MILINET DUMP: Articles Bundle (26) — 18 April || Courtesy; Milinet

18 April

MILINET: Articles Bundle (26)


1) Ukraine talks yield an unexpected agreement,0,3443577.story#axzz2zEGGIHzO

2) Skeptics on all sides take aim of John Kerry’s tentative deal on Ukraine

3) Ukraine crisis: US boots on the ground in Poland is an option, Hagel says (+video)

4) 4-star: Armed attackers in Ukraine are Russian troops in disguise

5) Is Putin’s Next Move to Take Over Odessa?
[COURTESY: LtCol Mark A McDonald, USMC (Ret)]

6) Jews in east Ukraine forced to register with authorities

[COURTESY: SSgt Al Dutton, USMC (HD)]

7) Syria presses offensive in Homs’ Old City after talks break down

8) Attacks, rapes and forced conversions to Islam spike for Egypt’s Christian women: report

9) Inside China: Marine general’s comment on islands draws sharp Chinese response

10) Evaluating English-language jihadist magazine “Inspire”
[COURTESY: Col GI Wilson, USMC (Ret)]

11) Vandals attempt arson, spray ‘Arabs leave’ on Umm Al-Fahem mosque

12) Marines pull out of Afghanistan’s Nimroz province

[COURTESY: CAPT Bill Horn, USN (Ret)]

14) What the Secret Service thought about Past President’s and First Ladies
[COURTESY: CAPT Bill horn, USN (Ret)]

15) Where everyone in the world is migrating—in one gorgeous chart
[COURTESY: CAPT Bill Horn, USN (Ret)]

16) America’s peacetime retreat from Europe now limits options in Ukraine–Rowan Scarborough

17) Intelligence and Special Program Assessments Report–IG, DoD
[COURTESY: Col GI Wilson, USMC (Ret)]

18) More “Ammunition” for Obama Administration–Matt Towery

[COURTESY: Maj Dennis Shea, USAF (Ret)]

19) The disillusion and corruption of post-Mandela South Africa–Interview of Nadine Gordimer:

20) The Next America–Paul Taylor

[COURTESY: Col GI Wilson, USMC (Ret)]

21) The Marines and General Mundy: The Rest of the Story–Elaine Donnelly

[COURTESY: LtCol Mark A McDonald, USMC (Ret)]

22) How Bloomberg plans to use the NRA’s tactics in the gun control fight–Chris Feliciano Arnold,,0,6023568.story#ixzz2zEHRigf0


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