol Mark A McDonald, USMC (Ret)]

6) Who is flying the mystery drones over France’s nuclear sites?
7) VIDEO: Drones non identifiés au dessus des centrales nucléaires : ça continue !
8) Israel’s Attack on USS Liberty–ALJAZEERA
[COURTESY: CAPT Bill Horn, USN (Ret)]
9) Rebuild East Berlin? Sure! Rebuild East Jerusalem? No Way!–Ken Blackwell and Bob Morrison
10) Muslim men over 50 pray at Jerusalem’s Aqsa mosque amid tight security
11) Army chief takes power after Burkina president bows to protests
12) NATO: a Rebellion in the Ranks?–JOHN FEFFER
14) A-10’s Delayed Retirement Threatens to Push Back F-35 Program
15) Does the military have a problem with Jesus?–Todd Starnes
16) Chicago Activists Unchained, Destroy Black Leadership
[COURTESY: Dennis F]


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