Census Bureau Reports 62 Million More Takers Than Payers || by Bob Adelmann


The latest Current Population Survey, a joint venture between the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Census Bureau, showed 148 million “benefit takers” compared to the benefit providers — workers in the private sector — who number 86 million. That’s a ratio of more than 3:2, and an astonishing gap of 62 million, between the takers and the providers.

And according to Terence Jeffrey, the senior editor at CNSNews, it’s only going to get worse: “As more Baby Boomers retire and as ObamaCare comes fully online … the number of takers will inevitably expand. Eventually there will be too few carrying too many, and America will break.”

Read More Here;   Census Bureau Reports 62 Million More Takers Than Payers


2 thoughts on “Census Bureau Reports 62 Million More Takers Than Payers || by Bob Adelmann

  1. If you search youtube for Paul Weston on YouTube, try this link,

    Anyway, in one of his presentations he summarises exactly why mass immigration is erroding the welfare of the UK The welfare state has been very successful for decades, but in the last 3 decades has seen a steady decline and its now becoming a burden to the state.
    You can apply his summary to any economy with any welfare. Its a simple application of common sense.

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    • Its the very same here, but we have the Mexicans…And to a much smaller degree, the Somalians up North.
      They have caused us to loose jobs and are responsible for our drop in wage earnings.
      The very thing the illegal supporters and politicians said would not happen nor was happening.
      Try telling that to those affected directly by them.
      And you and I both know, they are also a greater burden onto our economies, how can they not be, they are taking from us, and aren’t giving back as wage earners or tax payers?
      We now have more people on subsidies and welfare than we actually have working, you just cannot sustain that, impossible, and our governments know this.
      So why do they continue to support these insane agenda for,? Simply I believe, they are using this as a means and tool to oppress us, to make us reliant on them for our needs. There is no other explanation for it, none.


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