Dane, Uzbek among 30 suicide bombers eulogized by ISIS || By Bill Roggio

ISIS suicide bombers Fatih al Denmarki and Abdul Aziz al Uzbeki.

A Danish citizen and an Uzbek are among the 30 suicide bombers who were recognized by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham just two days ago. At least 24 of the 30 suicide bombers have last names that indicate they are from outside Iraq. The ISIS’ “North Baghdad division” publicized the 30 suicide bombers by posting a photograph and a brief description of their attacks on its Twitter feed. The suicide bombers executed their attacks between Sept. 11, 2013 and March 6, 2014, according to the SITE Intelligence Group, which obtained the information.

The 30 suicide bombers were involved in massed assaults as well as individual attacks against the “North Baghdad Awakening,” police and army headquarters, and a prison. The attacks took place in Baghdad (including in Sadr City), Mashahada, Taji, and Tarmiyah. Among the attacks described is the Jan. 30, 2014 suicide assault on the Ministry of Transportation.

Read More Here: Dane, Uzbek among 30 suicide bombers eulogized by ISIS


5 thoughts on “Dane, Uzbek among 30 suicide bombers eulogized by ISIS || By Bill Roggio

    • Glad to see you back SlimJim…Had to close shop for awhile to get my back straightened out!
      lol…Didn’t work out very well though 🙂

      Yes, this is bad!


    • Bad fall in 1994….4 surgeries up to 2003…I need 6 more, 3 on my neck.
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      But hay, I got my hands and feet back, the pain has to work hard to get through my happy man! 🙂


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