John Bolton for President? || by Donald Hank

John Bolton has some conservatives fired up. But don’t be fooled – he’s just another in a long line of neocon hawks.


Some Americans are stirred up over John Bolton’s speech at CPAC, which is linked to in enthusiastic viral emails. I’m sure you’ve seen it by now. The fact is, though, that Bolton is just another GOP shill who knows how to throw conservatives a bone or two but sidesteps the meaty issues.

Here is some of what Bolton ignores because he thinks we’re stupid:

Assad. Like McCain, another hawk, Bolton wants him out. Yet Assad is the last pro-Christian leader in the ME and would certainly be replaced by an Islamist. That what you want, John? Today’s Iraq is in chaos, John. You agreed to the Bush policies that caused this, John. Should we applaud now?

Putin. Presides over a country with a debt amounting to only 8.4 percent of GDP, vs America’s over 100 percent. There is zero welfare in Russia. Since people there don’t get paid to stay in bed, they work. Is Putin really a socialist as you suggest? We have 100 million people on wealth redistribution. The country that invented that concept has none. They learned their lesson. We are about to. Nothing you said on stage suggests you will do anything about this, John.

China. Bolton focuses on their military might and suggests we must outmilitarize them. True enough but too late. We’re broke. Your party agreed to raise the debt ceiling umpteen times, John.

But while Bolton praises the Republican Teddy Roosevelt for his manliness, he seems to have forgotten that it was Nixon and Kissinger who rammed Most Favored Nation status for China down our throats. The Dems didn’t want it and they fought it. Republicans built up China’s military. But Republicans are the good guys, right, John? We can get out of this crisis by voting Republican, just like a drunk can fight a hangover with a shot of whiskey. Or maybe a whole bottle would be better.


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