Sunday School Teacher Arrested for Defending Himself While His 9 Attackers Get Off Scot-Free

Give Me Liberty

This is from The Right To Bear Arms.

I would have not fired a warning shot, but dropped the thug closest to me as that one is the immediate threat.

The real problem is firing the shot into the air as what goes up must come down and someone innocent could be injured or die.

Any bets on the thugs race?

Sunday school teacher is no longer able to teach Sunday school because of an ongoing investigation. In fact, he may soon be forced to serve time in prison.

Chris HarrisThe teacher, Chris Harris, was on the way home from teaching Sunday school when he and his girlfriend were surrounded by a group of 9 individuals.

The two who live in Wheeling, West Virginia were terrified as the 9 attackers threatened to rob them. One in the group claimed to be armed and they even threatened to rape Harris’s girlfriend as they advanced on the two.

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