Saudi Arabia: Officials Sew the Mouth and Eye Shut of a Young Girl Who Professed ‘..Jesus as Her Saviour..’

Saudi Arabia: Officials Sew the Mouth and Eye Shut of a Young Girl Who Professed ‘..Jesus as Her Saviour..’.

The following image has been found not to depict this  story….The original source of this image is from the Website, 30th & 34th images of the 40….
Though this type punishment is well documented throughout the Islamic world, this image does not in fact represent this story, and apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused…
Also wish to thank  takethegate   for bringing this to my attention.

Saudi Arabia - Girls mouth and eye sewn shut

Young girl in Saudi Arabia that professed ‘..Jesus Christ is a Savior..’  Photo courtesy of:


by, J. Schuyler Montague | sharia unveiled 

This young girl that was employed in Palmelkh, Saudi Arabia had the audacity to say ‘..Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, is a personal Savior..’


13 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia: Officials Sew the Mouth and Eye Shut of a Young Girl Who Professed ‘..Jesus as Her Saviour..’

    • You’ll have to translate this yourself, but here is the original source….

      I did over 30 Google image searches and all led to this source, and reported this as factual…
      I did find one of her images on a Japanese Body Modification site that was on the same link you provided to me, it is the only such one of the 30 I searched through….

      Will look into this further, but will let it stand till I find more proof of it’s authenticity….
      Really appreciate the heads up….

      P.S. This does however happen as a punishment and is quite thoroughly documented….They are Muslims are they not?


      • I have visited the very same linkup when researching this and had read the following…Nor do they give a source of where this images came from, and could have been pulled from any where….

        The following is in reference to the image shown above….No where does it say where this image was taken from….The link ups I have found and searched through, have given several sources…Could it be a body mod, it’s very possible….

        But as I also stated, this is a punishment that happens more frequently than not, and again, has been thoroughly documented as a punishment handed down by Islamist…

        So I have to let it stand as is for now.
        Have gotten in touch with two of the sights showing this image and have requested if they too, have a source….

        Source; Motley News and Photos:

        Eye (and Mouth Sewn) Wide Shut

        Another photo worth pointing out is of this young girl. She has had her left eye and her mouth sewn shut. I have no idea why. I am fairly confident that this is just a temporary modification for her performance. In the gallery of all images below, I will place an image of a performer that I believe may be her. It was consecutive to the photo of her face in Ryoichi’s gallery on his website, Keroppy Maeda.


    • Did find matching before and after pictures and the image shown is the result of body modification and not Islamic punishment….
      Appreciate your bringing this to my attention….


      • I found the picture suspect due to the date and the features the woman. But she might have been an ethic Asian follower of Islam which would seem odd punishment for her ethnicity.


    • I always welcome corrections…I spend about 10-20 minutes per article before posting them, for authenticity… However, I know that I can easily miss them as well, and missing one, is one to many….

      Asia is quickly being flooded by Islam, no one is safe any more from their insanity, no one. I have seen upwards to 20 woman now, who have had their mouths sewn shut, but this was the first I had seen having her eyes sewn closed.
      This type of punishment is actually a moderate one for Islam.


      • This is the first time I’ve heard of such an atrocity. Do you have a thread topic on your blog that could be dedicated to the past incidents? I’d like to go through all the incidents slowly.


    • “This is the first time I’ve heard of such an atrocity.”

      I normally don’t post on weekends, though sometimes when I’m able, I do so….

      However, I will take the time to go through my archives this weekend and pull what I have for you concerning these types of punishments, if, and only if, I can safely extract them from their host sites….

      As I said, these are Islam, there are no such a thing as unheard of punishments, or ways to murder a human being, when speaking about this cult… It almost always depends on where your standing as to how long it takes to reach your ears and or eyes…

      I have watched them submerge their prisoners underwater, so that when they shot at their victims, the ballistics would fragment and pepper them, creating nasty surface wounds, slowly bleeding their victims out and watching them aspirate all at the same time.

      Or, for a really great blast of entertainment, the staking of their victims to an up righted pole, and then executing them with an RPG,

      For extended laughs and entertainment, they regularly stake out their prisoners to the ground, ever so slowly running their heads over with tank tracks, and or other half track vehicles, tanks being their favorite, as they get to clearly hear and see their victims heads popping, screaming allahu ackbar whilst dancing wildly around each other…

      For forced conversion purposes, they impale infants, newborns and small children through the anus, and just to the right or left sides of their tiny necks, in order to cause the least amount of internal damages and bleeding, to prolong their torturous death to force their mothers to convert over to Islam, only to turn around and murder them any ways when they do so, so as to keep them from converting back afterwards.

