Treating Illegals Better than we Treat our Veterans

Give Me Liberty

This is from Patriot UpDate.

The DemocRats will treat the illegals better as they know they will become lifetime DemocRat voters.

The DemocRats know the largest majority veterans vote Republicans.

This maltreatment of our veterans is inexcusable.

How a nation treats its veterans speaks volumes about the character of that nation.  This being the case, the character of the United States has fallen into an discouraging state. Frankly, we have come to a place in our history where we treat illegal aliens better than our veterans.  Said another way, we now treat illegals who exploit our freedoms for their own personal gain better than we treat veterans who dedicated their lives to protecting the freedoms exploited by illegals.  If you think I am just spouting right-wing rhetoric, consider the following facts:

  • The City Council of Sacramento, California plans to extend government-funded healthcare to more than a million illegals.  At the same time…

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