Captured Teen Terrorist Spills The Secret On Why ISIS Fighters Are Far From Brave Warriors

Chowchilla Patriot

In an interview with CBS News, a captured teen terrorist opened up about life as an ISIS fighter.

When the Islamic State invaded 15-year-old Kareem Mufleh’s village, he was given two awful options: join the jihadists or experience the horror of being beheaded.

Mufleh chose to join ISIS.

While ISIS fighters have caused hundreds of thousands of defenseless people in Iraq and Syria to flee and are becoming the stuff of living nightmares, Mufleh explained what makes them so detached and cowardly.

He claims that ISIS gave him the anti-anxiety drug Zolam before he went in to battle.

“That drug makes you lose your mind,” he said. “If they give you a suicide belt and tell you to blow yourself up, you’ll do it.”

According to Catalog MD, Zolam is prescribed for anything from anxiety, stress or even danger. An overdose or improper use of the pill can…

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