      However, with eagerly made conversions, it does mean the mother and child will be given a reprieve, perhaps a more merciful death sentence when it comes to Islam, that it is often times a welcomed end to their suffering by the hands of these merciless Muslim’s…

      And that is by far an understatement, for normally, and only depending on their moody distemperment,…. “With conversions, they are more than likely to receive a quick beheading with a sword or machete, or even a bullet to the head, instead of a slow beheading with a knife, that has purposefully been dulled to prolong their deaths, and to inflict as much pain as they can possibly cause their victims, and especially so, the child’s slow suffocation and or acute heart failure or internal blood loss that always follows their impalement.

      Otherwise, as I have mentioned, if the mother refuses to convert over to Islam, it would always mean a slow suffocating death by impalement for the child, and the mother’s, most often than not, are left alive with the torturous grief and guilt, “if she is lucky,” to grieve over the loss of her tortured child because she refused to denounce YHVH and her savior Yeshua…

      But again, that would strictly depend on how much of their blood lusting had been satisfied for that days glorified killings in the name of allahu allah, that an unconverted is left to live?!

      When it comes to murdering people, and punishing them, there are no such a thing as unheard of punishments or ways to kill a human being, especially so when dealing with the Wahhabi sect, only perhaps, it’s just a bit slow reaching ones ears and eyes!

      There are many sites I refuse to share with anyone because of the disgusting nature and CONTENT WITHIN them, but I do frequent these sites myself for research purposes only, and for the purpose of informing myself and others of Islams savage butchery upon the human race, for it’s normally within these types of disgusting sites that you will find such videos and images depicted, and it’s impossible for me to extract the videos without having to view the sites other content as well.

      Because of that, I can not, with a good conscience share the videos that depict these types of punishments and death sentences!~

      I am a Christian, and just cannot share such things, it’s dangerous enough just my visiting them, that’s just how disgusting they are in nature of the perverted content that are often depicted alongside of these videos, I’m sure you can imagine and appreciate my concerns…

      I will try and get you these as soon as I am able, it all depends on this weekends unscheduled events and how much of these images I can safely extract…I may even be able to do screen shots, I’ll see what I can do for you…. 🙂


    • OK, I have gone through just a portion of my archives which are thousands, have found three related links of similar punishments, but since these are 2000, 2002 & 2009 links, they have either shut down, and or I have a faulty link up, this is just 3 however, of more than 12 of these instances and are still going through them all.

      I must have at least 10.000 such videos and linkups.
      I have also scoured the net, and cannot find the links I had previously, especially the one showing the Muslim man having his nose and mouth sewn shut and then his suffocating as a result of it.

      What I am willing to do, and I have never offered this to anyone, not ever would I had thought to because of the decadence involved, is give you the link up to the sites I research from. You may comb through them and find it yourself even, I just don’t have that time, not and search my archives.

      However, let me warn you, it is a very bad site, they are disgusting in nature and they advertise porn, that said, the reasons I go to these sites are that they are the only ones who publish them, that show the Muslim atrocities in a fashion few other sites offer, unfortunately, it is such as these sites that would show these types of death, even the cleaner hard core sites I frequent, edit out some of the more horrible deaths, punishments/executions.

      I will only send them through the Email, and ask that you be very discreet. I am a Christian first and above all else, but sometimes, often times use these sites to get information from and to also follow the linkups where I can find them, that some times leads me to more sight friendly websites that make it possible for me to share from.

      I will require your word to me that you will not share these sites with anyone else without my knowing, if you do so, I will not be responsible for your doing so, they are that bad.

      If not for the disgusting porn, they would be a bit more tolerable, but I absolutely have refused in the past to share them with anyone for this reason.

      Your Call! Your Promise to me!~
      My email is


      • I’ll take your word on those websites. To capture future videos use a screen capture device and isolate the video around the capture like Screencast-o-matic or camstudio.

        Then you may upload the screen captures or video to youtube. It is more efficient. Video links can survive as long as it doesn’t depict violence on youtube.

        Youtube has been actively censoring video but not still images of news worthy events.


    • Good advice and will do that. This was in 2009 when I first got on the computer, so I had no such devices, and the ones you spoke of are easy and cheap to get.
      But I’m still going to look. I would like to refile them, and though they are filed properly, they just have been buried under 5 years or less of archives.
      You got me looking now, gotta find them. the two I am after had up to eight links I added to the file, so it will come in handy! The man who had his eyes and nose sewn shut was an Afghani Muslim, he was caught selling liquor if I remember right, and magazines, and did verify the video through a series of links related to that same area, though I could never get it completely translated. I just cannot remember the place nor tribal leaders name, If I could, I would most likely find the same article!

      Maybe soon?

      thanks for your patience, I do find it important to back these things up…


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