Ukraine Crisis: EU Concerned about Cost of Sanctions on Russia || By Gregor Peter Schmitz

A Russian soldier at Sevastopol on the Crimean Peninsula in Ukraine. Europe is trying to come up to a response to Russian aggression there.

Russia’s aggression in Ukraine has set off plenty of bluster and aggressive rhetoric in Europe. But many EU member states are skittish about the potential dangers of imposing punitive economic measures on Moscow.

Great Britain would very much like to penalize Russia for its encroachment on the Crimean Peninsula. But it should cost the UK as little as possible. That, it would appear, is London’s strategy for dealing with Moscow’s aggression against Ukraine — an approach made public through an embarrassing blunder on Monday. A freelance photographer snapped a picture of a classified document held by a government official as he entered Downing Street for consultations. The document outlined the potential punitive actions British Prime Minister David Cameron might take against Russia.

Britain should “be prepared to join other EU countries in imposing ‘visa restrictions/travel bans’ on Russian officials,” the paper advised. It added that Britain should “not support, for now, trade sanctions … or close London’s financial center to Russians.”

The message is clear: The British economy, which profits immensely from wealthy Russians, should be protected from potential fallout from the ongoing stand-off over Ukraine. Sanctions of some sort, it has become increasingly clear, will almost certainly be imposed, particularly with EU leaders gathering in Brussels on Thursday to develop a joint bloc response.

But the document photographed outside Downing Street reflects the deep wariness in the EU of the potential costs associated with punitive action against Moscow. Brussels wants to send a message, while preventing excessive backlash.

Tough Rhetoric

Read More Here: EU Concerned about Cost of Sanctions on Russia

Southern Pithy by Jeffrey Hardin

Obama makes Mr Blue Jeans threats against Putin, saying he’ll impose sanctions, and just 29 hours later the European Commission comes out and says it’s very unlikely they’ll impose sanctions against Russia! Another no back bone European style quick exit leaving Obama with his blue jeans tightly wrapped around his ankles…

Now!,  only to come back into the fray making even bigger braying asses of themselves!

Well, there you have it, an Obama WTH moment…No Surprise atoll, had they known that just in 2007 during Baraq’s eyes wide shut Senatorial the Russians threatened the Ukrainians that he would shut down their gas supplies when they began to make funny little threatening chirping noises towards Russia, and when the European Commission began to raise the black kettles lid with a little steam of their own, Putin said in his deepest Russian accent;

Shut Up Now, Or I Cut Your Frigged Gas Off!
c r i c k e t s >>>>>>>>>>>

Remember when Russia cut off Europe’s gas supplies during one of their worst winter storms in the 90s?!

These idiots are so daft and inept that it makes Carter look like a bloody Ronald Reagan in comparison!

OH! And by the way…Europe will never buck Putin lest they plan a Russian invasion of their own, for the simple reason that they suckle 48% of their natural gas off the teets of the Momma Russian Bear!

Even an Obama should have figured that one out!

SANCTIONS my arse, how pathetic a little man Obama truly is…
And how simplistically idiotic and insecure these Europeans are, just more baby rattler noises.

It’s no wonder that almost every city that Russian has marched through, there have been Pro-Russian ticker tape parades thrown for them, these people want to stay warm and they know that the Russian Bear is supplying that warm cozy snuggle me up feeling!~

All the whilst Mr Blue Jeans Babe, makes hollow threats to the celebratory madhatter media!


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