Please Pray For Our Dear Friend & Fellow Blogger SuperJohnny – John Hurren – He’s Having Major Surgery Performed On Him March 30th


Your Dog Wouldn’t Like It!


4 thoughts on “Please Pray For Our Dear Friend & Fellow Blogger SuperJohnny – John Hurren – He’s Having Major Surgery Performed On Him March 30th

    • Johnny has some major, operations ahead him…I’m sure he’s going to be just great…Have had 6 myself and know what he’s facing…It can be a bit nerving!

      Trying to get back up…I had to wipe my computer clean two days ago…Someone had some how gotten into my computer, had to hurry and shut it down, and then 15 minutes later restarted it off line to wipe it clean…Everything was being compromised I believe…Still uploading files, can’t do it all at one time so it’s going to take about three days to scan and then down load them…
      I got blocked out of face book for an hour Friday, and when I inquired about it, found no one else had the same thing happen to them…Face Book said it was making changes to my account?! And then Monday, my screen started pulsating, couldn’t write, nor call up applications because they would collapse when the screen faded in and out, and noticed later that both my firewalls were shut down!?
      I had at first thought it was over heating, but it was as cool as ever…It has plenty of cool air flowing over and under it….When I seen my Windows open is when I realized someone had opened it, so I dumped everything…Good to have online backup too!
      No Doubt…I really don’t know what to make of it and aren’t going to speculate either, but some body was being a some body!
      Just a massive pain in my arse!
      Will be down till I get all my files loaded, It’s just to much a work load to dump so much and then trying to work while it’s doing so….Slow going!

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  1. It happens with too many parties involved, and then, too many parties allowing it to happen. WordPress; Microsoft/Google/ AOL/Yahoo/etc.;NSA; Syrian Electronic…
    Take note that you are “popular” with the Muslims.
    Obama, and Regime; Too many suspects, then when Trust is ruined, they talk big words to regain something they destroyed, but let’s face it, when it comes to Trust, they only destroyed it, they never built it.


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