Defense budget: training over benefits || by P-G Matuszak


Washington, February 24, 2014 — In their defense budget plan, Department of Defense leaders suggest; troops and retirees sacrifice their benefits for training and equipment funds.

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Dempsey presented their recommended 2015 budget and a defense budget plan for the next several years.

In a press conference at the Pentagon, Gen. Dempsey stated:

“[The DoD defense budget plan] represents a responsible and, more importantly, a realistic way forward. […] 

It provides the tools for today’s force to accomplish the missions we have been assigned, rebuilding readiness in areas that were, by necessity, de-emphasized over the past decade. […]

It reflects in real terms how we’re reducing our cost, the cost of doing business, and working to ensure that the force is in the right balance. […] The chiefs and I will never end our campaign to find every way to become more effective. […]

We’ll seek innovative approaches not just in technology, but also in how we develop leaders, aggregate our formations and work with our partners.

We will improve how we buy weapons and goods and services, streamline our headquarters, and, with the support of our elected leaders, shed excess infrastructure and weapons systems that we no longer need and simply can no longer afford.”

The leaders both stated that defense budgets in recent years split 50 percent for human resource costs and 50 percent for operational, training, and equipment costs. Facing a potentially reduced defense allocation, the DoD suggests cutting costs by cutting some military benefits and slowing the growth of others to easier fix the out of control defense budget. Their major point was that no base pay would be cut.

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